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September 07, 2005

Hello world

Sic. And the time of this entry.

September 06, 2005

Shiny goodness

Daily productivity check.

Got up late as usual, but after breakfast managed to do two hours of work non-stop! Managed to learn a bit more useful MATLAB commands, and am about to transcribe my tiny project from C++ to an m.file – result! Granted, telly was on in the mean time, and I did end up watching Brainteaser halfway through. In my defense, my friend told me to watch it as a Revver we met at RESITS was playing (and won).

Following the unwritten rule in our house (or maybe just in my head) I ended up doing dishes, which expanded to cleaning all kitchen surfaces. Quite a lot of mank gathers in the most annoying places when you decide to let dishes dry themselves instead of wiping them dry. Spent about an hour scrubbing and scratching and inhaling lovely CIF fumes. In the end, no available toxic could get rid of the mould (the type that's almost black – any suggestions? CIF doesn't do the trick) but the rest looks great!

Managed to refrain from touching any more CSS styles, and might write up that project in a bit. Note that this could actually bring my daily productivity to the standard I set err... here. That is within two weeks! Don't worry - I can count - leaving out the week in Edinburgh here.

July 03, 2005

Road Trip

Like the movie, but then different. There were nurses involved though. It was a hell of a good time - given the devilish number of 999 miles covered by the yet nameless car (as the suggestion Lily has not been approved by the owner thus far).

Note to people not interested in me - yeah you! This is a really boring entry and might only be interesting (if even) for those who were at one time or another part of this journey through the wilderness that is the North. Photos will come soon, and they will be slightly more enticing. I promise. Look: a map!

The first day led us to Leeds, where the streets have no name. Or at least no signs, which makes it hard to find your way. Still, by the power of fate, or probably the convenient location of our destination, we made it. Met up with Phil who owns the most colourfully decorated house in all of Britain, and were treated to the most organized of barbecues I have attended this year (quite a few the last 3 weeks – is there a law that states you have to have a barbecue when the sun is shining?) and played some Mario Kart. I lost, and almost turned mad racing the Rainbow Track.

On day 2 I got up before 8am, as we had to leave for the North by that time. (Note: I woke up before 10am the day before, which already made this week the longest sequence of breakfasts I had this year.) It took us about half an hour to get out of Leeds - we thought we were gone, but then suddenly the smog reappeared. We did reach the motorway eventually, just to leave it soon to get some mighty lunch food. The brilliant combination of value cheese, ham, and rolls, can also be purchased from Morrison's, which made it rise in my supermarket poll. The presence of Snickers Ice Cream bars was also very much appreciated. Refueled (us, not the car with the amazing tank and litre/mileage quotum) we skipped through what they call Yorkshire, to a magical place Scotch Corner - announced on the roads as a place bigger than London, but no more than 0 people actually live there - to leave it behind for Durham. After Leeds, and Warwick, Durham is another uni fellow passenger Ian (Mike drove the car all the time) had applied to and is also a uni with a Revelation choir. 30 Minutes on the meter gave us enough time to stroll along the river, climb up the hill to the castle, look at the Cathedral, and make our way back to the car. We even had time to take photos (which will appear shortly). Anyone who is annoyed by boring blog entries about every little thing will be annoyed even more, as I refuse to use more than one paragraph per day. So after Durham on we went and caused some traffic at Newcastle to take a proper photo of the Angel of the North. Also, Ian was in awe with St James' Park (though he didn't photograph it, which leaves a question for students of the photophile minds to answer). The obvious question was how to make this day any longer without being silly, and the answer lay on Holy Island. Unfortunately, we didn't find it, but we did enjoy our carefully prepared lunch, and saw a crab with a missing claw, and had a twister without spilling (yet). Two hours behind schedule, we arrived in Edinburgh and all was well. For now, I'll leave you with the rest in near-to telegraph style. Dropped stuff at Josie's – Josie is nurse 1 – went to beach – had 2nd bbq – watched sunset – got cold.

Day 3 – half English breakfast – started humming a song – walked down Royal Mile – admired billion dollar Scottish Parliament building – walked up Royal Mile – improved humming of song – ate apple – looked at castle – met Josie in pub – ate apple pie with ice cream – climbed Scott Monument – banged head on monument – walked Carlton Hill – had photo shoot on Disgrace – enjoyed the view – consumed battered Mars bar – taught Ian to use swings (1. walk back then sit up let gravity do its work; 2. stretch legs and hang back and come forward pulling yourself up when at highest point; 3. bend knees just before going backward; 4. slowly stretch until at highest point and let gravity do work again) – failed to teach Ian to use swings – cooked Josie dinner – sang Josie hummed song – played crossed uncrossed game – game entertained for 2 hours – watched Little Britain epizzz

Day 4 – half English breakfast – welcomed Wee Jen – played hummed song of day before – arranged hummed song – drank more than 5 cups of tea – dined somewhere half fancy – played Rev songs with knives and ashtrays – saw Frankenstein in Frankenstein's – ran home – watched more Little Britain

Day 5 – half English breakfast – walked up Arthur's Seat – walked to chapel – got chased by supermoms – late lunch at Favorit – rained down by rain – said goodbyes – got lost in Edinburgh (derailing from telegraph style: should have left the city by 4pm, but didn't leave till some time after 6, and the getting lost bit added another near hour) – dozed off in car (not driving) – couldn't sleep due to continuous Disney singing along happening in car – sang along with Disney – break near Washington to eat – food too expensive so bought snacks – snacks remarkably enough cheaper than at University House – on to York – arrival 2 hours behind schedule and Big Brother – hi to Hayley, nurse 2 – listened to York Rev in concert – listened to some more Rev – chat until sleep

Day 6 – simple breakfast – speed tour of York (walls, prison, tower, minster, shops, walls) – lunch (hummus and cottage cheese sandwich – worth mentioning) – on to Sheffield, joined Hayley in car – conducted Mike and Ian while singing Rev songs – one wrong turn in Sheffield – 3 right turns in Sheffield – picked up Pat (Sheffield Local) – on to Peak District – met up with Big Andy in Castleton – apple crumble and custard – hike up some hill – hike down same hill but different way – desperate for a wee – bye to Andy – on to Pat's for spaghetti meat balls – teaching Dutch to UK people not easy – yes – not desperate for wee anymore – bye to Pat – Haribo – M1 south – stupid people not watching when changing lanes – turn on lights as darkness falls – A46 and A45 - Haribo fall from dashboard – Cheylesmore (not Chapelfields, although I thought it said it on the sign) – Anna and Hayley reunited – shunned by TP for missing Big Brother (again) – bye to Mike and Ian – drop off Anna – back home.

Just to clarfiy – I had a great time this week, probably even the best in a while! Seemed to have lost the ability to be as enthusiastic on my blog. So pretend I'm enthusiastic about the trip. See – that almost made this entry bearable!

January 21, 2005

More of the same

Follow-up to A Medicine, a Bargain, a few Housewives, and Definately from [TBA]

A Medicine

I found a medicine for a better sleeping pattern. It involves getting rid of your internet connection so that you're not browsing blogs in the middle of the night, and then start heading bedwards at 11pm. I decided to drop the one course I was trying to follow but which had all its lectures before 11am, so not to force me out of my healthier biorhythm. Now I awake naturally at 10am and am ready for the world at 11am – gaining 3 hours everyday! I also found out I do not dislike coffee, though I try not to drink it after 7pm to avoid disturbances.

A Bargain

I could continue making blatant advertising so I thought I'd tone it down a bit. The supermarket I pass on my way to campus (I live in Canley) seems to throw its stock away! Marvin Gaye's What's going on for 3,94? What is going on? Anyway, there's loads more probably to your liking as well (Eric Clapton, Steps, Blur, Dolly Parton, etc). Oh and I bought a radio to listen to the R.T. Musical Experience !

A few Housewives

Seriously, this show is great entertainment (Desperate Housewives, C4, Wed 10pm). Last night I realized one of the main characters is played by Teri Hatcher, aka Lois Lane (not the Warwick one) in Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman. How exciting! But yeah, go and watch! If you don't have a TV, you're welcome to drop by (but don't talk during the show)!


I got over it. Instead, I can tell you that I went on a Warwick Skills training session. I learned how to use templates in MSWord and how to set up a Master document and how not to use it. Very interesting and fun actually, though useless to a maths student as we're basically forced to use TeX.

January 13, 2005

A Medicine, a Bargain, a few Housewives, and Definately

A Medicine

Is what I need to get a healthy biorhythm. At the moment I fall asleep around 3am which is fine, and I wake up at around 9am which is fine, but I don't get up until say noon. That doesn't have to be a problem, for as a PhD student I mainly need to plan my own time. However, I want to get up in the morning and take a few classes that will actually help me getting my degree in a few years. Basically, what I need is some kind of drink that makes you want to get up, say, the opposite of Horlicks. Any ideas?

A Bargain

Though some people dislike Tesco's, I do feel obliged to tell you about a wonderful deal they have running right now: 18 glasses for less than 4 quid!? 6×3 differently sized glasses for just over 20p a piece. Apologies for blatant advertising but I just had to share this knowledge.

A few Housewives

Wasn't sure whether or not to capitalize few, but anyway... Today I saw the return of Marcia Cross to the world of TV drama in the form of a desperate housewife who resorts to household tasks when trying to avoid discussing her feelings. Anyone who is old enough to have seen her burn down Melrose Place should watch Desperate Housewives Wednesday night on C4. Just continuing my commercial activities here. No I don't get paid. And yes I do work on my PhD.


It took me 10 minutes to type that word: definately. Another ten minutes lost. Why? Why would you write that? A definition is definite and definitely not definate. Seeing most people who write definately are native English speakers you forced me to Google it and at the moment it's 24,000,000 against 2,500,000 definitely vs definately. I'm not claiming there are no accidental spelling errors on this blog or anything, but please stop messing with my head!
P.S. To the linked person - you seem to be easygoing and I needed an example. Hope you don't mind!

December 13, 2004

Barbados (Sunday & Monday)

At the end of last year, Revelation (Warwick Revelation Rock-Gospel Choir) were invited to come to Barbados in December to perform a couple of concerts. All we had to do was pay 450 quid and be available to rehearse during term time, and to be in Barbados from 6-11 December. I couldn't go at first, for I wasn't sure I would be at Warwick this year. But fortunately, I am still here, and I could join in the adventure later on! Here is an account of the first two days.

The excitement didn't surface until we were fully aware of what we were about to do. During the last rehearsal for our concerts on Barbados, Gerrard (SU officer) dropped by to give us a good idea of what to expect – workshops in schools, cocktail party with high officers in West Indies Universities and the Barbados Tourism Board, a performance on Good Morning Barbados (i.e. West Indies version of This Morning), a joint concert with a local gospel choir and our friends from the other Revelation choirs in the UK, and of course the weather forecast and the white sunny beaches!

Since we were leaving first Sunday after term (7am) many people still had to arrange some stuff at the final stage. People from Earlsdon and Leam suddenly realised there are no buses at that time to get them to Uni – interesting they depended on buses in the first place – others still needed to get sunscreen or shorts (hard to think of in December!). Yet everyone was there before the coach arrived (yes, even that person that usually sleeps in till 11am or later…) that would bring us to Manchester Airport.

The journey was great! Despite the horrible movie selection (National Lampoon's Christmas!? There's only one Chevy Chase movie I slightly enjoyed and it surely wasn't this one! A Cinderella Story – to be honest, at least half of us [including guys] watched this simple adaptation of err the cinderella story [chapeaux to Alex who realized halfway through it resembled some fairytale he used to know]) we had enough to entertain us, and if we got bored of that, we could always start singing on the half-full plane.

I should have taken an aerial view of the island, because the first thing that came up in our minds was that it must be a Caribbean version of Holland! As soon as we had landed we saw that around the airport there already were more hills than in the whole of the Netherlands, but still. The island was also very developed and cultivated – as opposed to a mountain with rainforests around it and exotic birds and monkeys everywhere, which is what I had in mind – though lots of parts made me think of the shabbier areas of Spain or Portugal (but then with loads of green instead of red-brown).

Anyway – we arrived at the hotel around 7pm Barbados time and apart from having dinner, we didn't have much on our minds, so most went to bed afterwards. The next day (Monday) everyone was awake before 9am (1pm UK time) to jump into the sea or the pool. The beach near the hotel was big enough and the sand was gorgeous – near white and crispy as snow, so soft it was and you didn't burn your feet on it even on the sunniest day. The pool was of a good size as well and soon we invented a great game (Ianball!!!) that would entertain us for the rest of the week (though sometimes replaced by a rough version of Pig (?) in the middle – rules: there are no rules!).

In the evening we all dressed up for a special party at the beautiful Savannah Hotel. We thought we were there to perform for important people, but it turned out to be a nice cocktail party/welcome reception organised for us! And it turned out to be not the first misunderstanding of the week. Nevertheless, despite the small audience, and the girls sinking in the grass with their high heels, we had a great performance. I never had so much fun conducting a song as there – maybe because everyone was smiling at me and sounded so good, or maybe because we were in fancy dress on Barbados! Afterwards, we were nicely treated on good food and free drinks (including the drink of the week: Rum punch!).

And this is the end of the first two days. I really need to start get into the UK mood again and have lunch at err 1pm (too late for that!). Will write more asap and more pictures will come tomorrow!

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