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November 12, 2006

My world renown life

Follow-up to What else to do on a Saturday night? from [TBA]

On a search for the origins of unwarranted abuse hurled at me through the means of blog comments, I realize my blog attracts people from as far away as Australia who wish to find out what to do on a Saturday night.

Including great suggestions found in the comments, and assuming you’re not looking for a list of stuff about me, here are some ideas:

1. Start your own blog. In particular, write about why you’re doing this on a Saturday night. Your university might offer you a blog, or try sites such as MySpace, Blogger, or LiveJournal.

2. If in the UK, and in the winter months, watch X-factor or similar shows. If in the summer months, do not watch television.

3. If known to the world of blogging, try visit other blogs and tell the owner how sad he/she is. It will surely make you feel better and might save your Saturday night.

4. Find a hobby. Try ornithology.

5. Go out for a beer and relax. [1]

6. Plan your next Saturday night. Not leaving it to the last minute implies you can organize for friends to come over. Or to obtain necessary equipment for your new hobby.

7. Make a list of things you could do on a Saturday night that are more fun than making a list of things you could do on a Saturday night (ad infinitum).

1 Please note that this has proven to be one of the more popular options of what to do on a Saturday night. As a result, the suggestion becomes a near paradox.

March 29, 2006

Hello Goodbye

Writing about web page

I've had this blog on my favourites for a while now, and only whilst browsing through old entries I realize that the wonderful author had actually commented on my blog! I have no idea who Astrid is, or what her purpose in life is, but she has a great deal of adventures to share with us.

One extra bit of fun you get on her blog is comments from Dutch people. Now, Dutch people generally aren't too funny, but let them explain Dutch concepts and it's hilarity all around! Well, at least to Dutch people it's funny:

LoL. My son also have these oranges gloves . You get them for free with a 3-pack of 'leverpastei' from the brand 'UNOX'. For the readers who don't what 'leverpastei' is I try to explane. Leverpastei is a kind of meatspread which you can do on you sandwich. My son doesn't like 'leverpastei'. So I had to eat the whole 3-pack many working days. The brand UNOX is a typecal dutch food that you eat in wintertime.
That's more or less the story about the oranges gloves.
I guess Astrid know about this brand. Mostlikely she eat 'knakworstjes' from UNOX when she was a little girl. ;)

I'm not sure how blogitically correct it is to post other people's comments for fun, but well. I'm not talking about the language here, the sheer hilarity is in how he starts an explanation for leverpastei and ends up talking about 5 different concepts, none of which have very much to do with leverpastei, basically paté.

Go visit Astrid's site and be prepared for a mini an adventure!

February 27, 2006

A new season

I know it's not spring yet but it's boiling hot in my room and I got tired of the dark and stark old style of my blog. So here in all its girly colourfulness you can admire the new scheme for my blog. Nothing else interesting to say, but please consider coming to our Revelation concert Raise the Roof! in Methodist Central Hall on Saturday! It should be amazingly good - possibly better than last year's amazing goodness!

February 20, 2006


Dear friends, family. What you have feared for those years while I've been in the UK has come true. I've been taken over by the force, and have been identified as a Christian, and even been spotted evangelising

The signs have been there all the time. Whilst in England, I have visited a total of 36 churches, some of which more than once! I'm very proud of this fact actually, as churches are generally cold buildings, and revisiting them is a sign of true spirit.

Then there is Rev. Singing songs with words as Joyful, joyful, Lord we adore thee! must mean that I believe the Lord exists and is wonderful. In the same way as singing you make me feel like a natural woman is speaking from my deepest desires.

On this blog I have touched upon some religious issues, inviting Christians to help me out in finding out about Christian concepts, such as heaven. Clearly, one must be a Christian in the first place to even want to talk about Christianity, or Christian related stuff.

On other blogs, I have tried to explain how I see the ways some Christians work, for instance how evangelism to them makes sense, a sense that makes it feel like it's their duty to tell people about their faith. Another sign of being a Christian: actually trying to make sense of Christian activities and trying to explain others about their ways. Surely a non-Christian wouldn't even bother?!

Then look at where I spend most of my time. This term I've actually managed to get to campus in the morning every day when I didn't feel crap. Some of the time spent on campus was for direct maths purposes [lectures, supervision, seminars, PhD progress], but most of the time I spent in the Chaplaincy, where obviously all one can do is talk Christian stuff and be converted if not already and figure out how to convert other people.

What went wrong?!

Nothing, really.

I joined Rev because I like singing. I ended up visiting churches [which I already did, but mainly for tourist purposes] with Rev because, well, that's where we stay, and that's how we're supported most of the time. I ended up talking about Christian stuff because many of my friends here are Christian, and I like to understand why their faith is so important to them. I believe in something there, and it makes sense to me to call it God.

Grown up in a Western society, it's quite common [understatement] to be brought up with Christian morals. Seeing that our laws are based on Jewish-Christian traditions, I don't think anyone in such a situation can reasonably say they have nothing to do with these religions. [I'm not implying Islam has had no influence or contribution in Western civilization, but it's not part of the current argument.] I understand if people don't want anything to do with these religions, but to dismiss their relevance in life shows a complete lack of historical and political awareness, and that annoys me.

Seeing that lately, I've had trouble getting my point across, so I'll try some more:

  1. I don't and I won't call myself a Christian [I believe in most of the stuff 'necessary', but without sounding rude, there's other stuff in my life that I think needs more attention]
  2. I don't mind you calling me a Christian if that makes sense to you. I don't see how what I've said makes me more a Christian than a Muslim though
  3. I don't mind anyone being whatever-ist or -im or -an. Just don't go about telling other people why they're wrong [note that this is different to telling people why your faith is good, which sounds perfectly acceptable to me - hence me defending evangelism]
  4. I'm sure there's another point, but no one's perfect so I can forget things too

On a final note

Apologies for the attack on your senses. I was on a mission, being truly annoyed by someone claiming to show so much respect but disrespectfully dismissing my attempts of coming to a common ground, and I changed my blog in such a way to get my message across of how ridiculous the dismissal was. The green-ness is all in favour of Hayley to see if she can shine a better light on the entry if the letters don't dance in front of her eyes. It's only temporarily, really.

October 30, 2005


Sometimes you do, sometimes you don't. I've been sulking for long enough now about people doing the Rate your life thing without tracking back to me or me friend Heeley. Instead, let's focus on the little things in life. [Especially when bus services keep letting us down].

  1. After a 4 week delay I finally got round to returning my Diana Ross & Supremes CD to Morrison's as the case was empy. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, when there appeared to be none left in stock, they offered me a refund. Which I gladly accepted and used to buy the latest Jamie Cullum album – yet to be listened to.

  2. The UK stupid show viewing audience are learning, as the two worst X-factor acts ended up in the bottom range. Another great show of character as Simon Cowell sends the average singer Philip [with a lovely Irish accent though] home and keeps playboy and great entertainer Chico for another week.

  3. I spent more than 2 hours in Jumpin Jaks without feeling any minute even a bit unsafe. With alcohol percentage at a minimum level, and skimpy clad girls and pink-shirt wearing guys all around, that is a true miracle. Don't worry – I'm not going to praise JJ, though it was a good night out!

September 24, 2005


Well, they're keeping us busy here at Warwick! Just spent the longest time again updating my CSS to whatever changes made stuff look odd. [Blog titles suddenly changing color, for one] It's all good fun though! If there's anything you like, I'll take all the credit. If there's anything you don't like, blame Andy as that's whom I've copied it all from this time

EDIT: Seems to be working slightly worse than before, though I think in Firefox it looks better than the old version. If only IE would learn…

April 13, 2005


It's like watching Euro 2004... One of the silly outsiders that shouldn't have gotten anywhere has actually reached the quarter finals! Yes, my dears, PSV Eindhoven are ready to take on AC Milan!

To celebrate the occasion without knowing it would take place, I met up with old housemate Greek Nick (Greek, as in, the guys who won Euro 2004, though most might have thought it never happened) to see Liverpool (another underdog) shake off old Italian ladies (one of whom could use a lesson in fair play cough Nedved cough).

On a blogging note, I spotted a power blogger in the bar (I think). Any bloggeek points for that? In any case, I think congratulations are in place, since PSV have tried since the beginning of the CL to get even to the next round, and now they do, and see where they go!

April 10, 2005

Isn't it…

Follow-up to The good old days from [TBA]

Please note that the following is (obviously) a personal account of the developments on the blog system from the past few days. As such, this is not supposed to be the truth, and any supportive criticism is welcome. Also, I highly value the opinions and valued the blog of the main antagonist and am disappointed by the decision to remove his blog from the system.

Irony is a subtle form of humour which involves saying things that you do not mean. (Collins Cobuild English Dictionary, London, 1995)

Irony is also a widely misused word, and I cannot promise it won't be used wrongly here. Look up the word on the blog search engine and you should find a brilliant entry from the early years of the system which explains it all. Right now, I'm mainly concerned about irony being used as an excuse to vent a strong opinion.

The scene starts with an honorable student with an acquired taste in many of the arts, but specifically music. A critically acclaimed student radio DJ, he takes upon the immense task to refurbish the most popular student night, i.e. Top Banana. He transforms it from an auto—pilot Now! 387 cheese CD to an interesting mix of current chart stuff of any style, and classics from any era.

Highly criticized for not playing Top Banana music, he rightly claims that Top Banana music is not a genre, but just the music played at Top Banana, i.e. the music he and his DJ partner play. (Obvious personal opinion alert) Unfortunately, he neglects the supportive criticism ("people come to Top B to dance, at least give them danceable tunes") under the assumption that if he'd have to give in to people's demands, he'd have to play Chesney Hawkes every other song.

Anyway – this is getting too long winded to get back to the use of irony. Basically, in his defense of his choice of music for the night, it is safe to assume that the DJ wants to 'educate' the people, to acquaint them with other styles than the stuff they hear year in year out. A noble deed an sich, but it's like sending a sewing machine to Irian Jaya hoping the indigenous people will clothe themselves. Education is a process and processes take time. Playing Rage Against the Machine alongside Kylie Minogue might work in a remix, but won't convert the pop lovers to Crash attendees.

A week ago, the same DJ declared a 'war against the beige', the beige being a somewhat vague collection of people who are supposedly not looking beyond the boundaries of what the popular media presents them. In this declaration, to illustrate beige and all that is wrong with it, specific people in the community were raised from anonymity and – basically – ridiculed for their lack of taste.

Whether or not this is enough reason to erase the blog is not the issue. The problem is that in defense of the statement, some say it was (uncorrect quote, but this is what it sounds like) clearly written in an ironic manner, with 'tongue in cheek'. Based on how the author had presented himself on his blog, I believe there was absolutely no reason to believe he was not expressing his personal opinion against the 'beige'. Even if the entry was written in merely a semi—serious tone, that doesn't mean it's ironic, but rather (in this case: highly) cynical.

If I were to write an entry on how rubbish R Kelly is, many might believe it to be the truth as it's their truth, but the irony would be that I wrote an earlier entry (carefully) praising one of his albums. I would be saying something I don't mean. If I were to write an entry saying how silly people are who don't appreciate R Kelly's talent, that would probably considered funny and ironic, or even sarcastic, even though it would probably be cynical for the same reason.

Whether you find this entry ironic, doesn't make it ironic, in the same way that though many thought the DJ's entry was funny, there was no reason to believe they weren't his opinions (which would have made it ironic).

Anyway – I was challenged rather than offended by the entry on 'beige' (hence the entry 'The good old days') which feeling lasted for a day. Then I couldn't care less, until the original entry (and the entire blog) was removed from Warwick Blogs. I guess there are rules for this community, and the DJ's entry wasn't its exception.

April 07, 2005

The good old days

Writing about an entry you don't have permission to view

This entry has been removed by the author. Since its existence was pointless, and it served no purpose to those for whom this blog is intended, it was thought to be obsolete. Add to that the current disappearance of the original entry and there seems to be no reason to keep this entry up.

To be fair, something good came out of it, as now I know where and what the SRC is. Now, if I need a movie that will increase my amount of intellectual points and that might make me want to kill something, I know where to go!

January 13, 2005

Another History

Writing about an entry you don't have permission to view

I couldn't refrain from mentioning this entry on my blog. Though it provides us with a wonderful etymological description of my name, Thorwald Stein, I feel it is only fair to share with you another explanation. The original comes from one of my dance buddies when we had to learn the foxtrot etc. for our school prom, and has been emulated by myself.

One day, Thor decided to take his new gift out on a ride through the skies. On one of his many namedays (Thursday), a local village had sacrificed to him a goat, who could join his regular crew on pulling his chariot. Little did he know, that village was blackmailed by Jormungand, his arch nemesis.

As soon as Thor took off with his goats pulling the chariot, dark clouds gathered, and the energy in the skies rose to electrical levels. He would only need to swing his hammer once to create a powerful strike of lightning, after which his goats would roar with anger. Not all his goats, however.

Though usually offered goats would undergo a divine transformation that enabled them to pull Thor's chariot, this little fellow was under Jormungand's spell that blocked such intervention. Hence, the poor sap started suffering from altitude sickness as soon as they were above the trees, and any more excitement would make him cry with fear. Obviously, the combination of light and roaring was enough to make it yelp 'Down!'. The other goats, shocked by their mate's outburst, headed down instantly.

Thor couldn't handle the tremendous upheaval and had to hope for the best. Their fall was broken by the trees in a large forest in southern Norway, but unfortunately Thor's chariot crashed into a wooden hut, killing all but one of its occupants. Eager to get away from this forsaken place, Thor got all he could find from the crash site to help mend his chariot and nurse his goats and took off, carrying the bewitched goat under his arms.

The next day, villagers were distraught to find the one survivor of the scene. It was a little boy with his pants on his knees, screaming for his mother: 'Mor! Nei mer toalettpapirr!'i) He and the forest were named Thorwald, and from that day on, all Thorwalds would always have trouble finding toilet paper when they needed it.

i) It was a very young kid who couldn't speak Norwegian very well…

If you want to know more, just google my name or look at the about me which has another and more concise derivation of my name.

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