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September 07, 2006

My blog.. funkier with the new look, innit?

My goal

I’m 27 and still haven’t got a clue about my future.

Quit everything and go back home?That’s tempting…being at warwick since 1998 is a bit too long, isn’t it?But, being in the position that I’m in now, with financial obligations towards Papa and Mama, and owing money to MARA…it kind of makes me think twice, as to start everything from scratch back kind of crazy…don’t you think?

Look for any jobs here?Is possible…but am I strong enough to carry out jobs that require great physical abilities?Am I as strong as Kak Yong?

Look for jobs appropriate with my qualifications?Is interesting…but looking at the scenario here nowadays, Eastern Europeans flooding the work force…how good am I to secure an appropriate job here?

What is my priority?Used to be myself, careerwise. But…things that have been going on since I started my then PhD studies, I’m not that bothered anymore…in my head now I’m figuring out the best way to help out my parents back home and to stand on my own feet, so..any job will do really!!!!

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