August 12, 2006

Progress Report

Couldn't find a better title so please accept my apologies.

I can write Ukrainian! OK maybe not – can't tell how to use the cyrillic alphabet on this keyboard. Doesn't make it any less cool. To me. Anyway.

Had a great and easy flight – leather seats and wonderful food on the planes – Lufthansa is my new favorite airline! Our busride from Kiev to Lutsk ended up taking much longer than the two plane rides. And very bumpy too! But we survived and had a very easy day after. Some sight seeing in Lutsk: a pretty castle, lots of appartment blocks, wide avenues and so much green! I thought the Soviets would have ruined the fertile lands here but no, I've never seen so much green in Europe!

We've managed to visit the orphanage three times now, but it's hard to find out to what extent we can help. The first time was great – the kids came out and started running around like crazy and play airplanes and kick balls – well, to a certain extent: three year olds can't really stay standing when kicking a ball. The second time was great too, but completely different and actually much harder. Because of the rain the kids stayed inside, but the nurses allowed us in and split us up between a few age groups. I was with 2–3 year olds but mainly spent time with one kid who just wouldn't let go of my hand! It was very hard to leave – mainly because the kid got used to my hand – but hopefully we'll see them again soon. Today it was sunny and we went on our own accord, but the kids stayed inside. Hopefully more luck next week!

Apart from spending time with the kids we mainly spend our time travelling (walking, or on a cramped minibus) to and fro. We've also had some good time with the YWAM team and hopefully we get to play some football with the local kids once the weather gets a bit more stable and sunny.

I hope all is well in the UK despite all the madness and I'll hopefully report again next week! Possibly with some pictures…

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  1. Hayley

    Glad you're having a good time… things are ok here (I'm on day 4 of the evil diet of deprivation! Woohoo!)

    Praying for you, as always


    12 Aug 2006, 14:55

  2. Nikki

    Thanks for the update… glad you got there safely & that things are going well. Hope your group learns how they can assist more at the orphanage soon. A summer of playing airplanes could be fun, failing all else … Am sure the kids will bring out the best of your rev–implemented paternal skills as 'Uncle Thor'. Hope you manage to hold onto both hands as well ;)

    much love & prayers, xxx

    15 Aug 2006, 12:17

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