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November 18, 2005

Where did we go wrong?

[ee is pronounced as A]
Dutch De eekhoorn eet een eikel
English The squirrel eats an acorn

A starling is a spreeuw in Dutch which sounds more like sparrow to me, but that's a (huis)mus.

Sad thing is I only realized the latter when the BBC picked up on the Dutch TV scandal about a sparrow being killed for knocking over 23,000 dominos in a human world record attempt for domino building and falling.

November 17, 2005

Vowel syndromes

Writing about web page

Entries this week have effected nauseous feelings. A pedant myself, I was affected by the poor use of two verbs in particular. With the help of, I hope you will take notice.

tr.v., -fect·ed, -fect·ing, -fects.

  1. To bring into existence.
  2. To produce as a result.
  3. To bring about.

tr.v., -fect·ed, -fect·ing, -fects.

  1. To have an influence on or effect a change in: Inflation affects the buying power of the dollar.
  2. To act on the emotions of; touch or move.
  3. To attack or infect, as a disease: Rheumatic fever can affect the heart.

USAGE NOTE Affect and effect have no senses in common. As a verb affect is most commonly used in the sense of “to influence” (how smoking affects health). Effect means “to bring about or execute”: layoffs designed to effect savings. Thus the sentence These measures may affect savings could imply that the measures may reduce savings that have already been realized, whereas These measures may effect savings implies that the measures will cause new savings to come about.

November 11, 2005

Why fox hunting should not be banned

It's just too much fun! People dress up especially for the occasion, and little kids run around trying to look for them.

And when they find them, they have to guess who they really are! Really, if you're a little kid, it's one of the most fun activities, trying to recognize your teacher hidden in some crazy costume. Here's my mum with one of her good colleagues as on old couple. Coincidentally, I bought that hat ages ago for a fiver. Bargains always come in handy. [My mum is the 'bloke' on the right.]

Apologies to my mum if she didn't want the whole world to see this. I just thought it was a great photo worthy to be the top entry for my blog [rather than a stupid quiz reminding me that I should work even harder next week!].

October 14, 2005

Home and away

In other words: I should do some work but am distracted by the marvels of google.

Interesting how if you're feeling lucky, home will actually send you as far away as possible…

September 18, 2005


Writing about web page

On a real spur of useless one paragraph entries here, but this really freaked me out! [Probably time of day night, but hey] Stop the woman from talking and then see what she does while you move around the site! Haunted websites not a good thing at night…

July 27, 2005

Made me laugh

Found this as I needed to go [EDIT: to the loo] in a pub in Falmouth (trip to Cornwall - photos about to arrive on this blog). Even though I felt mocked, I did think it was hilarious. Not sure if it was intentional, as the kitchen was in the same area of the place. Still funny. Smile!

June 12, 2005

What else to do on a Saturday night?

Writing about web page /jillatkinson/entry/like_you_really/

Writing about an entry you don't have permission to view

You are probably looking for this entry

Actually I did have a good night watching Doctor Who (which was quite disturbing as usual) and School of Rock (which generated a discussion that should never leave the two who participated). Oh and the usual crime shows on 5. But here we go.

Ten Random Things About Me

1) When my mind is idle for 1 minute it goes into a state of OCD
2) I cannot hold my hand dead still
3) When my knees are bent and I move them back they go ‘snap’
4) I used my allowance meant for clothes on CDs
5) I can set up a tent on my own, however
6) I cannot fix a flat tire on a bike
7) I have never had a holiday in Belgium, even though it’s only 15 miles away from where I grew up, and it is a holiday friendly country
8) I can’t skate on ice, but I do manage to move faster than quite a few people who can
9) I know everything about question 2 of this year’s Differentiation exam
10) I sang a song for Donald Duck when it was his 40th birthday

Nine Ways To Win My Heart

1) Be able to sing and play guitar. And then do it. The singing and the playing, that is
2) Have dark hair
3) Get along with my friends
4) Be loving and accepting, in a Rev kind of way
5) Be talkative but know when to be silent
6) Enjoy music at all times, especially when doing dishes or other rubbish household things, and enjoy singing along with them
7) Be patient. Very, and I mean very patient
8) Laugh a lot. Even if you laugh like Janice. Wait, maybe then rather smile a lot
9) Do not snore

Eight Things I Want To Do Before I Die

1) Obtain my PhD in Maths
2) See a monkey in its natural habitat
3) Sing in a gospel choir wearing a gospel robe with a soulful voice
4) Learn to play a musical instrument
5) Do a Dan Cruickshank and visit my personally selected 80 treasures in the world in one big journey
6) Build a really cool website
7) Teach
8) Meet some actor or actress who I adore at the time I meet them (for instance, Zach Braff at the moment)

Seven Ways To Annoy Me

1) Repeat what I say or do
2) Do something that doesn’t improve either your state of happiness or mine, but that will draw my attention from blogging or anything else I have set my mind on (for instance, stupid guy who just walked by and pushed the chair next to me so that it hit the table. Stupid stupid stupid!)
3) Make loads of noise when I’m obviously watching Desperate Housewives or anything similar
4) Snore
5) To follow from 3, general inconsideration (another example: smoke while someone else is eating, it doesn’t even have to be me. It’s rude and it’s disgusting)
6) Not listen to me (another example session: often at parties I don’t talk a lot, but often it seems that when I say something, people decide to change their topic of conversation, leaving me to wonder why I’ve even got a voice)
7) Invade countries just because you can

Six Things I Believe In

1) There is goodness in everyone
2) There is badness in everyone
3) The EU is the way forward
4) Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle (and all its applications)
5) What comes around goes around (both good and bad)
6) Miscommunication or (-interpretation) is the world’s biggest evil

Five Things I’m Afraid Of

1) Dying or at least in a sudden way, for me or any of my loved ones
2) Dying or actually anything drastic involving my hair
3) Wasps. I don’t want to be. It’s my dad’s fault
4) My ceiling
5) Failing to obtain my PhD in Maths

Four Favorite Items In My Room

1) My Israel Houghton CD (currently in the kitchen)
2) My goldie looking standing lamp (in Eindhoven)
3) My shelving unit (though mine has a more manly cross rather than the swirly scroll)
4) Oddly enough, my alarm

Three Things I Do Everyday

1) Have a session of: check Warwick Uni email – check hotmail – check warwickrev website – check Rev website – check blog and related stuff – check Hattrick – check Dutch newspaper – check Dutch football site – check blog stuff I skipped on the first round
2) Sing a Rev song
3) Think I should call home

Two Things I Want To Do Right Now

1) Turn off the world for just 5 minutes so I can catch up, and then
2) Go to bed. A nice IKEA bed that is the right length, and has a healthy mattress that I don’t sink into, and that sits in a nice rightly sized room with my favorite items

One Person I Wish I Could See Right Now

1) One of my friends from Holland, particularly my little (18 year old) sister. The [please read here something non offensive describing a girl but playful though showing my slight annoyance by the following fact] has only come to visit me once while I’ve been at Uni (that’s 5 years already) and that wasn’t while I’ve been in the UK (that’s the last 2 years).

Ooh that felt like a one hour long therapy session! Hmm… bed…

P.S. I do appreciate my friends here, but luckily I can see them everyday or at least once a month.

May 12, 2005


Try to pronounce that! Bank should sound like the unc bit in uncle with a b in front of it. Schroef is like spoof but then obviously not with a p but with a horrible s with a throat sound (kind of like a k but then different). I have no idea what it is in English or how to use it, but here is a picture:

And yes, there are 6 consonants in line in that word. Some appreciation for the Dutch would be welcome!

Give me information…
Give me long distance…
Long distance
Give me heaven!

Class song! More madness though…

On a more productive note: reading Geophysics books now which are really amusing and interesting!

Meteorologists and oceanographers agree, however, on the terminology for vertical motions: upward or downward.

Sometimes, I'm sure, everyone wished they were doing a science degree…

The interesting stuff mainly concerns the Coriolis force and why toilets flush differently in the Southern Hemisphere etcetera. All you learned when (yes when, you are at University so I can't say if:) you were a geeky 9yr old but forgot by now.

My milk is going bad in the mean time so better leave soon. Don't forget to stay on campus for the final week as the Arts Festival promises to be amazing! Great start on Sunday – be excited!

April 27, 2005

Victor Charlie Charlie – Mayday! – Mayday!

Ever watched the Flying Doctors? Australian shows used to be very popular in the Netherlands. Not Neighbours though - we can make our own soppy dramas! But Flying Doctors was high standard hospital drama on a plane! How much more exciting can it get?

Anyway – that's not what I wanted to share. I was just giving my housemate our postal code and tried to use the standardized phrases for spelling and failed miserably. Having been to the Lowlands festival I should have been able to get to Kilo without any troubles (apart from calling Delta Dommelsch (beer sponsored stage)). But here we go:


Feel free to come up with a picture version of this! I wonder how they came up with some of them… November seems to be the odd one.

March 23, 2005

My life as an Ent (Part I)

Writing about web page

I'm a bit slow at times. Through someone else's blog I found out about this puzzle. Like an person trying to solve it, I feel like I should share my strategy with the world.

Which I'll do. I tried maths for about 10 minutes. Then got worked up about the fact that so many people felt clever as they'd solved it in 5 minutes. Then actually thought of the answer but was thick enough to make a mistake ending up with the wrong answer. Then read the comments on the guy's website which amused me for another 30 minutes. Finally, one comment clearly hinted at the answer I tried earlier so I tried it again and got the right answer ever since. Phew! Still within the hour!

While I'm at it, let me also point you at this guy who is an amazing singer with very amusing songs and a good act. Saw him in Leamington the other night while I was supposed to go and see Rev.Tom and the somethings. Okay, his website might not be working properly on my computer, but have a listen to some of his lovely songs. My friend rightily pointed out it would suit perfectly in shows such as Scrubs. Which provides me a nice bridge to Zach Braff's blog the main character from Scrubs and the acting director from Garden State actually spends time on his blog very regularly! Or maybe I'm just very gullible and mistake someone posting under his name as the actual upcoming icon. Ah well. Life is short.

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