September 02, 2005

I don't like it

Just single-handedly decided the Little Britain craze is over. I think it's clear when you're more amused by Max and Paddy's Road to Nowhere that a program's prime has passed.

Had an overly pre-productive day today. Almost got up to catch a ride to campus, but got bored with my alarm and decided sleeping in was the way forward. No one really expected me to get up anyway, so nothing lost. Did make it to my old house before noon though, where I finally handed over money for a long lost gas bill. Received the bill once I'd already moved out, but it was 120something for only three months. Turns out they miscalculated multiplying by 3 instead of 1,4 or something ridiculous like that. Called in new meter readings and got a new bill. 90something which was still too high, as suddenly they dropped the previous meter reading to something we'd paid a long time ago. Gave 'em a ring and after 10 minutes explaining and 10 minutes waiting for them to call back, they finally realized what was going on and agreed we should receive a bill for around 50. Now that was 3 weeks after the first bill. Ah well - the joys of living in non-Uni-regulated accomodation! And left my keys. Called the agency and thank goodness they promised to send my deposit next week. Little did I know that this month's rent had already been sucked out of my account, leaving me to deal with them once more...

Ooh before that I'd already been productive returning Dan's glasses using the lovely Royal Mail service. Seems like everything I want to arrange takes at least 3 steps of communication. Bills session above took 6 steps. Went to PO in town on Tuesday to pick up package but they couldn't help me with the glasses. Went to the PO in Cannon Park today and they had no small safe parcel to mail it in. Went to Haward's across the mall and got a case for the glasses. And a small box. And they offered bubble wrap, which I stupidly declined. Back to PO and got a bubble wrap envelope. Oh my goodness how rubbish is the Wedding Planner?! Even got first class service, but the guy couldn't promise it would arrive in London tomorrow. Then what good is first class service!? Desperation all around.

More productivity at the maths institute. I marked the pleasant occasion of my return to campus by borrowing a book. A real book. To read. To answer your question Nikki, no, all our tables are stable and don't need books to level them. To study. And to help me build the most amazing models in MATLAB. Also emptied my pigeonhole but all that was there was a letter I'd already seen. Later came back to have my fees arranged, but first…

I went to the bank. After an hour 5 minutes in the queue I finally had them sort out my address details which story started early July when they only changed half my details and told me to check with the creditcard company myself. Then decided I wanted to use online banking but they sent my stuff to the Netherlands (home address). Great. Went to NatWest in Cov and they said no everything is fine we know where you live now. Called online banking people (you'd think online banking people are contactable by email but no) yet they said they'd still send stuff to the Netherlands with the current state of my details. Got tired and let it simmer for 2 weeks. Asked NatWest lady to change my details again and after being slightly too rude (sorry NatWest lady) had her phone all the other people and declare to the world I have moved house. Thank you and had them transfer money from one place to another, as you do. Back home I tried online banking but no. I'm not allowed a cheque book. I'm not allowed to pay bills online. I'm not allowed to make third party payments. All I can do with online banking is see how money slowly drips out as I use my debit card. Might be my next hobby once I'm sick of sudoku.

Small victories of the day include me clearing out the Rev pigeonhole in the Union, which [the pigeonhole] was actually quite full, mainly because of a rogue sweater that has been haunting execs for ages. The other victory was gained at Uni House where I was told to sit down and relax while my department and the University arrange my financial stuff. Minor defeat was suffered when Lord of the Rings beat me and Rich already after the first disk. 1,5 hours of the Fellowship of the Ring and they haven't even left Rivendell!? Great to see all the extended scenes though! While even the soppy music in the Wedding Planner is rubbish. Sad point in movie history. Oh and the start of a Rev blog was celebrated by me an Ali (and probably Rich, though he would never admit it).

What I don't like is that I still have a sore throat after having left Edinburgh 6 days ago.

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