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February 09, 2007

A strong message

Follow-up to It could be Rotterdam from [TBA]

Also writing about the following news item.

Feyenoord has been ejected from the UEFA Cup, and here’s what wise man and new UEFA president Michel Platini has to say about it:

This sends out a strong message that acts of violence by fans within the game will be heavily dealt with and punished by the relevant authorities.

A bit of a shame that the message has been delivered to the wrong people. The key word is, as usual, fans, for are those who illegally obtain tickets to football matches, and then end up disrupting the match, really what you would like to call supporters?

I understand the UEFA is not in the easiest position, punishing a club for something it actually could not prevent, but someone needed to be punished. But then to declare that justice has been served is a complete farce, and creates sympathy for the big clubs who want to break away from this archaic institution with its maze of fictional rules and regulations.

January 19, 2007

It could be Rotterdam

i think they should throw the whole of holland out of all competitions. I t was good enough for the english in 1985 when those liverpool fans went on their rampage so it must be good enough for everyone else.

Sometimes I wonder if internet access to the general public is desirable.

If a club warns their competitor hooligans are on their way, acquiring illegal tickets on the streets, and the other ignores the warnings, who is to blame? In this way, a club could even be intentionally negligent and admit hooligans – supposedly the opponent’s supporters – thus causing the opponent to be expelled from the competition.

I wonder what spurred UEFA’s turnaround…

March 29, 2006

Hello Goodbye

Writing about web page

I've had this blog on my favourites for a while now, and only whilst browsing through old entries I realize that the wonderful author had actually commented on my blog! I have no idea who Astrid is, or what her purpose in life is, but she has a great deal of adventures to share with us.

One extra bit of fun you get on her blog is comments from Dutch people. Now, Dutch people generally aren't too funny, but let them explain Dutch concepts and it's hilarity all around! Well, at least to Dutch people it's funny:

LoL. My son also have these oranges gloves . You get them for free with a 3-pack of 'leverpastei' from the brand 'UNOX'. For the readers who don't what 'leverpastei' is I try to explane. Leverpastei is a kind of meatspread which you can do on you sandwich. My son doesn't like 'leverpastei'. So I had to eat the whole 3-pack many working days. The brand UNOX is a typecal dutch food that you eat in wintertime.
That's more or less the story about the oranges gloves.
I guess Astrid know about this brand. Mostlikely she eat 'knakworstjes' from UNOX when she was a little girl. ;)

I'm not sure how blogitically correct it is to post other people's comments for fun, but well. I'm not talking about the language here, the sheer hilarity is in how he starts an explanation for leverpastei and ends up talking about 5 different concepts, none of which have very much to do with leverpastei, basically paté.

Go visit Astrid's site and be prepared for a mini an adventure!

October 14, 2005

Home and away

In other words: I should do some work but am distracted by the marvels of google.

Interesting how if you're feeling lucky, home will actually send you as far away as possible…

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