October 20, 2004


OK, so we have spiders in our house. One of my flatmates apparently has them biting in his arm causing allergic reactions; another (male – don't want to be prejudiced, but still!) starts screaming and leaves the room as soon as he sees one not bigger than this . dot; the final (female :)) actually manages to control herself… So what about me?

Well, guess I have to thank my mother for always telling me that spiders are about the best creatures to have in your home as they eat all the other annoying bugs etcetera. I also enjoyed moving around the long-and-thin-legged-ones as – if they wanted to – they wouldn't be able to bite you anyway :) [am usually not that cruel though!]. As long as their bodies don't get any bigger than two peanuts I'm fine and just keep them where they are. One exception though: the evil house spider with double fangs creeping through your sheets just when you're about to go to bed.

Anyway – reason I had to report this is to tell you I have actual proof of the spider's usefulness! I would take a picture of it and post it but that would be too shocking I guess. But the thing is, this long-and-thin-legged one that has been hanging around in one corner of my bedroom for a week now has managed to catch the one fly living in my room and wrap it. [don't ask me why on earth a fly would go to the outskirts of my room where there's nothing to eat. ah well].

Was just wondering if you guys 1) keep spiders in your room; 2) chase them until they're out of your sight; 3) let them chase you until they're out of your sight; 4) kill them; 5) bring them to the garden; 6) anything else (that's not disturbing! so no stories about people eating zillions of spiders in their lifetime!).

Back to work now!

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  1. I find vacuuming them the best solution, especially when they invade my quilt.

    20 Oct 2004, 14:04

  2. Both my father and my brother are chronically arachnophobic, so its either my Mum or the cat who gets to deal with the spiders in our house.

    20 Oct 2004, 14:15

  3. The other girls in my house are drastically arachnophobic. This resulted in me coming down the stairs this morning to hear a scream from Housemate:Els. On further investigation thi was due to a dead spider floating in the washing up bowl. I don't think Housemate:Els appreciated my reaction, namely a massive laughing fit. It was the funniest thing I've seen all week.

    20 Oct 2004, 14:24

  4. Spiders aren't allowed to live in my room, scary things. They get relocated to the garden or shed or if i'm feeling really evil/lazy – someone elses room.
    Just out of interest has anyone dropped a spider out of a window and watched it fall? they elegantly float down to the ground and skuttle away!

    20 Oct 2004, 14:56

  5. Julie Moreton

    Evil things – die damn you!

    Spiders don't like conkers apparently!! Need to find out more about this

    20 Oct 2004, 15:10

  6. So no one would allow a spider to stay? Did you all look away then when Shelob came on the big screen or when HP was chased by 100s of spiders?

    20 Oct 2004, 16:36

  7. I let them stay if they keep out of my way. Basically because I'm a lazy, lazy man. If they're those bug hairy ones that run about underfoot then they get squished. My theory is simple: it's my room, but I don't really use the corners. If they keep outa my way I really don't care if there's a spider there or not.

    On a different, but related, note. I hate it when people freak out just because there's a wasp in the room. I mean, sure that buzzing gets annoying after a while, but it isn't going to hurt you unless you e.g. scream, panic, try to swat it, etc.

    21 Oct 2004, 14:32

  8. My grandmother refuses to dust spider webs as she likes spiders.
    (Don't ask me why; she's just odd like that)
    You'd think the house isn't lived in there's so many of them.


    23 Oct 2004, 20:36

  9. Actually I have rather an interesting reaction to spiders, if someone else is worried about them, I'll be calm and collected, pick it up and deposit it out of the nearest window, but if it happens to suprise me, well, I still won't scream or anything, but it's quite possible I'll leave the room to arrange myself. The moment I remind myself that we don't get brown recluse spiders, or any of the nasty Australian ones over here, I'm fine again :)

    24 Oct 2004, 11:28

  10. I once knew this spider – Eric – who built his (or possibly her) web in the corner of the bathroom, taking occasional walks along the bath and generally behaving in a mild-mannered and unthreatening way (except to passing flies obviously). Sadly a helpful friend staying one weekend dusted away chez-Eric and he stomped off in a huff to be somebody else's little friend

    He wasn't the finest pet ever – but – hey – a pet's a pet – right? I quite missed him.

    29 Oct 2004, 15:19

  11. As long as they are not poisonous, I dont mind them…

    According to an old saying, killing a spider has the same effect as breaking a mirror – ie 7 years of bad luck… They are also supposed to bring luck and happiness into the house… Havent really noticed either of these effects though…

    Just a bit of random superstition from me =D

    30 Oct 2004, 17:54

  12. Wow I'm liking these responces – very intersting

    I usually leave the spiders in my house alone unless they get in my way or I'm asked to get them out of the bath. In which case I try to get them to crawl onto some toilet paper then I open the window and shake the paper. I'm glad to hear they float!

    Kay, I'm sorry to hear about your pet! He sounded like a nice guy! Next spider I see I'm going to name thorwald and show him this page. I'll advise him to stay clear of Julie though :)

    29 Nov 2004, 15:18

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