October 15, 2004

visual resources part 2–staging the eumenides

I think that the staging would not have been that appropriate as there were no skenes and therefore no 'off stage'. It would be difficult for the audience to suspend their disbelief for the duration of the play when characters would be onstage but not involved in the action. Similarly it would be difficult for the actors to remain in role at all tiemes when on stage and to be on stage but not involved at all.

ii. I think that the characters at the beginning of the play would be near the altar and temple as the Eumenidies begins in the tample of Apollo and therefore it would make sense to place the actors near a religious temple.

iii. The chorus could have performed higher up nearer the audience perhaps to represent that they are higher more godly beings but segregated from the religious world of the real Gods (auch as Apollo).

visual resources part ONE

i. I think that it is too difficult to tell whether or not an image was painted from a piece of theatre or from myths alone. However, practically it would be impossible for an artist to capture an image on a vase whilst trying to watch a performance; they would probably be too far away and not have enough time! In addition when looking at the two images of the furies:-

you can see that they are represented in both a naturalistic and realistic style as well as the second, more representational style.

ii. Even though ancient Greek vases may not relect actual events in tie they are a good means of presenting the stories for future generations, giving inspiration for costume and character designs.

what makes a good web site evaluation,eh?!

Well upon looking at several peoples works (all of which were pretty damn good in my opinion) I've noticed some key points that I thoght made the cut:-

  • An evaluation of teh negotiation of the site not only the content

*Pictures give good examples of the web pages (eg Owen's)

*the good and bad points of each site, a geeral rounded view

*summarising which out of all the sites was best/most useful( eg Laura's)

*not having the text in one big chunk but seperated to that it is easy to digest( eg Jack's)

*include a link to the actual page – for people like me who couldn't get into the theatre studies web page!!

thats about it for now!

October 14, 2004


hi again well i was supposed to do that homework thing but the stupid thing wouldn't work and i wasn't in last weeks class so am very confused as to what it was we were supposed to be doing!
2nd week in warwick not going as good as the first (actually technically its week 3 isn't it)! i am starting to fall behind on reading, the only ones i'm ahead on are the greek ones (oh yeah) so thats that really!
having a girly sleepover tonight should be cool- in BUGSY MALONE this weekend (cant wait)!!! And forbidden planet is going be brilliant too! Music theatre warwick ls the best!!!!!
ciao xxxxxxxxxxxx

October 08, 2004


Lovin Warwick so far- the peole in my halls are wicked, the lectures are actually interesting (I thought it woud be boring school work all over again) and the atmosphere generally is nice!
I'm home for a few days and I feel so bad for missing lectures and stuff but it can't be helped. Spending time with my old mates and feeling guilty for not spending more time with my family but I know we'd just argue anyways so what's the point!
I missed my first tutorial (oops) so don't know what to do about that, my dad keeps telling me they're gonna kick me off the course, which technically they could do!
Anyways so proud for setting up DANCE MAT SOCIETY (oh yeah) can't believe we did something constructive with our ideas and actually set up a society; bit nervous now to see that it all goes well (wich me luck)! I want to get t shirts and stuff made too (hopefully)! we'll see, anyways got like a billion things to do before I go home so best get back at them!
ciao MKxxx

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