April 28, 2005

First time for everything

Yesterday, I had the pleasure to enjoy my first glass of cherryade. It's like bubble gum but then fluid! Also ate jam doughnuts - had them before, but this time I finally managed to consume the jam as well.

Today, I heard the Waterboys on the radio. Seeing my parents' enthusiasm for this band, I could almost dream what they'd sound like and indeed, it's a bit of a cross between the Counting Crows and say Dire Straits. Actually, it probably isn't. Just lied again – had heard the song before (something with a moon and a crescent) but hadn't associated it with the Waterboys till today. Thanks Virgin Radio DJ!

Also today, I heard the new Coldplay single. Or at least, I think. It sounded a lot like anything else I've heard from them, and now I've already lied to you twice, I don't want to risk doing it again having heard a Coldplay song for the umpteenth time instead of the first. But I'm pretty sure they said 'new Coldplay single' blah 'album coming out', etc. In that case, it seems like they're the least progressive band in the whole world – singer's voice sounded like it sounded on Parachutes and the stuff underneath had the same style of Clocks without the piano bit. At one point they did sound a bit different, but maybe they just added a guitar or something. Sounded like U2. I think. Nevertheless, it was a very enjoyable song. Not sure if that's the emotion they wanted, but enjoyable it was. Would rather buy a Snow Patrol album or the Joshua Tree at the moment though.

Another first time: my PhD progress report. And don't make any jokes about how empty it will be! Got 3,850 characters and counting… The main 'first time' in this case is that it's the first time I'm feeling productive, and the first time I realize I have done work since I started. It's also a good way to get organized. But I won't complain about how hard it is to write and how much work as anyone reading this is obviously trying to avoid something that requires far more attention than a 3 page report. Go study!

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  1. Interesting blog mate.. and i really did enjoy yesterday's rehearsal… really miss all the singing etc

    04 May 2005, 17:35

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