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August 30, 2006


Sometimes when I look at other people’s success…I feel though mine is beyond my reach…but deep inside I’m not worried because even difficult my life is right now, I am still happy that Mama and Papa can drive my Kancil and enjoy their moments together,go wherever they want, do whatever they want…and they no longer need to depend on others to borrow their cars…

I trust that Allah will give me strength to help my parents…

I believe that it’s time for them to enjoy, they had spent their whole lives raising us, I think that it’s time for them to take a break…no argument on that!!

Why worry that Mama and Papa are spending a lot of money??LET THEM…for goodness sake…we have no rights to question that, it is in fact the duty of everyone to give allowances to his/her parents…

No matter how much money you’re making, trust me…if you sincerely give a portion of what you gain to your parents, you’ll be granted ‘berkat’ on your rezeki…and even though you’re rich as hell, without ‘berkat’, everything you have…they worth absolutely nothing!!

Mind your own business..

I really hate it when whenever I meet someone, they ask me..when will I finish my PhD?To be honest…that's a really BIG NO question…it's the last thing that you should ask someone who's studying….come on…be sensitive!!!

Also, stop sniffing around other people's business!!!

And don't ever think that wearing hijaab or covering your aurah makes you a better person than others….don't be riak!!

August 29, 2006

Not ready

It's not that I don't want to go back home…but the circumstances do not allow me to….I have to fullfil my aims before thinking of going back home to Malaysia.

1) To have enough money to give to Mama and Papa,Mama Kuantan and Kuzan.

2) To get my PhD, or at least to have a working experience such that I won't start from scratch in Malaysia.

3) To have a saving so that I won't burden anyone back home.

4) To have enough money to pay MARA.

If I'm to go back home now, I'm happy to do so….but who will help me out to pay MARA?I will no longer be able to help out Mama and Papa…To go back home…is indeed easier said than done….I have nothing in Malaysia…but I want to help Mama and Papa…they need money.

Although I'm physically not at home, but my soul is with them, I remember them every single second and implore Allah to grant me an opportunity to serve them.

Please understand….

From Coventry to Manchester

LivI had a great weekend in Manchester, spent time with old friends…Dee and surprisingly Ayu…I didn’t know that she’s in manchester..I haven’t seen both of them for 14 years..this goes way back when I was in Kajang…Sekolah Rendah Convent Kajang…to be honest, I was really upset because my family moved to Kajang, especially as I was about to start my darjah 6, it was very sad to leave Sekolah Sri Petaling…but Allah had other plans for me…I really enjoyed my school life in Kajang, although not that long.New sets of friends, new challenges….unforgettable moments of madness..

Dalina, I had only seen her once, in 1998, we were under the same Yayasan Tenaga Nasional scholarship, but she did her A-Levels in the UK.

I arrived in Manchester on Saturday, about 12 noon. Dee was not there as she had to work. So, Ash, Dee’s hubby, took my bags, and I spent time with Ayu. We had a chat…a long one…14 years has changed us a lot, Ayu is no longer in her boyish look, InsyaAllah will marry a Manchester brother next year…then I met Dalina, all three of us had a chat in Starbucks..Dalina’s great..a sweet girl, she talked about her work, her experience in UMIST, InsyaAllah she’ll finish her PhD soon, very understanding, a good listener and motivating..

That night we had a dinner in a malay restaurant (not Jati!!!), and later on Dalina slept over at Dee’s and all three of us had a long long chat….it was great…did a lot of catching up..the feeling was a bit hard to describe, but as though we’ve been close for ages…

The next day went to Liverpool with Kak Zah and her children, had ice-blended coffe in a restaurant in Chinatown with one of their friends Abby…the coffee is damned good!!I wanted a second glass but a bit shy though, then later on went to Abbys’s place, had a chat…

I won’t forget this weekend…why did I say that??Our path crossed, all four of us, and this must be for a reason only Allah Knows Best…I’m not sure what, but Alhamdulillah I feel a lot better now…

To Dee,Ayu and Dalina…just to let you guys know that without the past, there’s no future..which is why I still remember you guys…a special case with Dalina…I only met Dalina once though, but now I’m proud to her friend and regret that we did not meet earlier…

You guys, I really had a good time…hope that we could stay in touch.

Dalina, good luck with your viva.

Ayu, selamat pengantin baru soon…

Ash, did not have a chance to say thank you for your hospitality.

And to Dee…you’re one of a kind…you inspire your own unique way…

August 25, 2006


Follow-up to Ready to face everyone from Aisha a.k.a Kuyan

Semoga kita tabah hadapinya….

Hanis and Kak Liza

Follow-up to The longest night ever from Aisha a.k.a Kuyan

Yes…InsyaAllah itulah yang terbaik…sama2lah kita dorong and berdoa….

Thank You Kak Liza

Follow-up to MPhil, not PhD from Aisha a.k.a Kuyan

Thank you for believing in me….I'm deeply touched…


There were times when I had lost faith in myself…

Upon my surrenderness to Allah I implored Him for guidance…

..and yet…there are those who have faith in me…pray for me…have confidence in me…they are the ones who pick me up when I was down…

…and now slowly I am recovering what I've lost….regaining the faith that I once had, and that I once lost somewhere along my path of life…

August 24, 2006

I'm full and ready to study

Had nasik with asam rebus and sambal belacan and sayur, a massive improvement today as I woke up very early and managed to cook for the whole family, that's the thing that seldomly done as I usually wake up quite late, sometimes even in the afternoon…and the guilt is always there….for not helping out that much..I remember Mama's advice to do whatever I can to help Kak Yong and her family with the chores. That's my responsibility, but I often forget….and I keep on blaming myself for that…

Tonight I have to stay up to do as much work as possible as tomorrow I'll be meeting him…also I'm planning to cook sambal for Dee and Dalina.

Looking forward for my trip to Manchester this Saturday, but surely a bit bored as I'm on my own this time, thinking of bringing Syahira along but I don't think that it's a good idea though.

Had a chat with Kuadik just now…glad to hear from her…

Went to Kak Ros's house to have laksa…yummy yummy…

Felt sorry for Rose as I could not help her much with her house haunting at the moment, without Am I find it quite difficult to move about, finding houses…to take a bus is almost impossible!!

I miss Am…and he has to stay in Germany for a few more days longer than planned to sort things out with his thesis, I hated the fact that I've to wait longer, but deep inside I understand that it's for his own good…a bit more than 2 weeks to wait until he stays with me for good!!!

August 23, 2006

Papa's on the newspaper I did not even realise it!!

Called Mama last night, I can never forget when Mama said that Papa worked like hell to raise all of heart cries everytime I remember this...

Bicara Agama

Masjid Diraja Sultan Sulaiman kekalkan pengaruh seni bina British

MASJID Diraja Sultan Sulaiman yang berusia 74 tahun telah dibina pada 1932.

PENJAJAHAN British selama 160 tahun di Tanah Melayu telah memberi pengaruh yang cukup besar ke atas gaya seni bina tempatan terutamanya kawasan penempatan pihak British.

Dari segi estetik, seni bina kolonial British di Malaysia secara dasarnya berbentuk hibrid yang boleh dikategorikan kepada pengaruh Moor, Tudor, Neoklasik dan Neo–ghotic.

Kebanyakan arkitek dan jurutera kelahiran British yang pernah berkhidmat di India dan beberapa negara jajahan British telah mengilhamkan gaya seni bina Moghul. Ia kemudiannya dikembangkan kepada beberapa binaan bangunan pentadbiran kerajaan termasuklah stesen kereta api di Semenanjung Malaysia.

Pengaruh seni bina Moor dapat dilihat pada Bangunan Sultan Abdul Samad yang didirikan pada 1897, Stesen Keretapi (1911) dan Ibu Pejabat Pengurusan Keretapi (1917). Secara kebetulan, terdapat beberapa arkitek dan jurutera yang terlibat dalam pembinaan masjid di Malaysia. Ini menjadikan gaya seni bina masjid berbeza dengan bentuk vernakular.

Gaya vernakular mempunyai ciri–ciri rumah Melayu tradisional yang dipengaruhi oleh faktor seperti keadaan iklim, penggunaan material, kerja tangan dan latar belakang etnik. Contoh masjid vernakular dengan pengaruh tradisional ialah Masjid Kampung Laut, Kelantan yang dibina pada 1730, Masjid Langgar, Kelantan (1871) Masjid Paloh, Perak (1912).

Antara masjid yang menerima sentuhan arkitek British ialah Masjid Diraja Sultan Sulaiman yang terletak di Klang, Selangor. Arkitek yang bertanggungjawab ialah L.Keste Ven. Masjid ini yang didirikan pada 1932 masih mengekalkan keasliannya hingga ke hari ini.

Menurut cucu kepada Sultan Alauddin Sulaiman Shah yang juga Tengku Syahbandar Selangor, Tengku Ahmad Tajudin Tengku Abdul Aziz Shah al-Haj, keistimewaan masjid ini terletak pada pengaruh seni bina British yang sudah tidak ada lagi pada binaan masjid moden hari ini.

“Sekali pandang, ia tidak ubah seperti sebuah gereja kerana binaan menara masjid yang unik. Ini kerana, ia menerima pengaruh daripada jajahan British pada waktu tersebut,” katanya ketika ditemui Utusan Malaysia di kuarters Istana Alam Shah baru–baru ini.

Beliau yang mesra dengan panggilan Pak Ungku menceritakan, tujuan utama Sultan Sulaiman mendirikan masjid tersebut ialah untuk memudahkannya bersembahyang jemaah dengan rakyat terutama pada hari Jumaat.

“Dengan itu, almarhum membina masjid tersebut yang boleh memuatkan hingga 3,000 jemaah. Kadang–kala Sultan Sulaiman akan berkhutbah pada hari Jumaat,” tambah beliau.

Antara pengaruh gaya seni bina Barat yang dapat dilihat pada masjid ini ialah ukiran di mimbar yang nampak seolah–olah seperti salib sekiranya diperhatikan dengan teliti. Bagaimanapun, ukiran tersebut tidak boleh dibuang kerana ia akan merosakkan keasliannya.

Sebaliknya, pihak pengurusan masjid mengambil keputusan menutup ukiran tersebut dengan ayat Kursi. Unsur–unsur lama yang masih dikekalkan ialah cermin berwarna–warni yang boleh dilihat di bahagian atas kubah masjid.

“Memang ada cadangan untuk menjadikan masjid ini sebagai warisan negara. Atas sebab itu, Sultan Selangor amat peka dan tidak mahu sebarang pengubahsuaian dilakukan pada masjid kerana hendak mengekalkan keaslian pembinaannya pada 1932. Apa yang dilakukan hanyalah baik pulih seperti

cat baru supaya masjid kelihatan lebih menarik. Hingga kini, satu–satunya pengubahsuaian yang dilakukan ialah tempat wuduk yang dahulunya merupakan sebuah kolam besar. Selain itu, pada 1982, beberapa penambahan di kawasan masjid dilakukan bersesuaian dengan peningkatan jemaah,” ujar Pak Ungku.

Walaupun, sudah berusia 74 tahun, bangunan masjid ini masih kukuh dan teguh. Misalnya, pintu besi yang terdapat di sekitar masjid tidak pernah ditukar melainkan ditukar dengan cat baru. Begitu juga dengan mimbar yang diperbuat daripada kayu cengal dan chandeliar masih bertahan sehingga ke hari ini. Batu–bata dan marmar yang diimport dari negara–negara Islam seperti Turki menjadikan suasana pengudaraan dalam masjid nyaman dan menenangkan.

“Sebelum Masjid Sultan Abdul Aziz di Shah Alam dibina pada 1989, masjid ini berfungsi sebagai masjid negeri yang menjalankan pelbagai aktiviti seperti sambutan hari kebesaran Islam, Israk Mikraj, Maulidur Rasul, ceramah agama dan sebagainya. Tetapi, selepas itu, kebanyakan aktiviti tertumpu kepada masjid tersebut yang lebih luas dan selesa. Masjid ini sebenarnya pernah memberikan sumbangan besar kepada penduduk Kampung Jawa terutama kepada para pelajar Kolej Islam Sultan Alam Shah,” ujar beliau lagi.

Sebagai masjid yang terletak berdekatan dengan Makam Diraja, Pak Ungku tidak menolak berlakunya beberapa perkara mistik berdasarkan kepada cerita pengawal yang menjaga masjid pada waktu malam.

“Bagaimanapun, saya tidak berhadapan dengan gangguan–gangguan mistik sedemikian. Pernah pengawal bercerita kepada saya, pada waktu malam ada makhluk yang mengejutkannya ketika sedang nyenyak tidur. Malah musafir yang bermalam di masjid juga turut diganggu. Tetapi, ia terpulang kepada niat individu terbabit. Kalau niatnya baik, insya–Allah, mereka tidak akan diganggu,” katanya.

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