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August 20, 2006

The longest night ever

Am went back to Germany last night, it was a very long lonely night…He has reached his friend's place just now, and yes, for the whole 2 weeks, he'll work hard to finish his thesis,me, on the other hand, should understand his situation and encourage him to do the best, instead of raising the guilt in him for leaving me here…I have to admit that I have become too dependent upon him, and this makes his life a bit difficult…I should provide him space so that he can focus…

We've bought 30 Royal Doulton mugs in Debenham…for Am's next project… usual..doubting it..but that's me though…taking everything in a negative perspective…not Am…I can see that he is slowly learning his ambition, to be good in business, and I should have supported him more…I really hope that I could look at things in Am's point of view…an opportunity..rather than a burden..a chance, rather than a problem….seriously..what's going on with me?????I have to stop naging and act now!!!!!

Abang Bob and Kak Yong are going to Birmingham to find noodles for mee goreng, I remember Adib mentioned that he wanted to eat mee goreng….I really admire their wiilingness to do everything for their children…maybe someday I will be like that…

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