October 28, 2005

Life sucks and then some more

Writing about web page http://www.livejournal.com/users/april_showers/

I'm a bit worried that good friend Hayley's rating of life is half a point higher than mine [no offense Hayles, but I'd say a nurse encounters more stress than a PhD student; and there currently seems to be more to worry about on a National Rev level than just here at lil Warwick Rev. And more.] but then again she lives in lovely York with clean air and this is Cov with manky stuff floating in your tea and queues from Sainsbury's to campus. Not sure where the high financial score comes from, nor the low friends score, nor the high mind score, or the – anyway.

Low body score does make sense. Had a terrible headache on Monday because of lack of proper food on Sunday, and barely avoided a similar breakdown today by getting a banana from Costcutter's. Can't remember the reasoning behind the love score [if I'm single and not searching and have no kids, does that imply that my love life sucks?] or the friends and family score [if I only see my grandma only once or twice a year does that mean my social network is falling apart?] but well. Didn't really do this for anything else other than bide my time till One Tree Hill and write a new entry.

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  1. Hayles

    Hahahahahahaha! But didn't you know that nurses are happy jolly people? Besides, stress or no, I love my work and that goes for my Rev job too… I think a PhD is probably worse, to be honest!

    And York is not lovely… it smells of burnt chocolate! (that sounds like it should be a nice smell, but it's quite similar to rotting fish actually…). Actually, I suppose York is quite lovely, but I don't like living here- see you have my reasons for having a worse life than you all topsy turvy… york negative, nursing positive (except when I stay up til silly o'clock writing essays on Clinical Governance)... :-D

    And now you know what I'm going to say, don't you? You should look after yourself Mr Stein. stern nurse face What will you do if your body gives up? Then your lesser spirit (your phrase, not mine!!) won't have anywhere to live, will it? Hmm? Seriously, I don't want you to get poorly, and you're too far away for me to look after…

    Can't speak for family, but friendswise, that's quite random… given that everyone loves you! Ignore the silly quiz, you are mr popularity :-p

    And yes, I am tired and for the second day in a row am still up at nearly 5am. I'm going home to mold later, so will call you when I get back…to york from my new landline yay… can you text me your landline number? I don't have it…

    Shall I stop rambling now? I think perhaps I'd better…

    28 Oct 2005, 04:46

  2. Hey Hayley!

    We don't have a landline number, which is probably why Thor hasn't given it to you before!

    I am giving him lots of hugs and making him drinks when he's ill – however, it doesn't seem to be helping much, so I think I need tips from Nurse Hayley!

    Yeah – he is Mr. Popularity, he's even made post-legend status on National Rev!

    28 Oct 2005, 09:16

  3. Nurse Hayley

    Wow! That's quite impressive stuff!

    Ah, well if you don't have a landline you will just have to have short conversations with me… or you ring me!! :-D

    Thor needs to eat plent of fresh fruit and vegetables and drink plenty of water (or at least squash- none of this caffeinated drinks malarky…). Then I might think he's just getting ill cos he's ill rather than cos he's not looking after himself properly…

    Of course, he has had this lecture from me already….

    28 Oct 2005, 10:41

  4. Did you just make it sound like I've been bought from a pet shop?

    28 Oct 2005, 10:46

  5. Thats quite rude if so!( Even though a little funny…. ) However i dont think they really mean that you are Ali and Rich's pet….

    28 Oct 2005, 12:57

  6. Thorwald the Goldfish…hmmm…sounds quirky!

    29 Oct 2005, 00:05

  7. Pet-expert Hayley?

    Sorry Thor… I'll try and restrain myself from treating Ali like she's just bought you from a pet shop, and you like you've just been bought from one.

    I'm sure you do really know how to look after yourself, and that I didn't need to give Ali advice via your own blog as to how to take care of you.

    Pleeeeeaaaaaase accept my grovelling apology…


    30 Oct 2005, 17:19

  8. apparently unhappy though beg to differ!

    Hey there, just did that 'rate my life' quiz too. Nothing to do today as I have no work for this week – the stupid temping business is, admittedly, a source of stress! Anyway the scores were quite a bit lower than I expected, in all fields except body (? Which should at least spare me a discussion such as the one above… Though it's quite nice to have all those sweet girls looking after you!) I'm actually reasonably happy, I'd say, but that's not really reflected in that quiz. My friends/family score should be at least twice as high as it was which kinda reduces my faith in the whole score… though maybe it's because i've also only got 1 grandma and on top of that only one sister ;-). Oh, and if it's any consolation, we have the exact same pathetic love life score :-). But I hope that it has at least increased one of your scores (which one?) that someone does report back to you. Or maybe just reduced your sulking? :p

    Ok am gonna have another look at Cornwall pics too and see which ones i'd like to have in larger size. So check the entry there too! Speak to you soon hopefully. Take care!


    31 Oct 2005, 10:48

  9. Kate

    I, too, am distressed by my low score for Friends/ Family and for Love. Clearly my life is falling apart at the seams!

    03 Nov 2005, 13:32

  10. Nikki


    I got …

    Life: 7.6

    Mind: 6.9
    Body 7.7
    Spirit 9.2
    Friends/Family: 6
    Love: 1.5
    Finance: 6.6

    re: Spirit, I was asked as my score was 'higher than average' for that, if there was any advice I wanted to give … What can I say? "Lord – You are Good & your mercy endureth forever" =o)
    Or the bible ref Martin pointed me to earlier, Phil 4:6, TM

    nay bother about love, similarly – not searching, not married, no kids .. bit random that the fact that you're aware that someone finds you attractive would (I imagine) improve the score … surely Love should(/does) go deeper than that?? But then I'm just fighting with society & culture & it's past midnight, the profound hour. Ah well, as everything, that's in God's hands …

    19 Nov 2005, 00:30

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