May 16, 2006


Follow-up to The day democracy died from [TBA]

BBC News

For anyone who's fed up with Blair and Brown politics, go orange! At the moment, the Dutch political climate is set alight with debates concerning Ayaan Hirsi Ali, who gained asylum years ago and is now a prominent member of the Dutch parliament. Turned out she lied about her background when applying for asylum in the 90s.

As a result, the Dutch minister of integration and immigration [not exactly immigration, but can't think of a better word]. Decided to publicly annull Hirsi Ali's citizenship and give her a deadline by which she has to leave the country. Hirsi Ali is now planning to leave for the United States, of all places, after summer recess.

Anyway – haven't read that BBC News site yet, but it will probably explain more of what's going on. For now, I'll leave you with a letter from Dutch celebs [don't you just love them?] to the country's equivalent of The Sun [slightly less slantering, but with a strong right-wing flavour] showing their outrage of the procedure. Apologies for a sometimes rubbish translation. The letter was filled with Dutch idioms that have no equivalent in the English language.

We are ashamed of our country!

Ayaan Hirsi Ali will lose the Dutch citizenship and might even become stateless. How courageous! How courageous it is to treat the Number One Target of radical–islamic terrorists in this country as an unwanted person and to practically deport her.

Mohammed B.'s letter was addressed to Ayaan [Mohammed B. murdered Theo van Gogh 1,5 years ago, see trackback]

How courageous it is to persecute her with hyperformalistic jurisdiction, she, the MP who is cuffed by permanent threats, the symbol of intimidated freedom of expression.

How courageous it is, in a liberal, progressive country such as the Netherlands, to hunt her down, a brave advocate of women's and LBGT's rights, as if she's an animal.

How courageous it is, in the complex and often tragic history behind common asylum abuse, not to focus on the sometimes extremely criminal cases that enter the Netherlands (from Afghan … to Liberian child murderers), but instead to focus on that single Dutch asylum seeker who is praised around the world for her contributions to the debate on religion and politics.
How courageous it is to take advantage of the lies of a heroin, purely for political bravura.

How courageous it is to chase away a true Dutch Heroin, whom we have so few of already.

The Netherlands would fare well with less polarisation, but expelling Ayaan is polarisation to the extreme. The Netherlands shouldn't become a country of fear, a country for the faint–hearted people who will only sleep peacefully once Hirsi Ali has been removed. That cannot happen.

Ayaan deserves honorary Dutch citizenship. Beatrix, do your job!

Beatrix being Queen of the Netherlands

[End of letter]

Sadly, most Dutch people disagree. Turns out they don't want people who lie to enter their country. No matter what they're lying for. Now, where did I read the rules of gaining British citizenship?

Link to Dutch letter.

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  1. Gareth Herbert

    I think the way she has been treated by her host country is utterly scandalous – as an outspoken advocate of human rights and a defender of people that have been victims of the barbaric practices of a culture or faith, the all too evident embarassment with which so many 'progressives' have responded is all too painfully evident.

    Here's a good article on her:


    17 May 2006, 17:18

  2. I'm not sure if it's a typically Dutch response, though. Were she in any other European country, she would probably have had a harder time finding political figures supporting her views – I'm sure she could have found a job anywhere, but she chose the US, the one place where islam can be ridiculed and insulted without much embarrassment.

    In Europe, the way Hirsi Ali speaks about islam, similar to the Muhammad cartoons earlier, is indeed treated with embarrassment and disbelief, for how can someone official say something so insulting?

    Although I agree that the title 'progressive' is quickly slipping away from Dutch politics, I'm not sure it's the right word to describe Hirsi Ali's politics either. Where I think 'progressive' means pushing boundaries, she seems to have the need to break them with all political force she can gather.

    That's obviously no reason to push her out of the country.

    17 May 2006, 17:48

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