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January 09, 2007


Watching E.R. tonight, I was wondering something. Two doctors who had just attended a funeral heard about a shooting at their hospital and some of their colleagues in life-threatening situations. So they decide to cancel their day off and rush to the hospital to help out.

The rest of the show we only see wounded doctors and nurses taken care of by their colleagues. Meanwhile, standard patients are queueing up outside or diverted to other hospitals.

Anyway, that’s not what I was wondering.

I was thinking, suppose you’re capable of saving someone’s life, but you have to chose between the average UK citizen (decide for yourself what this entails) and a brain surgeon. You have no emotional attachment to either patient. Who would you attend first?

My scary thought is that rationally, I cannot find a way to decide to prioritize the average citizen. The even more scary thought was not that the brain surgeon could probably save lives and do great things. No, instead, I thought how much money had been spent on this person to become a brain surgeon in the first place, and how less taxing he (or she) probably is going to be on society.

*sigh* I’m never gonna sleep tonight

February 11, 2005

Taking away all your worries

It was my mom's 50th birthday last summer (sorry to announce that to the world mom!) and she got a really tiny but very interesting puppet. I know puppets are usually scary but this one actually helps. Here's the deal.

Every night before you go to bed, you tell the puppet all that's on your mind, and then put it under your pillow. Since you've had someone to talk to, you won't lie awake worrying all the time, and will actually fall sound asleep!

Now, I don't have a puppet, but I thought it's probably the idea just to write down/note all the stuff on your mind or stuff you're afraid to forget by the next day. I know people usually have a diary but for stuff that you only need to remember the next day that diary would become far too full!

So before you go to bed, get your mobile, write a text message for your archive reminding you in telegraph style what to do next day, for example:

mail barbershop mail concert team spiel mail tom EVENT setlist laura, phil READ cds tim

Yes, my Thursday was quite exhausting.

It does help, in case you're wondering, though I'm sure you'll find a way that works better for you.

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