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April 09, 2007

two and the half hours later…

....I’m feeling hungry..

...replied Che Mamat’s Friendster’s message….and browsing other people’s profiles…I have to admit I’m not into reading that much…always fascinated with those who could spend hours and hours of their time reading books….I’m more the movie type of person…

...hmmm….makes me wonder why I chose to further my study in the first place!Hehehe….no…when think back, actually the passion’s there…I’ve always wanted to know more about power system stability….to study the most complex system humankind ever made, is definitely interesting!

...however, things did not go as planned….and I’m struggling to overcome the frustration of not being able to achieve what Savvas has achieved…both of us, we started at the same level…but….somehow in the middle, I got stuck….and now….


I have to move on and forget about the past!!!

...and now, as time is running out…I have to wrap up what I’ve done so far…

it’s 9.45 a.m. now…and I’m in a good mood….

...things are becoming clearer now…but still a lot of things to do!!

It's 7 a.m.

...and I feel good today….

...waking up early in the morning…..used to be a norm to me back then when I was in SEMSAS, but now….everything seems different…

...and for me to wake up this early in the morning, is a big achievement!

....Am has gone to work at about 15 to 6 this morning, and everytime he leaves home, my heart sinks and I pray to the Creator to make him strong…

....yesterday I finally managed to make the loadflow function works for the SIMULINK model!!Alhamdulillah, I did not know how I did it, but now I can move forward with my work, but there’s not much time left…

...I was so surprised after Am told me the outcome of his discussion with her last night. I’m not sure if we could get our money back before things get even worse for us… much as i symphatise with her situation, seriously….I have to start thinking about myself now, about Am, about our future, what’s best for us….

...enough is enough, I don’t think that I can take this any longer….I know that Am understands what I feel right now, and his courage to talk to her face to face, makes me love him more and more…I could never do that….

....all I could do is to pour everything onto this blog, and yes, I don’t give a damn if people say I’m a coward…

...I still could not believe how long it’s been since I last saw my cousins on my father’s side…..yes, we’re not close, but at least it’s worth to at least acknowledge them, and Alhadmulillah this Friendster thingy really provides me the opportunity to browse through their photos, and how time flies!How they have grown!

To all my cousins out there, I’m sorry for, not being close to you guys, how I wish that I could turn back time and rectify my mistakes, but that’s impossible now, and I wish you guys all the best….and I hope someday we will get to know each other more….

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