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May 12, 2006


To give myself an idea that I'm actually making progress, I updated my ePortfolio today. Come to think of it, it sounds like I'm regressing rather than progressing, but I guess the point is to narrow down your research.

In other news, I bought a little expensive notebook (I'm impulsive when it comes to shopping) and thought it was time to start noting things. Mainly because today being a TA was easy as the students got to work with soap and water.

So yes, coleslaw.

Is there anyone on this planet who gets excited by coleslaw?

I found a leaflet for a take–away advertising their latest meal deals. Now, to entice everyone, they have coleslaw as a specially included side dish. Just. For. You.

Now, I have nothing against coleslaw. Apart from the fact that there are a million side dishes around that are easier to make and that taste lots and lots better. And apart from the fact that it's so blatantly a word stolen from the beautiful Dutch language. But I do wonder.

Do you eat coleslaw? And if so, why? Do you have coleslaw cravings? If you can choose between side dishes at KFC, do you actually pick coleslaw? Are you more likely to go for my take–away's meal deals because they included coleslaw? Please enlighten me!

March 29, 2006

Hello Goodbye

Writing about web page

I've had this blog on my favourites for a while now, and only whilst browsing through old entries I realize that the wonderful author had actually commented on my blog! I have no idea who Astrid is, or what her purpose in life is, but she has a great deal of adventures to share with us.

One extra bit of fun you get on her blog is comments from Dutch people. Now, Dutch people generally aren't too funny, but let them explain Dutch concepts and it's hilarity all around! Well, at least to Dutch people it's funny:

LoL. My son also have these oranges gloves . You get them for free with a 3-pack of 'leverpastei' from the brand 'UNOX'. For the readers who don't what 'leverpastei' is I try to explane. Leverpastei is a kind of meatspread which you can do on you sandwich. My son doesn't like 'leverpastei'. So I had to eat the whole 3-pack many working days. The brand UNOX is a typecal dutch food that you eat in wintertime.
That's more or less the story about the oranges gloves.
I guess Astrid know about this brand. Mostlikely she eat 'knakworstjes' from UNOX when she was a little girl. ;)

I'm not sure how blogitically correct it is to post other people's comments for fun, but well. I'm not talking about the language here, the sheer hilarity is in how he starts an explanation for leverpastei and ends up talking about 5 different concepts, none of which have very much to do with leverpastei, basically paté.

Go visit Astrid's site and be prepared for a mini an adventure!

March 23, 2006

He's Misstra Know–It–All

Someone got a bit annoyed by the stupid Tubthumping entry being at the top of my blog for the past 2 weeks. Hence this.

Saturday 4 March

We had a concert with Revelation. It was beyond amazing! We had some great new talent singing solos, and none of the conductors ever stopped smiling. I even managed to keep the speeding up potential at bay in Khumbaya! I actually only sang for half the concert, as a poor diet didn't give me enough energy to blast throughout the performance. As a result, the encore turned into a comedy act, where I was supposed to get the audience to make some noise, with hardly any more than radio scatter of a voice myself. Ah well – that's what makes it all the more fun! Hopefully the CD will come out soon…

Sunday 5 March

My culinary skills have extended and now cover french toast. No single bit of egg shell in the mixture! I yet haven't managed to expand on the meal like I've done with pancakes [cheese and sugar and syrup. Try it!] but I think Nikki, Jenni, Hayley, and Mike enjoyed their breakfast regardless.

Monday 6 March

Honestly, I've no clue what I did this day. It's too long ago to care. I must have done some bit of supervision, and I probably watched Smallville. It might have been this day that I finally got my first remotely useful results out of the C++ model I've been working on this term.

Tuesday 7 March

Revelation cabaret. After 2 years of preparation [I'm sure we discussed it in our first year here] Marta and I finally performed our Dutch-Italian combo of Vivere/Zonder Jou. I almost lost track as people started laughing, convinced they laughed coz I had to sing so low [hadn't really prepared and didn't feel like singing a few As and Bs that night] and forgetting that maybe people here aren't used to hearing me speak Dutch.

Wednesday 8 - Friday 10 March

Again temporary memory loss. Though I know most of this time was dedicated to supervision marking. The powers that be had decided to give the first year one massive assignment to hand in on Thursday. They forgot that I actually have a life and don't like being forced to mark work within 24 hours. Yet, I prevailed, and even took time to meet up with the supervisees to hand back their work and have them hear the verdict through me, rather than some website or their tutor.

I just realize I also discussed the mild successes of the model with my own supervisor, which left me with quite some work to do for the next week. See further on.

Friday 10 March - Sunday 12 March

Pre-WiM. That means before WiM - or before Week in March which is actually a week in April. Plus a day. Yes TP, I almost literally stole your joke.
Anyway – WiM is a Revelation event in the Easter hols where the choirs in the UK come together to rehearse songs from scratch to perform in a concert at the end of the week. It's always great fun, and I've met some great friends in previous years! This year, I'm Arts Director, which sounds really posh, but in Rev leadership means making sure people are happy, so I ended up bringing my team members cups of tea and bags of crisps.

Monday 13 - Friday 17 March

Warwick Turbulence Symposium
_Environmental Turbulence: from Clouds through the Ocean_
Spent the Monday attending 2 out of 4 talks. I was still exhausted from the weekend, and so many thoughts and ideas were running through my head, that all I could focus on was the bright window above the poorly lit presentation screen. I did eventually get my C++ program to work on the maths computers as well [Borland apparently has an immune system that lets poor code stay where it is - after changing it for g++ the code is much faster already!].

Trouble on Tuesday, however. Missed the bus, with the next one not arriving for a lovely 50 minutes – as a result, I missed two extremely relevant talks. Thanks TWM. You have actually inspired me to buy a bike. Better not try and run me over next term! That afternoon, I found out that to get the right distribution over time, I'm going to need to track 1,000,000 bubbles. To track 10,000 bubbles for a second currently already takes quite a few minutes. Lovely – TBC.

Wednesday and Thursday I made some important baby's first steps in my degree. First, I went up to a speaker after his talk to ask him about one of his experiments. He seemed to be in a hurry though, so couldn't get a lot out of him. Next, I went up to someone I'd met in the December conference, and ended up chatting to him for the whole next hour. We discussed: air bubbles, rain drops, collision efficiency, granular motion, sand dunes, PSV Eindhoven, Zenit St Petersburg, Abramovich, Hiddink, Israel and Palestine. In that order. Then Peter came in and we discussed bubbles some more. We're afraid that merging bubbles is not the kind of phenomenon that is useful for further research, but we'll have to see.

We also discussed the C++ model some more, and Peter tried to convince me to learn yet another language, but I'm quite happy being a sheep and use a language everyone uses. Like English. Then he tried to convince me to change one of my algorithm into a big tree and spent an hour explaining it to me. Then we realized it wouldn't be useful since the bubbles rise at different speeds and the tree would have to be cut down and grown each time which probably wouldn't give us any advantage when trying to track 1,000,000 bubbles.

The final step was that I actually asked a question in a seminar! Big deal, you might say. Pot you! Ali would say. It was a talk by someone from Southampton whose articles I'd been reading last year – mainly concerning phytoplankton and turbulence, something I hope to be researching at some point in life – and he obviously didn't have time to discuss every little bit, but I thought he left out something really important. And I even linked my question to another question! If only I'd have worn my name tag.

The Friday was a bit of a let down. I think I went to the most interesting talk of the day [at least most relevant to me] and I spent some more time talking to Peter about bubbles. We decided we could study bubbles merging in sparkling water or whatever soft drink you like, but we'd need all of you to start pouring your drinks into the ocean now if this were ever to be important in air-sea gas exchange.

Friday 17 March - Tuesday 21 March

After two exhausting weeks [yes, I've got bad stamina. And no, this is all relative, of course I know 99% of the world population has got far bigger problems than I do, and don't get a lie in] I thought it to be time for a holiday, and arranged a weekend of fun in London.

Actually, it was Pat's birthday [St Patrick's Day] party on Saturday and he suggested a long time ago I should stay till Monday for London Revelation's rehearsal. I thought I'd add Friday in to work on a song for Rev with Dan, and meet up with Frank as well while there. And so we proceed.

Euston -> Euston [it was too busy Friday 7pm] -> Euston Square -> Moorgate -> Tooting Bec: Dan's house -> Camden Town: Underground. Good night out. Though all 5 layers I decided to wear smelled of smoke afterwards. Night bus back was ok until some guy thought I was someone else, namely someone that gets all the girls he wants [spot the sad false assumption] and gets his beep beeped [or smurf smurfed] whenever, wherever. But no. Then he sat down. And 5 minutes later started muttering obscenities in my general direction. So Dan suggested we sit downstairs.

Didn't get anywhere arranging the song on Saturday. Spent two hours deciding what key to put it in, then thought it best to keep it as it was. It needs some serious work to make it vaguely interesting for the choir though… Went to some burger place with the best burgers within some radius which couldn't have been too far, because despite the obvious quality ingredients, I usually enjoy a Big Mac more than the overdone piece of carbon I got on my plate. Ah well. No tube stations this day. Pat's party was amazing – possibly the best party I've been to. Lots of drunkenness with lots of things that could have ended badly, but in the end were just really funny. Despite earlier statements that no one would sleep in the dance floor room, 7 of us did, and we thought we were ok the next morning, until we found out in the hall way that an alcohol percentage below 70% in the air was possible.

Sunday got more tube action again: Clapham South -> Tooting Bec: Dan's house to do nothing, really -> Bank -> Aldgate East where I met Frank despite his phone being stolen and mine out of battery. Had a lovely alternative roast and listened to Charlotte Church and saw his fun loving housemates again. Chats involved lots of Dutch speaking and future foreseeing. No night time bus this time, just the tube back to Pat's.

Monday involved me and Pat going to Brixton, testing if it really is as exciting and interesting as the buzz makes us think. But no. It's just Coventry's Indoor Market. But then outdoors. And with lots of Afro-Caribean music and rhythm. And more smell of wee. But we did walk down Electric Avenue. And I did buy a gospel CD. And a kitchen sink drain thing that stops the rice from going down. I also got shouted at by some Jamaican "asking" me if I was with de Bri'ish or de Irish man – at this point I realized that maybe I should leave my bright green coat at home next time, as it seems to be giving me the wrong kind of attention. No one got hurt, however, so we went -> Green Park -> Leicester Square to see the Photographer's Gallery which was a tad bit dull but had good lemon cake and then we went to try and find Fopp in Covent Garden but it wasn't there. Instead, we got lost in the Seven Dials and found Fopp. Then we had to help Pete and his brother [or Richard and his brother] but they didn't understand my directions:

Cross the road at the station, then take a left into Short Street [actually called Short Gardens or something] then there's a map, or you end up at a roundabout thing where you'll take the road at 1 o'clock, at the end of which you'll find Fopp.

Apparently analogue clocks don't help in directions. Bought Innervisions [it's good!] and went to a restaurant where they served rijsttafel and I got excited. It's Dutch. No more boring stuff happened and then there was Rev!

Silly enough, there's no official Revelation rock-gospel choir in London [bar Royal Holloway - which is a lifelong journey away from the city], and they're trying to change it. The choir needs to be affiliated to a university to be an official part of Rev, but in London, it needs at least 20 students from 4 different colleges to sign a form if it is to be a student society. Sigh. But the workshop was good. Learned a new song and some interesting approaches to old Rev songs. Plus, it was good to sing with Dan, Pat, Pete, Kate, and Jenni again.

So we went back on the tube, making the Northern line my most visited tube line. Must have spent 0,0001% of my life on that line now! Tuesday, it was time to say goodbye with one more trip on the Northern line to Moorgate to have lunch with Dan, Pat and Kate where Kate demonstrated the goodness of work for a charity organisation: casual dress.

And then I went back to Cov and then I suddenly had lots of emails that were of no interest to me and then I went to the pub and then I slept and then I downloaded lots of research articles and then I arranged more of the song and now I finally finished this entry.

He's a man

With a plan

Got a counterfeit dollar in his hand

He's Misstra Know-It-All

September 26, 2005

Simply too expensive

Writing about an entry you don't have permission to view

Note to self: when at Arts Centre café [and probably any other outlet on campus] go for a freshly cooked meal and a drink rather than a Simply Nice sandwich. Although the sandwich was simply nice and did exactly what it said, for 1,60 I can get a whole loaf of [white] bread, a pack of ham slices and tub of cream cheese. Ah well. The smoothie's good though!

June 11, 2005

Another Level

5 out of 5 stars

This CD announces a new season of worship. Did that put you off? No? Good. No need to be a Christian to enjoy gospel music (see Revelation, or the Rev audience)! Also, you'd miss out some of the best funk of the last few years if you don't give this a chance!

I'm not really sure about this, but gospel music seems to be getting more popular in Britain. Not that it attracts huge crowds, but with the help of the Love Actually opening scene, and small gospel like backing for Natasha Beddinfield and Joss Stone, people have become more aware of it. Especially soon-to-be-weds simply need a gospel choir for their perfect day.

Although we're not specifically a gospel choir, we do sing a lot of gospel in Rev, and so you get to know quite a few different styles and artists. Some, such as Mary Mary (from Shackels) or R Kelly (though not purely a gospel artist, he has worked with many, and his latest album contains a gospel CD) are better known to the pop loving public than others. Those others will only surface in commercials (I Wish in the Coca Cola commercial) or with a chorus in a hiphop song (Lovely Day) and then still only when the Christian message is latent. Or the public needs the likes of Whoopie or Beyoncé to spread the word.

And then if you really care or if you're really obsessed about the music you dig deeper (search credits of aforementioned artists, pick up any gospel sounding line in films you hear and google it) and find this CD. I was excited about the Snow Patrol CD I got the other day, but this is truly on another level. Basically this CD makes any chore bearable.

I could describe every single song and its amazingness, but I do have other things to do. Really, I do, like listening to this CD again! OK then, first song Who Is Like the Lord is the perfect accompaniment for washing vegetables, and then later towards the bridge in the song, it works with chopping as well! Followed by You Are Good you can start heating the oil in the pan and create some heavenly food with this uplifting music! Could there be more exclamation marks? Well, there are 14 songs so get ready! By Trading My Sorrows it should be about time to lower the heat but keep on stirring. In the mean time set the table so that by the time of I Lift Up My Hands we've arrived at a perfect and lovely song in the background for your dinner! For dessert there's some more lush harmonies ending with the first song which again helps you washing up – in case you need more time, the music is great enough to repeat all!

Okay that might not have helped, but I hope you understand that I'm excited about the CD, and that I think you should be too if you like any uplifting music and love funk and big bands and lush harmonies. If you ever want to obtain such a gospel CD, I suggest you order it from the .com Amazon website instead of the UK one. CD's are cheaper in the US, and even with postage you'll end up more affluent than doing it the UK way. Actually, if money is your thing, I'd suggest you leave the UK for good as this is the most expensive country ever (and no need to be so expensive, island syndrome being a bad excuse) but that's material for another entry.

April 28, 2005

First time for everything

Yesterday, I had the pleasure to enjoy my first glass of cherryade. It's like bubble gum but then fluid! Also ate jam doughnuts - had them before, but this time I finally managed to consume the jam as well.

Today, I heard the Waterboys on the radio. Seeing my parents' enthusiasm for this band, I could almost dream what they'd sound like and indeed, it's a bit of a cross between the Counting Crows and say Dire Straits. Actually, it probably isn't. Just lied again – had heard the song before (something with a moon and a crescent) but hadn't associated it with the Waterboys till today. Thanks Virgin Radio DJ!

Also today, I heard the new Coldplay single. Or at least, I think. It sounded a lot like anything else I've heard from them, and now I've already lied to you twice, I don't want to risk doing it again having heard a Coldplay song for the umpteenth time instead of the first. But I'm pretty sure they said 'new Coldplay single' blah 'album coming out', etc. In that case, it seems like they're the least progressive band in the whole world – singer's voice sounded like it sounded on Parachutes and the stuff underneath had the same style of Clocks without the piano bit. At one point they did sound a bit different, but maybe they just added a guitar or something. Sounded like U2. I think. Nevertheless, it was a very enjoyable song. Not sure if that's the emotion they wanted, but enjoyable it was. Would rather buy a Snow Patrol album or the Joshua Tree at the moment though.

Another first time: my PhD progress report. And don't make any jokes about how empty it will be! Got 3,850 characters and counting… The main 'first time' in this case is that it's the first time I'm feeling productive, and the first time I realize I have done work since I started. It's also a good way to get organized. But I won't complain about how hard it is to write and how much work as anyone reading this is obviously trying to avoid something that requires far more attention than a 3 page report. Go study!

March 13, 2005

Review Box

With a full term of hard non-academic related work and some academic related work behind me, I thought I deserved another weekend relaxing in front of the TV, eating a nice bacon and golden syrup sandwich. This is what I saw.

CSI: New York
Should have left the Big Apple to Law & Order. CSI needs flashy casino's and sunshine and loads of neon light. Not back alleys and rainy days. Add to that a cast that makes you think "it's that guy/girl!" every other second and you wish the 50 minutes were gone so that Law & Order: Criminal Intent would start. Features Lt. Dan and Tad Rachel's (Friends) boytoy. This is probably what a CSI movie would look like.

Dark City
If they would have had the technology of the 90s, this is what movies in the 20s would have looked like. Futurism of Delaunay meets H.G.Wells' Sci-Fi. On the other hand, it seems an odd cross-over between cult films ala Blade Runner (hated that movie and tried to sleep through it, so might be missing the point here), and Roger Rabbit (sic), and more modern existential (?) films like the Matrix or Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind. Too many comparisons, or can I go on? Ever played Grim Fandango , most beautiful game ever made? Anyway – so yes I liked the film. About a guy waking up in a room with a murdered woman being made to believe he's a serial killer etcetera. No really, it's one of the most original films ever made!

Blackburn Rovers - Leicester City
Leicester should have won.

Random shows about Australia
Featuring sea dragons and a fight between a crab and a seagull over a worms. Special. The wombat might become my new favorite animal though, thanks to the Beerwah Queensland Zoo show.

The O.C.
If people tell you it sucks, don't listen. If they tell you it's great, don't listen. All I can say is where Hollyoaks is like Earth spinning around the Sun nicely comfy in its orbit, every year the same, this show is like Hayley-Bobb shooting through space and trying like a true over—the—top Californian production to try out every single love—multiple—angle humankind can think of. What I think? It's worth every valuable minute of my Sunday afternoon.

Regular working hours resumed from tomorrow onwards. Might go and look for a temp job to get into a productive mood. Oh and to make some money. Tonight it's Black Hawk Dawn by the way - better story than a cast of Orlando Bloom and Josh Hartnett might make you believe. Enjoy!

March 12, 2005

Oh what a night

After winning an Oscar for most innovative costume at Rachel's 21st birthday party on Thursday night, I applied the same funky hairstyle that got me the award to attend Ali B's birthday party tonight. Unfortunately, the welcoming heaters at Nando's blew it all away leaving a big mess that was strangely popular amongst the party goers.

For pictures I'd have to refer you to here and here though for those external viewers it might not be possible to see them. Only had dessert at Nando's – 2,30 for free refills of icey yoghurt but could only finish two.

Afterwards went to Coliseum (missing out on the Red Nose party – already bought my nose last week so didn't feel too bad about it) fearing my own life and those of my friends. At the end of the night, we'd witnessed two fights, and only one of us nearly fell down the stairs. Still I'm sitting here with blood on my hands from some weird little wound plus my head hurts as our lovely chauffeur Nicolas (thanks dude) was (and still is) French. Should be enough of an explanation?

January 04, 2005

Christmas Break Highlights

Nope, didn't get highlights. Maybe I should - will try and work it out with PaintShopPro (couldn't get PhotoShop). Anyway, here's what I did last Christmas:

  • Went Christmas shopping in London. Ended up with 2 delayed birthday gifts and no Christmas presents;
  • Admired the interior of a nice club in London (somewhere in Camden, forgot its name, something with a K). Reunited with really cool Edrev people (and other cool Rev people);
  • Had a wicked Carol service in Westwood Church. Sang really loud in the choir;
  • Organized dinner for friends but didn't need to cook – hence dinner was amazing;
  • Weighed 10,5 stone. Go fish'n chips! Weighed less after Christmas dinners oddly enough;
  • Did not need to order water while eating Chicken Korma. Nor did my friend: go Frank!
  • Watched Finding Nemo. Again. Bingo!
  • Did all my personal Christmas shopping (including trying on clothes, deciding between CDs and DVDs, etc.) + family's gifts (to be fair, it was all on a list) in one afternoon;
  • Bought the same jumper for myself as my mom+sis got for my practically-brother-in-law;
  • Had 3 Christmas dinners and saw 2 of the DVDs I got;
  • Got 3 DVDs but they're of no use over here as they're not English spoken and my friends generally don't speak Portuguese (City of God), Chinese (Hero), or Japanese (Spirited Away). Subtitles in Dutch;
  • Had a kroket (unfortunately no picture);
  • Had loads of oliebollen (2 pictures);
  • Had a beer before 3pm;
  • Managed to finish another year without using drugs or setting of fireworks (*);
  • Woke up at 9.45am on the first day of the year – how promising!
  • Managed to get away with only 4 computer-related consults (installed a router – pronounce row-turr – and some more internet crappies);
  • Finished my Barbados entries;
  • Got a flight to Coventry Airport. Not sure if it landed there. We had to walk from the plane to a shed (no kidding!) where a girl checked our passports. Some bus got us to the Railway station where:
  • I had to wait less than 35 minutes for a bus 12 (2 minutes only – shocking!);
  • I realized the new ER season doesn't start till next week on C4;
  • I realized the new OC season doesn't start till 30 January on C4, which means we only have to wait till 6 March for the first decent episode (thanks Arielle for this info!);

So I can get from my sister's place in Amsterdam to my place near campus in 3 hours. Good to know. Don't worry about the mentioning of TV shows, I will work harder this term – honest. I was already in the Maths Department within the first 2 hours I was in the country!

October 14, 2004

First post

This post has been altered by me myself for it did not reflect me in the right way. Its original title was I'm hungry but I'm hardly ever hungry. My friend in Holland would go even further and say that people who have a hard time finding food are hungry and that I am just in the mood for food. Or something similar.

Nevertheless, the original post did contain the all important word Revelation, so that my fellow choir members could find me. Note that the First post title right now is erroneous as it's the last post I'm posting for now…

Update 4–12: This will be the only post in the 'General' category as I just categorized my blog in such a way that nothing I have to say is general.

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