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March 02, 2007

When the world ends

Sometimes you feel you’ve seen all you need to see before you die. [1] Last night, me and my friend Mikey witnessed a guitar master class, not so much by Dave Matthews, but rather his buddy Tim Reynolds. An Acoustic Evening with Dave Matthews thus became An Acoustic Evening with Dave Matthews and Guitar Magician and One Man Band Tim Reynolds. The following clip is from the Belfast show (we were in Manchester last night), and is a bit blurry, and doesn’t show that much, but I hope you can still recognize Mr Reynolds’ awesomeness! (He’s the guy on the left)

The show was sort of an updated version of what you can hear on Live at Luther College , possibly only interesting for music or guitar students. As we were listening to The Feeling on the way there, I got a bit worried, as Dave’s songs often aren’t as catchy single material, and Dave can get carried away letting his voice hover over the chords, but it was all good: Mikey thought it was more than worth the drive along many roadworks, and now wants the magic distortion box that Tim used.

1 Don’t worry, this is not a suicide note.

March 08, 2005

The other half of fun

Both my laptop and me are charged to take on the second half of the Inspired! concert from Warwick Revelation. If there's anyone reading this and feels they need to add their experience, please feel free to post a comment! Though you could also find the messageboard on our website .

10 Sanctuary
If there's any Rev song that should be sung by nuns in a convent, it's this one. Very gentle and with lush harmonies, it was a great start to a more intimate second half. It was also sparked with the vocal talents of Emma Nicholson, supported by Vikki Connolly and Chrisi Brierley, and steadily conducted by Alex Clayton.

11 My Redeemer Lives
With sometimes close to dodgy but always very effective methods, Pete Alessi conducted this uplifting song to wake up both the choir and the audience. With a special appearance from two members of the Hall's dancing class, grooving through the aisles!

(+) Drama - After weeks of rehearsing...
Simply put: wow! Though personally I often laugh out of sympathy for variety acts, this was pure comedy! Never have I seen someone with such a dry face state that "He is dead"!

12 Said I Wasn't
Not my personal favorite, though my housemate thought it was the best song in the concert!? I guess it does have a nice rhythm to it and could go on forever. Chris Welford conducted himself and the choir very confidently, while Pete Alessi wasn't supposed to preach about it, Gill Gouthwaite shouldn't have shouted about it, and Juliette V-S wasn't gonna sing about it but well.

13 Lord I Know I've Been Changed
Always the question whether or not the men can keep holding their last note. Must be said that 'Change' is a very hard word to sing! Jon Finnis couldn't stop smiling while conducting, and lovely Kate Bell sung her heart out.

(+) Drama - Crossing Lines
As if the previous performance wasn't satisfactory, the drama splinter group had another well—executed piece for us, where Oliver Guildford found out his wife was dumped in a trench and that the old one really needed a new body…

14 You Are The Living Word
Last year, I saw London Community Gospel Choir perform this song in a church in Banbury, on the day of my grandfather's funeral in Holland, and it will always secretly be my favorite. Tracy Webb's own spirits were lifted when we followed her gestures perfectly, and Motti Onabolu's solo almost made us forget to sing!
Don't tell anyone about that secret. Surely 'There Is A New Song' is my official favorite song!

15 Sign Me Up
Becky Presley found out in time where every section was to make the outro run smoothly, while Chris Burland had become so confident with his solo that he just couldn't stop singing! Well done!

16 This Little Light Of Mine
Tim Guidotti turned towards the audience to make them let the light shine. And no one could refuse to join in the clapping and singing! After the choir reset their phase of swaying to be in sync with the audience, time was ready to lay down our burdens and study war no more.

17 Oh Happy Day
And Tim could stay on stage to guide us through another gospel classic! With our very own Lauryn Hill, but then in her very own way called Layo Obembe, we swayed and rejoiced and prayed and watched and increased and decreased volume and did whatever was possible with a choir of 130 people and a full grown band. Classic.

18 Circle Of Life
Theeeeeeeeere's a lioooooooooon…... In the field…... Someone(i) had the crazy idea of telling me what the words really meant – consequently, I ended up laughing half the time during this song. Though there was plenty of reason to as oh my how amazing was the performance! Started of by Tim West (i the culprit) and conducted by Jon Finnis, most Revvers are probably still singing it as I type this (3 days later). With a wonderful solo by Emma Kemp and with Pat standing next to me singing for 2, I'm pretty sure we did more than justice to the song! There were people in the audience who'd lived in Africa for a while and actually got that sentimental feeling – you know you're doing something right then!

19 Holy Holy
I have no idea how we were still standing after that literally breathtaking song, but we managed to give it all for another funky Rev classic. With great solos from all the band members and wisely conducted by Martyn Yeo, a more than worthy ending to a most wonderful concert.

Encore - Pass Me Not
Okay, so the previous wasn't the actual ending, as we gave Pat another chance to get the audience on their feet and let them join in with funky claps and what not. Again the local dance kids showed off their skills and again the conductor was all over the stage. But why not?

I won't go over all the thank yous that need to be made, but I just want to thank the choir in general as every single member was amazing! To end with, here's a quote from Revver Jenni:

I love all the Rev songs, i only joined rev this year (even though i'm a 4th year!) and i have to say it's the best thing i've done since joining uni, it was so great to feel a part of something on saturday. everyone is so friendly, and the songs are fab, memories that i hope will stay with me for life.

March 07, 2005

One half of fun

Cannot leave the opportunity to post a setlist of our fabulous concert on my blog. To relive those memories, with comments by my personal self, here are the performances of Saturday, as they appeared in real time (as opposed to the program).

1 When I Was Lost (There Is A New Song)
After a short logistics talk by the church manager Chris, the band took off jamming into this fabulous New Song. Conducted by the always groovy Ian Kreeger, the choir members came on stage from the sides while tickets were still being sold. When finally the money makers had arrived the lovely Bethany Rush opened her mouth and history was sung. Your love has lifted me!

2 Lean On Me
Bill Withers' classic conducted (deemed enjoyable by my housemate Fiona) by Thorwald Stein and sung by new concert coordinator Astrid Haas. Thank you to Rich for noticing my sign to shut up the band for one chorus bit!

3 It Is To You
Beauty lies in simplicity, though I'd have never thought it would be conducted by master Tim Guidotti. For once, the choir actually knew exactly what he meant by his movements, and as always, Monica Hernandez shared her wonderful vocal talents with the audience.

EDIT: I was asked to clarify the phrase "the choir actually knew exactly what he meant...". Basically, we sing a song coz we like it, and we (especially tenors) like to sing it as loudly as possible, oh and we like to sing as much as possible. This song (It is to you) is a very gentle song, and needs to be brought with TLC, so no shouting out. We'd never rehearsed it this way, with each section coming in at odd times and being silent for half the song, yet, it was like we were one with the conductor and knew exactly where he wanted the song to go. It's very hard to keep the choir under control when they think they know a song too well, as you need them to turn off the automatic pilot. It worked this time though, thanks to Tim's efforts! That's what I actually wanted to say.

(+) Dance - Spirits in the Sky
Kudos to Martyn for arranging this dance. Not pretending to be experienced dancers, though with some talent from Street Vibe, it was amazing to see our friends dance in sync with crazy arm movements and create a spectacular ending with human pyramid!

4 The Highest Praise
This little baby of Tom Williams grew up to a good tune in which all men reached notes they never knew existed, and in which Ali Berry hijacked the song with her fabulously improvised solo. We love you!

5 Let It Be
After last year's Beatles disaster (no offense, but With A Little Help From My Friends still stands unbeaten as my worst Rev song ever), Tracy Webb guided this piece into a new highlight. Even though I couldn't read her lips from afar and had to sing 'lalalalalala let it be – ee'. Adair Richards rose beyond his standard this time without making up a new verse!

6 He Still Loves Me
Despite her unsuccessful attempts to make the choir perform another keychange, Alison Cronick managed to turn us into Fighting Temptations with O'Jay Tim Guidotti and Destiny's Child Chrisi Brierley.

(+) Barbershop 'Community' - He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother
With a term of after—office—hour practice but without a proper soundcheck, the 10 guys of the 'barbershop' sung their way through the Hollies classic as manipulated by the Housemartins. 9 out of 10 vocals hardly reached the mics, but luckily James Lee's solo enthralled the audience to exaltation.

I'll stop using stupidly pretentious words now. It must be noted however that the concert was amazing and cannot be described in words that would do it justice!

7 Lord of All
Pres—to—be Vikki Connolly gently rushed us through this Kingdom Choir funk fest, with a lovely solo by Batsheva Battu.

8 My God Can Do Anything
Pres—still—standing Rachel Aston finished her term in style with another KC tune, with amazing soloist Stephanie Beech doing more than justice following into audience and ex—rev member Lisa's footsteps.

9 Pass Me Not
Never losing pace and keeping the audience on 2 and 4 Patrick Luong revived this Rev classic in his own style. Nicely accompanied by two extremely talented Cov youngsters dancing on the balcony!

This is only the end of the first half. Just got tired but really happy writing it all up. My laptop is almost out of power though, so will have to keep you posted on the second half!

March 04, 2005

Like white glazing icing on a cake

Writing about web page

Again a really short entry but this time with more induced quality. Photographer Rene Oudshoorn took the following pictures while flying over Holland. More can be seen when following the link above.

While I'm at it, let me remind you again of a potential fab night out in Methodist Central Hall, Coventry City Centre, with Warwick Revelation. It's almost like a blog social with at least 20 bloggers there, including one power blogger! Saturday 5 March, 7:30pm, Inspired!

EDIT: Glazing blatantly is an americanism so now the snow is like icing!

February 23, 2005

Warwick Revelation – Inspired!

Writing about web page

Apart from a blatant plug on the blog-system, this entry also shows what I've been up to these days (apart from getting my second flu-strain in 1 month and catching up on C++ to model turbulence by two point vortices). Warwick Revelation are having a concert on the 5th of March at 7:30pm and I'm one of the two guys to coordinate the organisation.

Hopefully, you recognize the poster, or maybe just the general idea, for they are put up around campus, and flyers have been handed out in the Library. If you're sure it's not your thing, then I wonder why you're still reading. If you're not sure, let me try and explain what Rev is about.

While doing my undergrad in Utrecht, the Netherlands, I joined a group of friends to produce the musical Chicago! Never seriously sung before, I decided to join the campus choir (about 20 people) as well, and got addicted by singing actual songs instead of just small bits of a verse I could remember.

When I was admitted to Warwick, I immediately started looking for musical societies. I obviously came across MTW but 1) at the time the website didn't look this great (good job!) 2) nevertheless, they seemed a bit too professional for me 3) I'm not too keen on acting (had 2 lines in Chicago! playing the cop taking in Roxy). Soon I came across Warwick Revelation however, and noticed the great songs they'd done in the past, and the excitement that came across from the colourful website (well done Ali! Not a Christian myself, I wasn't sure about the Christian-basedness, but I could always give it a try!

During Orientation Week (as a new, non-UK student) I asked around about this Revelation thing and people seemed to be moderately enthusiastic about them. Sounded a bit like a bunch of overly happy people having fun singing cheesy songs. Good enough for me!

As a 21-year old (at the time) I decided I was old enough to go on my own, but turned out to be still quite shy when entering the Chaplaincy (again as a non-Christian in a religious environment, slightly uncomfortable). However, I was welcomed immediately by a few girls who introduced me to the ancient tenor TimH, who then had the brilliant idea of introducing all the new guys to one another. Since that day I have gained a friend and met someone new every week at Revelation!

As far as the music is concerned, Revelation is a Rock-Gospel choir, conveniently one of the hardest genres to define! We'll do basically any classic pop/rock tune with lyrics not too strong for those with certain beliefs, and any gospel song with not too much an emphasis on religion for those who don't believe. The result is a mixture of contemporary cheese and classic rock with new funky gospel and soul. All sung by people who might have no talent whatsoever, but who do know how to enjoy singing and how to bring across that joy!

So yeah, organising this concert, that's what I've been up to. If you enjoyed Sister Act, you'll enjoy this. If you didn't (please tell me why – I know it's rubbish in film history terms, but still, classic!) then err I have no idea how to convince you to come (unless you like to see people swaying in colourful T-shirts and have some amazing ability to ignore our singing), but please give it a try! In any case, by having come to this point, you might understand why me and another 150odd souls join this society every year.

January 31, 2005

The longest day

I'm ill. Can't really point out what it is but as I'm writing I'm trying to avoid spilling anything on my housemate's desk. It doesn't include a headache so I am just gonna add a few entries to my blog. Here's what I did last week. Don't go away now - it's almost interesting!

Actually, the first event happened earlier this month, but I need to mention it anyway: I have some sort of foundation for my thesis! And I've only been doing it for 4 months (seriously, that's quite an achievement seeing that it's mostly a trial and error process). But yes, I had some trouble getting excited about earlier articles I read – too technical – so my supervisor googled another name in the field I'm interested in and voila, here I am, fully enjoying and understanding three articles about the influence of turbulence on the population dynamics of phyto- and zooplankton, a system that plays a vital role in the global carbon cycle. Will explain more later.

Second event: Departure of housemate. Now, I'm not sure what the rules are for housemates that are your friends when they leave (as in, no bad word about the dead) but let me just say, he didn't make it easy. I'll just note that I spent my whole Thursday doing the dishes he left for his goodbye dinner (which I didn't particpate in, see below). Still need to clear out the fridge. You get the idea.

Third event: Concert team meeting. Actually, this is not of any interest to anyone, but let me just say we got a great design team, and an awesome (SC accent) publicity crew, so it's bound to be a wonderful night. What night, you say? Saturday 5 March, Coventry Central Hall (near the Litten Tree), Inspired!, brought to you by Warwick Revelation Rock-Gospel Choir. Keep ears and eyes open for more publicity!

The longest day: Wednesday 26 January.

  • Woke up at 8am which only happens once a blue moon
  • Had graduation (MSc in Mathematics) which only happens twice a lifetime or so – blatantly lasted 1,5 hours longer than advertised
  • Mom and sis visited which never happens (as they'd usually spread their visit and mom would come with dad) – blatantly ended up shopping in Coventry
  • Walked home from Coventry Railway Station, which is bound to happen more often this year
  • Said goodbye to leaving housemates and hi to his friends some of which are also my friends – made them improvised dessert (stroopwafels with cream and hagelslag, yumm!)
  • Went over financial details with housemates so that everything was (more or less) sorted
  • Went to bed 1.30am fell asleep before 4am, I think – surely there are longer days, but when are they so packed with events?

In the mean time, I ruined my throat singing a really high bit in Rev, which signalled the arrival of swollen tonsils (Wed-Fri)/ flu (Fri-Sun)/ severe cold (Sun-now). I was planning to go to Edinburgh for the weekend for EdRev's Ball and to see many friends, but yeah, thought that wasn't too clever an idea… Don't think I can write this much about this week as I'll probably stay in for most of the time.

December 23, 2004

Barbados (Thursday)

Can't really remember what I did Thursday morning, but I guess I slept in a bit and played some Ianball. While others went to Bridgetown or for a big lunch at a pub at the beach, I decided once more to listen to the Ribits choir rehearse - this time with 'band'!

Thursday, concert day! The concert was supposed to be our main event – the Ribits choir had already had two performances, one of which was in front of 2000 people (!) in a mini festival with proper gospel choirs from the West Indies. Therefore, everyone was excited as this was what we'd been rehearsing for all term!

I lost track of time during the evening, but it turned out to be as bizarre as I promised earlier. I think we were supposed to start at 8, leaving one hour for sound check for 2 choirs and a band – ah well, we're in Barbados! Eventually, the Ribits choir started their (reduced) set at I believe half eight with 'Eyes on the Prize'. Even though they'd only met for the first time on Saturday and only had 2 or 3 rehearsals since then, and even though Chris wasn't allowed by the 'technicians' to balance the mics and all, they sounded great, and I grooved happily along!

Now, as soon as they were finished, we (the Warwick Revelation choir) took their place on stage and we could see the turn up. Had to look hard though – apart from the 40 people in the Ribits choir, and the 10 people from the Miraclettes (gospel choir that would perform this night as well), there were only 2 people – 2 girls I think I recognized from one of the schools we'd visited – but they left before we started our set (as it was already 9pm). So basically no audience coming especially to see us. But well, we're in Barbados!

Since there was still going to be a DVD on the tour and the concert, and we had worked hard for this moment last term, we decided to enjoy the moment for what it's worth. Didn't need too much to enjoy for the Ribits folks already started grooving once they recognized the chorus for 'Sign me up!'. Again, singin put a smile on my face, and with some encouraging words from Steph I never stopped singing (apart from when I realized I might need my voice later on in life and I noticed that Shaun was loud enough to sing for 2 – got some good complementary singing going on in the tenor section!) and thus smiling.

The response was great, and with a grand finale of joint singing with the Ribits choir ('My Redeemer Lives') it seemed as if most troubles of the week for forgotten. It didn't take away the disappointment, but I'm sure the DVD will look good! It was too late for the Miraclettes to perform as well, but as a nice 'dessert' (though I hadn't had any food for hours) they gave an instant workshop leaving us in awe and with loads of inspiration. I was sitting in another room snacking from some cake and thought it was a CD playing – such quality and powerful voices they have!

December 02, 2004

Carol Service

Writing about My First Blog Entry from Alex's Worst Blog Ever.

Since my brain hasn't given up on me even though my eyes started crying spontaneously 6 hours ago and never stopped, I thought I might as well plug the students' Carol Service. Tonight (Thursday that is) at 7pm at Coventry cathedral, free entry, good student atmosphere, obviously lots of carol singing, and you get to see Revelation perform! As Alex said, the best society ever! All depending on what you want from a society however. But seriously if you have any positive feelings towards Christmas please come you'll love it! [Note to self: stop using exclamation marks] Oh and there's a social in the Litten Tree afterwards - how more exciting can it get? So see you tonight! [Aargh] I'll be the one with the droopy sleep-deprived eyes.

October 18, 2004

Soweto Gospel Choir – NEC Symphony Hall

I had already seen this choir perform in Edinburgh during the festival when they did a one-hour-gig in a church. That performance stirred so many emotions (good ones, that is) that I just had to see them again – even despite the exorbitant price of £23… I'd persuaded a bunch of people from Rev who had no idea what they'd got themselves into!

Was a bit worried when I entered the NEC Symphony Hall – such an enormous space, and most songs are acoustic :S but these people can fill any space with all the energy and enthusiasm they got! Anyway, can't really be bothered to describe the whole concert, but let me just say that fortunately (for me) they had a completely different setlist from what they did in Edinburgh (don't worry, I'm positive it was the same choir!) so I enjoyed it as much as I did the first concert – and 3 out of 5 people who went bought their CD afterwards (I already had one) so I guess it must have left a positive impression! :D

The Soweto Gospel Choir has now finished its tour of the UK, but I'm sure they'll be back seeing the support and enthusiastic response they received from their audiences. So look forward to their next tour!

P.S. I only gave em 4 stars as I'd been listening to their CD a lot before I went and I noticed them speeding up at some points – also, the concert in Edinburgh was better but I guess this music sounds better in a smaller venue than at the enormous Symphony Hall.

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