March 12, 2005

Oh what a night

After winning an Oscar for most innovative costume at Rachel's 21st birthday party on Thursday night, I applied the same funky hairstyle that got me the award to attend Ali B's birthday party tonight. Unfortunately, the welcoming heaters at Nando's blew it all away leaving a big mess that was strangely popular amongst the party goers.

For pictures I'd have to refer you to here and here though for those external viewers it might not be possible to see them. Only had dessert at Nando's – 2,30 for free refills of icey yoghurt but could only finish two.

Afterwards went to Coliseum (missing out on the Red Nose party – already bought my nose last week so didn't feel too bad about it) fearing my own life and those of my friends. At the end of the night, we'd witnessed two fights, and only one of us nearly fell down the stairs. Still I'm sitting here with blood on my hands from some weird little wound plus my head hurts as our lovely chauffeur Nicolas (thanks dude) was (and still is) French. Should be enough of an explanation?

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  1. Sorry for being dense but what has your head hurting go to do with Nick being French?

    12 Mar 2005, 12:20

  2. No need to be dense. I bumped my head to the ceiling of his car whenever he suddenly breaked as he missed a turn. Has more to do with not having lived here for too long than being French. Might just be me inexplicably and completely irrationally despising the French.

    12 Mar 2005, 13:07

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