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July 28, 2005

Oh dear

Someone complained that I haven't blogged for ages. May I point out that the fact that nobody has responded to my idea of humour does not mean that the concerning entry is no entry.

Another photo then – after all the talk about the weather, the Enterprise just flew over Earlsdon to have a closer look:

July 27, 2005

Made me laugh

Found this as I needed to go [EDIT: to the loo] in a pub in Falmouth (trip to Cornwall - photos about to arrive on this blog). Even though I felt mocked, I did think it was hilarious. Not sure if it was intentional, as the kitchen was in the same area of the place. Still funny. Smile!

May 12, 2005


Try to pronounce that! Bank should sound like the unc bit in uncle with a b in front of it. Schroef is like spoof but then obviously not with a p but with a horrible s with a throat sound (kind of like a k but then different). I have no idea what it is in English or how to use it, but here is a picture:

And yes, there are 6 consonants in line in that word. Some appreciation for the Dutch would be welcome!

Give me information…
Give me long distance…
Long distance
Give me heaven!

Class song! More madness though…

On a more productive note: reading Geophysics books now which are really amusing and interesting!

Meteorologists and oceanographers agree, however, on the terminology for vertical motions: upward or downward.

Sometimes, I'm sure, everyone wished they were doing a science degree…

The interesting stuff mainly concerns the Coriolis force and why toilets flush differently in the Southern Hemisphere etcetera. All you learned when (yes when, you are at University so I can't say if:) you were a geeky 9yr old but forgot by now.

My milk is going bad in the mean time so better leave soon. Don't forget to stay on campus for the final week as the Arts Festival promises to be amazing! Great start on Sunday – be excited!

March 04, 2005

Like white glazing icing on a cake

Writing about web page

Again a really short entry but this time with more induced quality. Photographer Rene Oudshoorn took the following pictures while flying over Holland. More can be seen when following the link above.

While I'm at it, let me remind you again of a potential fab night out in Methodist Central Hall, Coventry City Centre, with Warwick Revelation. It's almost like a blog social with at least 20 bloggers there, including one power blogger! Saturday 5 March, 7:30pm, Inspired!

EDIT: Glazing blatantly is an americanism so now the snow is like icing!

February 13, 2005

The critics love it

Follow-up to Another package from [TBA]

The fabric has been unfolded and see the river of saffron flow through New York's Central Park. NY critics love it, calling it 'poetry in motion', a manifest 'full of life and energy' and a 'work of pure joy'. Again visit de Volkskrant for more pictures, or the New York City council website for more info.

February 09, 2005

Another package

Writing about web page

Artist Christo, renowned for wrapping large objects/buildings/islands, has finally been allowed to turn New York's Central Park into one big birthday present. On the Dutch Volkskrant's website, two photographers (Judith Baas en Jan Tromp) are keeping track of the progress of this work of art.

Upper East Side, Reservoir, Central Park. You can see the arches through the trees at the bottom of the picture.

Don't ask me what will become of this. I might update this entry once the work is finished... In the mean time, follow the link and you can see the progress yourself. Captions are in Dutch but if you really need to know what it says, ask me.

For more information about the project itself, follow this this link.

January 18, 2005

Are You Experienced?

Writing about web page

Thursday last week I was asked to do a photo shoot for Rick and Tim's radio show. I ended up as a special guest in their show and they even let me request an Otis Redding song! I thought I'd post some of the pics I took of them in the - may I see surprisingly funky - studio.

Well, are you? Radio Warwick broadcasts on 1251AM and you can find them online as well – just follow the link above somewhere. Tim and Rick's show is on from 11pm on Thursday's.

Highlight of the night was Tim's announcement of 12:51am at 12:48am. They usually talk a lot (no surprise if you know Tim) and play some really good classic records – the ones that no one else knows but should know, really, including Otis Redding's That's how strong my love is. Well, at least if you ask them nicely. It's a bit like that radio show on BBC2 Sunday afternoon (just heard it this weekend for the first time) but then more folky and rocky songs instead of jazzy.

More pictures in the R.T. Musical Experience gallery.

November 30, 2004

Charter Avenue aka Sunset Boulevard

There's no place like home, and there's definitely no place like Canley. Or maybe it's Tile Hill. But I haven't found any other road than Charter Avenue which has been aligned so perfectly that every evening the sun casts a forewarning spell over the neighbourhood. Looking at the picture almost makes me think I took at at two different times but I'm pretty sure I missed 5 minutes of Neighbours just to capture this moment of beauty in otherwise miserable Canley.

No offense to Canley – my lack of enthusiasm might be due to the fact I still have to adjust to taking care of myself instead of having someone clean my room and 1Mbs internet etc. My house is actually conveniently placed 4 mins from Tesco ergo 10 mins from the Maths Department – not to mention the 8 mins to my friends' house who own cars and occasionally drive me to places when it's too cold/dark/far. It's not run down and has a lovely garden which we still haven't planted the bulbs in my housemate bought 3 weeks ago… It finally has a working washing machine though the microwave is now broken which leaves me to eating pizza and chips even more than twice a week.

Why is Canley so miserable? I just forget it's there. The other night my friends drove me to Rainbow's Chinese takeaway and I had no idea that place fitted between my house and Hearsall Common. I only realized the size of Canley whilst walking home 3am from Earlsdon (quite impressive I realized anything that night) which took me 35 mins i.e. 15 mins more than I thought it would having only seen the detour the bus takes.

Anyway – still wondering why Canley is miserable. I'd like to say it's the people that are miserable, but they actually really seem to enjoy living in Canley. Screaming, shouting, chanting to passers by and laughing at them… Kids joyfully racing down the sidewalk on their bikes on their way to wherever – hurling some unidentifiable words at me while walking at the wrong time of the day (5pm-8pm is when they're most active).

And the people are not that miserable to me. I asked my neighbours if they were going on a trip when they were busy with their car and their kids seemed all excited. After a look of 'mind-your-own-business' which almost made me cry and run into my house, the mother grinned and said they were just cleaning out the car of all the crisps and stuff (oh how I'm looking forward to family life! Or maybe first just owning a car…). They even say hi to me now when I run into them in Tesco's – even when I haven't spotted them first!

The children (the ones wearing red jumpers after school – which school is that?) are annoying but no more annoying than the regular English kid (I know most kids are annoying to people who don't know them, but in England they seem to outweigh the nice ones 99 to 1 as opposed to 9 to 1 – no offense). In the end they just want to know what your business is. Thank god I'm tall (again no offense – this time to not so tall people – but if I were smaller I would be picked on more as I'm easily scared/startled/whatever).

So actually Canley is not that miserable. It's just England. But kudos to the planners of Charter Avenue who helped make it look better those 10 minutes a day when the sun is setting.

P.S. I'm sorry if you cannot find a reason for this entry's existence, but here is one: I just want friends and family to know I'm still alive and how life in Canley is.
P.P.S. Even though I just realized Canley isn't miserable, I'm planning to go and live on campus next year. Convenience over independence.

November 01, 2004

Halloween Ball, 30 October 2004

Spooky! And people thought that alcohol only had negative effects? If it weren't for the 3 pints (+the lack of knowledge of my new camera) I would never have taken these utterly scary pics. Challenge is to find out what's actually depicted! (OK so the picture is called 'Oscar' so you know who it is… but still :)). Anyway, having had a look at the Halloween gallery, I finally found out what the 'P' function does with my pictures (I thought it was me heavily shaking while taking the picture but no…).

Halloween Ball itself was OK - interesting that there are more people enjoying Alien Ant Farm than I thought there'd be. Also interesting to see that it was mainly girls walking around with the devilish horns from Wilkinson (my friend bought them for me – I swear!). Don't remember too much from the night actually – apart from the txt message I got from the X-factor thanking me for my vote (just want to see Voices With Soul again!).

Last night – actual Halloween – was more fun, that is, if you like being terrorised by 7–10 yr olds from Canley. After 5 visits I'd run out of candy (that is, I ate half of it and the rest I had in store I didn't want to give away) and my (Chinese – not too welcome in the neighbourhood) flatmate was spooked so I decided to turn off the light – especially when the kids started to ask for money! I hope they didn't get as sick from the pepernoten* as I did though!

*Dutch treat handed out by Sinterklaas (St Nicholas) and his helpers to celebrate his 'birthday' 6 December – my parents just sent me loads of 'em so fortunately I had something to hand out!

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