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May 28, 2007


Instead of studying, I spent my bank holiday afternoon watching the telly. Parent Trap and Father of the Bride 2. It must be great to have someone growing inside you. It must be great to be a mother. But to be honest I don’t quite know that feeling yet. I don’t know what Kuadik felt when she gave birth to her daughter. I don’t know what does it feel to look at the father of your daugther when he holds her in his arms.I am not yet a mother. Am is not yet a father. We don’t know when will the time come. It’s been 4 years, and yet we will wait, as Allah has His plan for me, for Am, for us all…


I’m sorry, I’ve just discovered the so-called ‘slow-down’ global movements after my friend posted an article on the ‘slow-down’ and Volvo.

I googled the internet and found out that the whole idea of ‘slowing-down’ is to value our life. Yes, it makes sense to me how the trend in life nowadays is such that we are fast-forwarding everything, but somehow we don’t quite know the reason for rushing things. It is often our nature to want something as much as possible and we feel that we have to be quick or else we will be left out, and others might get there before us.

Then, I started to think…well, hang on. My religion has taught me the idea of ‘slowing-down’ way before people discovered this idea. It’s just the matter of translating the teachings of Islam. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to fit my religion into anything, but it’s the total opposite. I view Islam as the way of life. Everything in life is Islam. Everything is a subset of Islam. Other people might think that religion is part of their lives. But as a Muslim, we should always think that we are in fact underneath the umbrella of Islam. Our whole lives are embodied within Islam, from the day we were born until the day we die.

We pray 5 times a day, we pause our daily routines to connect to God, thus we are taught to organise time, take control of time rather than letting time to control us. Whenever we are too drawn into something, focusing too much into our work to meet the deadlines, we stop and we pray.

We are taught to eat before hungry and to stop before we are full. We are taught to chew our food as much as possible before swallowing. We are taught that the right balance in consumption is one third of food, one third of water and leave one third for air. In essence, we are taught to ‘slow-down’ when we are eating. We are taught to take control of what we eat.

We are taught to be good to everyone around us, our families, our neighbours. When we value others around us, we tend to allocate time to be with them, to get to know them. We begin to understand that we need others to survive, as others need us. We realise that we don’t really want to spend too much time in the office, but we want the work-life balance. We also want to spend time with our families, our communities. Then we begin to realise that the limited time that we have at work is to be optimised. Thus, we work better, and we achieve better results.

Those are just few examples that I can think of at the moment.

There are two main things that we should always bear in mind. Our relationship with God and our relationship with His creation. What we do, and the time that we have in our hands have to reflect the two main aspects.

We should always remember that to ‘slow-down’ is not to waste time, but to value time, instead.

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