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October 10, 2007

Kiefer Sutherland behind bars, in real life

Writing about web page

Under a deal with prosecutors, the star will serve the sentence during breaks in filming for his hit TV drama, 24.

Fair enough, but:

Sutherland also received a six-month driving ban, and was ordered to attend alcohol education classes for 18 months and weekly alcohol therapy sessions for six months.

Can you imagine Jack Bauer without the aid of a beast of a car?

January 31, 2007

You will be sadly missed

Follow-up to Impulse from [TBA]

That’s the tagline on my latest temptation to keep me from my PhD: the Six Feet Under complete DVD collection. It looks stunning and murky, just like the show! Got to prepare my class for tomorrow though, but lots of dark fun will be had in the next few weeks!

January 26, 2007


I feel a bit sick :-/

I just spent a load of money on a boxset of one of the best TV shows ever broadcast. And this is after I received the first series of The Sopranos this morning.

Maybe it would be best if the maths department would keep hold of my salary until I actually need it…

To make me feel better I’m planning to spend the whole weekend reading up on cloud physics and parallel programming.

Sometimes I wonder whether my cells were leftovers and outcasts and decided the only way to survive was to form me.

January 17, 2007


I think not

I watch Ugly Betty. It’s funny in a simple way. I still have to see if the show works on more than one level though.

I finally managed to get a proper copy of Grim Fandango, simply the best adventure game I’ve played. It turns out I still remember most tricks – unfortunate in one way, but it helps getting the amazing plot along!

In Grim Fandango you play Manny Calavera, some undead guy with a Spanish accent. After a while you remember what his voice sounds like, as you need to talk a lot in this game.

Tonight I watched Ugly Betty again. And I heard Manny Calavera! He is Betty’s dad! It’s honestly the most exciting cross-media revelations I’ve encountered, ever. The actor’s called Tony Plana, if you’re interested, and apparently he’s been in 24 series 4 too. Talented man. Great voice.

In the mean time, I’m listening to 3cdigital, a country music radio station – trust me, it’s soothing – and the song now playing sounds exactly like Ghetto Superstar! Or at least the chorus does. Oh, obviously Wikipedia knows all and the song is Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton’s Islands in the Stream.

January 09, 2007


Watching E.R. tonight, I was wondering something. Two doctors who had just attended a funeral heard about a shooting at their hospital and some of their colleagues in life-threatening situations. So they decide to cancel their day off and rush to the hospital to help out.

The rest of the show we only see wounded doctors and nurses taken care of by their colleagues. Meanwhile, standard patients are queueing up outside or diverted to other hospitals.

Anyway, that’s not what I was wondering.

I was thinking, suppose you’re capable of saving someone’s life, but you have to chose between the average UK citizen (decide for yourself what this entails) and a brain surgeon. You have no emotional attachment to either patient. Who would you attend first?

My scary thought is that rationally, I cannot find a way to decide to prioritize the average citizen. The even more scary thought was not that the brain surgeon could probably save lives and do great things. No, instead, I thought how much money had been spent on this person to become a brain surgeon in the first place, and how less taxing he (or she) probably is going to be on society.

*sigh* I’m never gonna sleep tonight

November 13, 2006

Is it really funny?

I watched Ghost last night for the first time in my life. I’m not really sure what it was – I can see why it could be called a “classic”, as it was entertaining for most of it, but it was also a big pile of hilarious rubbish for all of it. Thanks to Whoopi Goldberg. And the crazy black thingies of hell.

And if that didn’t make me laugh out loud enough, this was one of the adverts amongst the 80s compilation CDs:

November 12, 2006

My world renown life

Follow-up to What else to do on a Saturday night? from [TBA]

On a search for the origins of unwarranted abuse hurled at me through the means of blog comments, I realize my blog attracts people from as far away as Australia who wish to find out what to do on a Saturday night.

Including great suggestions found in the comments, and assuming you’re not looking for a list of stuff about me, here are some ideas:

1. Start your own blog. In particular, write about why you’re doing this on a Saturday night. Your university might offer you a blog, or try sites such as MySpace, Blogger, or LiveJournal.

2. If in the UK, and in the winter months, watch X-factor or similar shows. If in the summer months, do not watch television.

3. If known to the world of blogging, try visit other blogs and tell the owner how sad he/she is. It will surely make you feel better and might save your Saturday night.

4. Find a hobby. Try ornithology.

5. Go out for a beer and relax. [1]

6. Plan your next Saturday night. Not leaving it to the last minute implies you can organize for friends to come over. Or to obtain necessary equipment for your new hobby.

7. Make a list of things you could do on a Saturday night that are more fun than making a list of things you could do on a Saturday night (ad infinitum).

1 Please note that this has proven to be one of the more popular options of what to do on a Saturday night. As a result, the suggestion becomes a near paradox.

September 18, 2006

Shoot me

I’m appalled by the lack of Spooks entries today. Did absolutely no one watch the first episode(s) of the new series last night?! Shame on you!

Story-wise, it wasn’t that great. A bit over the top and 24-like plot with a stocky PM’s son and typical ugly bad guys opposing the always handsome Spooks. But then it’s quite an eye-opener that a whole series of 24 would fit in two Spooks episodes. Because they’ve got better things to do.

I hope they do get better things to do, for although the first scenario was an interesting and worrying idea, reality did seem to get lost. Ah well. Good to see some of the guys are still alive! Watch it on BBC1, Sunday 9pm.

February 25, 2006

Sunday Brunch Entertainment

TV image
American Idol
4 out of 5 stars

American Idol

Sun, 11.25am onwards, ITV1 [Fri, 8.15pm onwards, ITV2]

If you thought Xfactor was good, then watch this. It's tenfold more enjoyable, tenfold more entertainment, and there are at least 2 men and 2 women [or boys and girls] that can sing!

If you think talent shows are rubbish and detrimental to good taste, but can't help thinking why you're hummin' along to that Kelly Clarkson song, watch this show.

It's not too much of yesterday's news, as like More4's Daily Show, it is broadcast within a day or week of the American airing [last night's ITV2 show was a combination of the Tuesday and Thursday shows of last week in the States]. Sunday will show the pre-final or post-theatre shows, where all 24 remaining contestants sing their 1-minute song and 2 boys and 2 girls are voted off by the American audience.

It's blatantly got lots of Americans loving themselves and telling about their struggles and how they dedicate their song to X or Y. It's blatantly got people chosing the cheesiest or most mellow of songs afraid to show off their voice. It's also got those few people who know what they can do and give it all and make it worthwile to watch. And yes, it's got Simon Cowell who seems to be the only level-headed person in this circus of sorts. Oh and the presenter is alright.

Lucky for you, the American audience seems to have a slightly better idea of who to vote off, so next week there will be no more renditions of Barry Manilow songs.

October 30, 2005


Sometimes you do, sometimes you don't. I've been sulking for long enough now about people doing the Rate your life thing without tracking back to me or me friend Heeley. Instead, let's focus on the little things in life. [Especially when bus services keep letting us down].

  1. After a 4 week delay I finally got round to returning my Diana Ross & Supremes CD to Morrison's as the case was empy. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, when there appeared to be none left in stock, they offered me a refund. Which I gladly accepted and used to buy the latest Jamie Cullum album – yet to be listened to.

  2. The UK stupid show viewing audience are learning, as the two worst X-factor acts ended up in the bottom range. Another great show of character as Simon Cowell sends the average singer Philip [with a lovely Irish accent though] home and keeps playboy and great entertainer Chico for another week.

  3. I spent more than 2 hours in Jumpin Jaks without feeling any minute even a bit unsafe. With alcohol percentage at a minimum level, and skimpy clad girls and pink-shirt wearing guys all around, that is a true miracle. Don't worry – I'm not going to praise JJ, though it was a good night out!

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