November 11, 2005

Why fox hunting should not be banned

It's just too much fun! People dress up especially for the occasion, and little kids run around trying to look for them.

And when they find them, they have to guess who they really are! Really, if you're a little kid, it's one of the most fun activities, trying to recognize your teacher hidden in some crazy costume. Here's my mum with one of her good colleagues as on old couple. Coincidentally, I bought that hat ages ago for a fiver. Bargains always come in handy. [My mum is the 'bloke' on the right.]

Apologies to my mum if she didn't want the whole world to see this. I just thought it was a great photo worthy to be the top entry for my blog [rather than a stupid quiz reminding me that I should work even harder next week!].

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