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November 14, 2004

Forbidden Planet

THE PLAY TO SEE (next week Wed 17th – Saturday 20th) – and I'm not just being biased cos I'm in it. I really love this show- its rocky horror meets cheesy cool 60's music- and the gay guys in it are sooo funny, no number of rehearsals decreases the humour.
Yes my costume isn't he most flattering of things to wear (nuns r us comes to mind) but as a whole its a great piece; the dances are really good, except mabe the ones i have to remember, the songs are amazing and fun- dan and megs and the whole crew have such talent, Luke's skating is impressive too (me on thos skates would last all of two seconds) so well worth it!
love MKxxx

November 11, 2004

attack of the epidemic

I have mumps and it sucks and whats worse was i started getting the symptoms monday so went to the doctor on tuesday who said- no u don't have mumps ur just ill. so i went home and did as he said, rested etc, expecting to get better- and today i look like a huge hamster- and i go back to a different doctor and hes like yes this is sever mumps; so dumb ass doctor one was wrong and now i'm scared i could have given it to people. I really have little faith in the health service sometimes, they do get a lot of things wrong, or maybe its just me.
i admit this term hasn't been good for me i'vebeen pretty much ill since i arrived but every time has been real illness and the doctors i think think i'm being a hperchondriac or something. Anyways there are 3 cases so far in my building so we're all confined to our rooms for 10 days til its gone. some people are going home but i;d rather sit it out. I'm actually a bit worried about mising lectures etc, don't want to let people down, but then don't want to give everyone mumps as well! Anyways best be off, feeling dizzy so may go to bed- but sknny for not having eaten for the past 3 days!
love MKxxx

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