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November 21, 2005

Criminal Intent

Where were you on the night of 19 November, 2005?

If your answer involves the Union, dancing to the funky tunes of Timetunnel, not only did you probably have a good night out, you also might have witnessed a malicious act!

On the music side of the night, I'm still not convinced by the mixture of everything between 60s and 2005, especially when there are plenty of ace songs that don't make "Top B 3 years ago's top 10" [think Bohemian Rhapsody or I am the one and only]. Also, a bit more persuasion of people to dress up for this event to match the cool decor [including Arcade games!] and the style of music would make it just that bit more fun when acted upon. Which brings us to the afromen.

These special type of Timetunnel [or rather Boogie Nights but easily converted] visitors have made this night their own and look forward to it probably more than the football girls look forward to Score! Hence they spent some good time picking their outfits and priming their afros to look fine for the night. One particular specimen, let's call him R, always transforms during these nights [see first picture] as if times are turned back and he ended up in Austin Powers' nightclub. His afro is always in perfect condition with a good black shine on it and all the curls rounded in line. Saturday night was no difference, and with the tunes of Jungle Boogie in the background the afromen with R graced the dancefloor.

Was it greed? Was it jealousy? Or was it a mere spell of degradation? Right after another jolly photo shoot, R's afro seemed to be disappear in midair. Some shady character [m/f] managed to grab the perfectly groomed wig leaving R and his fellow afromen in despair. A 5-song-long search ended without results, and now they need your help.

If you were on the Union dancefloor the night of Saturday 19 November some time between 11pm and 2am [Sunday 20 November by that time] and saw anything suspicious regarding the stolen afro issue [trying to narrow it down here, please don't inform me of any other suspicious behaviour, though you might want to inform the Union people, or the police, depending on the seriousness of your observations], please contact me, using the useful contact me link at the top of this blog.

In the exceptional case that you have gotten hold of the afro in question please be man/woman/kind enough to leave the wig in the Revelation pigeonhole in the Resources Room, Union North. It might sound all sound funny to you, but a low quality afro wig costs already 4 pounds. An afro groomed to such excellent condition as R's afro could be worth far more! Regardless of the cost of the wig, theft has taken place, and someone's night and future nights at Timetunnel has/have been ruined. Please do the right thing and return the afro wig to the owner.

Do note that the images do not bear an exact resemblance to R. Though if you do wish to recognize him from the images, bear in mind that the scribbly bit around the mouth is supposed to be a goatee with moustache.

March 12, 2005

Oh what a night

After winning an Oscar for most innovative costume at Rachel's 21st birthday party on Thursday night, I applied the same funky hairstyle that got me the award to attend Ali B's birthday party tonight. Unfortunately, the welcoming heaters at Nando's blew it all away leaving a big mess that was strangely popular amongst the party goers.

For pictures I'd have to refer you to here and here though for those external viewers it might not be possible to see them. Only had dessert at Nando's – 2,30 for free refills of icey yoghurt but could only finish two.

Afterwards went to Coliseum (missing out on the Red Nose party – already bought my nose last week so didn't feel too bad about it) fearing my own life and those of my friends. At the end of the night, we'd witnessed two fights, and only one of us nearly fell down the stairs. Still I'm sitting here with blood on my hands from some weird little wound plus my head hurts as our lovely chauffeur Nicolas (thanks dude) was (and still is) French. Should be enough of an explanation?

December 19, 2004

Barbados (Wednesday afternoon and evening)

Follow-up to Barbados (Wednesday morning) from [TBA]

Thought using the 'follow-up' feature would make this account look more professional. Anyway - after a fun-packed Christmas shopping weekend in London, where only a little shopping was done, but where I met more Rev people than expected, I now feel geared up to take on the rest of the mad day Wednesday 8 December. It wasn't as action packed as I might have made you believe earlier, I just had loads of pictures.

I don't remember what I did after getting back from the school workshop, but 90% chance I had a tasty cheese ham sandwich and a glass of pineapple juice from the really tiny and slow-but-friendly service bar at the hotel. Full of energy, I was ready to take on the biggest adventure of the week: the search for the Bajan Green Monkey. Phil had already spotted one (size: somewhat bigger than a cat, somewhat smaller than a dog; color: brown with maybe some hint of green; tail: curly like a tumbling monkey; attitude: cheeky rather than tumbling) in the streets of the Gap, but I wanted to see one with my own eyes! Unfortunately, a trip to the inland wildlife reserve seemed a bit too ambitious, so we got a great group of people together to visit the Graeme Hall Swamp (which was conveniently enough only a 10 minute walk away).

Not completely sure if I mentioned it before, but Barbados seems to be more about culture than nature. The wildlife reserve we visited was rather a piece of land (almost dedicated to more business and touristy stuff, though obviously the reserve is a tourist attraction as well) turned into a true mangrove. To be fair, the big lake was already there, but I understood they used the rest of the land to make it a true refuge for whatever birds pass by, and to reconstruct/preserve one of the last mangrove forests on the island.

Sorry – enough serious talk! Where's this monkey!? Well, I didn't spot it. We had a great tour of the park where we saw huge fish and really tiny crabs with big claws. And lots of birds and plants and trees. We had a really nice tour guide with Bajan accent who tried his best not to give us a school trip kind of feeling. Apart from the hilarious little crabs, most exciting was the bird with the spoon beak ('lepelaar', see gallery). We spent a great deal of time in the reserve, as it was really peaceful and cool and serene and all – a nice place to hang out.

Afterwards we went for ice cream (first one this week for me!) to return later to find the monkey. Stupid me didn't return for I needed to swim in the pool which I hadn't done for two days, and needed time for my shower (always needs advance planning) for the night out. Blatantly the rest did go back and most of them spotted the monkey despite Pat's exciting shrills. Picture evidence might come later.

Our night out was at Bajan Roots and Rhytms: a variety act with meal included – you know, the standard tourist deal that can either be horrible or loads of fun. Well, this one was definitely worth our time – despite a waitress kept on giving us the evil eye. It started off with some standard introduction on Barbados and the Carribean, but the rum punch kept on flowing freely, as did the ice cubes… The local food we were treated to was great although I don't really remember anymore what it was. Problem was that our week had been so busy, that after dinner we all got tired and during the variety act some dozed off.

Dozing off was unfortunate, as the variety act was of a high standard as well. With some pantomime depicting the history of the island and the Carribean, and great costumes for a carnival act, it did keep me awake. The exciting part was however when members of the audience were invited for a limbo dancing contest. Unfortunately for the other concerts, we made up about 25% of the audience and so could cheer loudest for our friends! To be fair, Timmy G deserved to win with his movements that cannot be described on this blog.

After the limbo and dessert, a live band came on and played all the tunes we love so much magnificently ('Rock the boat!' is the only one I remember – maybe because of the class movement and actions going on). Even though Beth was almost abducted by a too enthusiastic customer, the night was amazing and a worthy introduction to Rick's birthday the next day! Unfortunately, we weren't allowed to take pictures – not that I wanted pics of the show, but everyone was just having such a good time! Ah well, hopefully Top B will ever reach that level (maybe a live band would be a good idea?).

Once we got back I tried to go out again to celebrate Rick's b-day but could hardly stand so decided to go back to the hotel. After a short but nice chill on the beach it was bed time for me for a big day was gonna come!

November 30, 2004

Boogie Nights Revisited

Follow-up to Boogie Nights from [TBA]

I thought I'd keep you updated on this marvellous event called Boogie Nights. I went again about a week ago and again it was a Rev social. Bought my own afro wig but it's still sitting here on my desk waiting to be taken care of and turned into a stunning bob coz right now it's just a sad collection of curly black strings.

So we went and started dancing early as the Carling was flowing at 2 quid a pint or something and the music sounded good! I nearly had as much fun as the other night. No crazy band this time though. On the other hand, they played Rainbow's Since you've been gone which was a pleasant though complete surprise (how is that boogie-licious?). Lots of good tunes overall and inspiration to listen to my MJ CDs more often (review of Bad coming up, what an album!).

The excitement has worn off, but unlike Top B it's only every other week so I'll probably be going for the rest of the time I'm here. Need to start getting that afro ready for next time though!

November 01, 2004

Halloween Ball, 30 October 2004

Spooky! And people thought that alcohol only had negative effects? If it weren't for the 3 pints (+the lack of knowledge of my new camera) I would never have taken these utterly scary pics. Challenge is to find out what's actually depicted! (OK so the picture is called 'Oscar' so you know who it is… but still :)). Anyway, having had a look at the Halloween gallery, I finally found out what the 'P' function does with my pictures (I thought it was me heavily shaking while taking the picture but no…).

Halloween Ball itself was OK - interesting that there are more people enjoying Alien Ant Farm than I thought there'd be. Also interesting to see that it was mainly girls walking around with the devilish horns from Wilkinson (my friend bought them for me – I swear!). Don't remember too much from the night actually – apart from the txt message I got from the X-factor thanking me for my vote (just want to see Voices With Soul again!).

Last night – actual Halloween – was more fun, that is, if you like being terrorised by 7–10 yr olds from Canley. After 5 visits I'd run out of candy (that is, I ate half of it and the rest I had in store I didn't want to give away) and my (Chinese – not too welcome in the neighbourhood) flatmate was spooked so I decided to turn off the light – especially when the kids started to ask for money! I hope they didn't get as sick from the pepernoten* as I did though!

*Dutch treat handed out by Sinterklaas (St Nicholas) and his helpers to celebrate his 'birthday' 6 December – my parents just sent me loads of 'em so fortunately I had something to hand out!

October 29, 2004

Boogie Nights

It's been almost a week now, but I thought I had to comment on one of the best nights I've had in the Union so far: Boogie Nights – Sat, 23 Oct. Disguised as a Rev-social, only a few showed up, but no fun was lost as they were dressed in funky silver shiny outfits and topped with afros and chest hair :D

Having a pint in Cholo listening to funky music – it didn't take long till we couldn't resist the boogie any longer. A special song for our Afro men and on the dancefloor we went! The rest of the night was basically a chain of good songs ending in some big Top Banana medley of half an hour (unfortunately, as I was pleased to see so many people dancing to this funky music, but well, at least only the 70s songs were being played).

Halfway through the evening some band played, and I have to say, they definitely weren't crap at all, and I might actually enjoy them on a night when I want to see funky bands I've never heard of, but on a Union night like this it breaks up the evening too much :( We survived for 4 songs then had to go and get something to drink (as an excuse). They didn't ruin the night and I hope the lack of response didn't ruin theirs!

Boogie Nights better be the best night in the Union – I'll see if it stays that way in 2 weeks or so!

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