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September 05, 2005


Or was it McFly? Ooh I'm growing old lagging behind on great moments in pop history. You decide what inspired this photo (courtesy Teacherpaul) - mostly fun it was though!

For more photos, and even sound clips and soon also video clips, visit Steve's site. Personal favourite is Smash Mouth's All Star! [Please note that the acoustics at Costa Coffee right off Princes Street in Edinburgh slightly differ from what is possible in the Arts Centre; also note that the quality of our voices in the midst of a week with little sleep (and where there was sleep, it was on a church floor) and lots of chocolate/cheese/mayonaise/alcohol (read: list of things you're not supposed to consume before singing in a concert) might be less than can be expected in a concert. Enjoy!]

August 27, 2005

I'm so sad

Just got back from an amazing week in Edinburgh. If only life was like RESITS (Revelation in Edinburgh singing in the sun) but then with showers and beds… More on this later. For now I can only say that I'm sad it's over. Oh and I'm sad because my birthday present didn't fit through the letter box and now I have to pick it up at the post office which isn't open till Monday. If you think I just wasted your time by letting you read a useless entry, here's a statement for you to discuss: Edinburgh is way cooler than London. That is, not cool as in temperature (though it is), but cool as in not uncool. Deliberate!

July 03, 2005

Road Trip

Like the movie, but then different. There were nurses involved though. It was a hell of a good time - given the devilish number of 999 miles covered by the yet nameless car (as the suggestion Lily has not been approved by the owner thus far).

Note to people not interested in me - yeah you! This is a really boring entry and might only be interesting (if even) for those who were at one time or another part of this journey through the wilderness that is the North. Photos will come soon, and they will be slightly more enticing. I promise. Look: a map!

The first day led us to Leeds, where the streets have no name. Or at least no signs, which makes it hard to find your way. Still, by the power of fate, or probably the convenient location of our destination, we made it. Met up with Phil who owns the most colourfully decorated house in all of Britain, and were treated to the most organized of barbecues I have attended this year (quite a few the last 3 weeks – is there a law that states you have to have a barbecue when the sun is shining?) and played some Mario Kart. I lost, and almost turned mad racing the Rainbow Track.

On day 2 I got up before 8am, as we had to leave for the North by that time. (Note: I woke up before 10am the day before, which already made this week the longest sequence of breakfasts I had this year.) It took us about half an hour to get out of Leeds - we thought we were gone, but then suddenly the smog reappeared. We did reach the motorway eventually, just to leave it soon to get some mighty lunch food. The brilliant combination of value cheese, ham, and rolls, can also be purchased from Morrison's, which made it rise in my supermarket poll. The presence of Snickers Ice Cream bars was also very much appreciated. Refueled (us, not the car with the amazing tank and litre/mileage quotum) we skipped through what they call Yorkshire, to a magical place Scotch Corner - announced on the roads as a place bigger than London, but no more than 0 people actually live there - to leave it behind for Durham. After Leeds, and Warwick, Durham is another uni fellow passenger Ian (Mike drove the car all the time) had applied to and is also a uni with a Revelation choir. 30 Minutes on the meter gave us enough time to stroll along the river, climb up the hill to the castle, look at the Cathedral, and make our way back to the car. We even had time to take photos (which will appear shortly). Anyone who is annoyed by boring blog entries about every little thing will be annoyed even more, as I refuse to use more than one paragraph per day. So after Durham on we went and caused some traffic at Newcastle to take a proper photo of the Angel of the North. Also, Ian was in awe with St James' Park (though he didn't photograph it, which leaves a question for students of the photophile minds to answer). The obvious question was how to make this day any longer without being silly, and the answer lay on Holy Island. Unfortunately, we didn't find it, but we did enjoy our carefully prepared lunch, and saw a crab with a missing claw, and had a twister without spilling (yet). Two hours behind schedule, we arrived in Edinburgh and all was well. For now, I'll leave you with the rest in near-to telegraph style. Dropped stuff at Josie's – Josie is nurse 1 – went to beach – had 2nd bbq – watched sunset – got cold.

Day 3 – half English breakfast – started humming a song – walked down Royal Mile – admired billion dollar Scottish Parliament building – walked up Royal Mile – improved humming of song – ate apple – looked at castle – met Josie in pub – ate apple pie with ice cream – climbed Scott Monument – banged head on monument – walked Carlton Hill – had photo shoot on Disgrace – enjoyed the view – consumed battered Mars bar – taught Ian to use swings (1. walk back then sit up let gravity do its work; 2. stretch legs and hang back and come forward pulling yourself up when at highest point; 3. bend knees just before going backward; 4. slowly stretch until at highest point and let gravity do work again) – failed to teach Ian to use swings – cooked Josie dinner – sang Josie hummed song – played crossed uncrossed game – game entertained for 2 hours – watched Little Britain epizzz

Day 4 – half English breakfast – welcomed Wee Jen – played hummed song of day before – arranged hummed song – drank more than 5 cups of tea – dined somewhere half fancy – played Rev songs with knives and ashtrays – saw Frankenstein in Frankenstein's – ran home – watched more Little Britain

Day 5 – half English breakfast – walked up Arthur's Seat – walked to chapel – got chased by supermoms – late lunch at Favorit – rained down by rain – said goodbyes – got lost in Edinburgh (derailing from telegraph style: should have left the city by 4pm, but didn't leave till some time after 6, and the getting lost bit added another near hour) – dozed off in car (not driving) – couldn't sleep due to continuous Disney singing along happening in car – sang along with Disney – break near Washington to eat – food too expensive so bought snacks – snacks remarkably enough cheaper than at University House – on to York – arrival 2 hours behind schedule and Big Brother – hi to Hayley, nurse 2 – listened to York Rev in concert – listened to some more Rev – chat until sleep

Day 6 – simple breakfast – speed tour of York (walls, prison, tower, minster, shops, walls) – lunch (hummus and cottage cheese sandwich – worth mentioning) – on to Sheffield, joined Hayley in car – conducted Mike and Ian while singing Rev songs – one wrong turn in Sheffield – 3 right turns in Sheffield – picked up Pat (Sheffield Local) – on to Peak District – met up with Big Andy in Castleton – apple crumble and custard – hike up some hill – hike down same hill but different way – desperate for a wee – bye to Andy – on to Pat's for spaghetti meat balls – teaching Dutch to UK people not easy – yes – not desperate for wee anymore – bye to Pat – Haribo – M1 south – stupid people not watching when changing lanes – turn on lights as darkness falls – A46 and A45 - Haribo fall from dashboard – Cheylesmore (not Chapelfields, although I thought it said it on the sign) – Anna and Hayley reunited – shunned by TP for missing Big Brother (again) – bye to Mike and Ian – drop off Anna – back home.

Just to clarfiy – I had a great time this week, probably even the best in a while! Seemed to have lost the ability to be as enthusiastic on my blog. So pretend I'm enthusiastic about the trip. See – that almost made this entry bearable!

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