May 12, 2005


Try to pronounce that! Bank should sound like the unc bit in uncle with a b in front of it. Schroef is like spoof but then obviously not with a p but with a horrible s with a throat sound (kind of like a k but then different). I have no idea what it is in English or how to use it, but here is a picture:

And yes, there are 6 consonants in line in that word. Some appreciation for the Dutch would be welcome!

Give me information…
Give me long distance…
Long distance
Give me heaven!

Class song! More madness though…

On a more productive note: reading Geophysics books now which are really amusing and interesting!

Meteorologists and oceanographers agree, however, on the terminology for vertical motions: upward or downward.

Sometimes, I'm sure, everyone wished they were doing a science degree…

The interesting stuff mainly concerns the Coriolis force and why toilets flush differently in the Southern Hemisphere etcetera. All you learned when (yes when, you are at University so I can't say if:) you were a geeky 9yr old but forgot by now.

My milk is going bad in the mean time so better leave soon. Don't forget to stay on campus for the final week as the Arts Festival promises to be amazing! Great start on Sunday – be excited!

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  1. It's a vice. That's all you need to know.

    13 May 2005, 00:21

  2. You use it to get stuff stuck – like a metal rod, or a piece of wood that you want to work on. It makes it sit still while you cut, file, or do whatever to it =D. If that helps =D (Am I the only one here that did wood-work and metal-work in secondary school?).

    13 May 2005, 09:49

  3. Wow a vice that's a great word! Should start using it (the word, not the apparatus – sorry Kari, I knew what you can do with it, but am well impressed you know as well! Maybe you can tell us what it's called in German and Norwegian and I'll be even more impressed!)

    13 May 2005, 14:14

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