February 20, 2006


Dear friends, family. What you have feared for those years while I've been in the UK has come true. I've been taken over by the force, and have been identified as a Christian, and even been spotted evangelising

The signs have been there all the time. Whilst in England, I have visited a total of 36 churches, some of which more than once! I'm very proud of this fact actually, as churches are generally cold buildings, and revisiting them is a sign of true spirit.

Then there is Rev. Singing songs with words as Joyful, joyful, Lord we adore thee! must mean that I believe the Lord exists and is wonderful. In the same way as singing you make me feel like a natural woman is speaking from my deepest desires.

On this blog I have touched upon some religious issues, inviting Christians to help me out in finding out about Christian concepts, such as heaven. Clearly, one must be a Christian in the first place to even want to talk about Christianity, or Christian related stuff.

On other blogs, I have tried to explain how I see the ways some Christians work, for instance how evangelism to them makes sense, a sense that makes it feel like it's their duty to tell people about their faith. Another sign of being a Christian: actually trying to make sense of Christian activities and trying to explain others about their ways. Surely a non-Christian wouldn't even bother?!

Then look at where I spend most of my time. This term I've actually managed to get to campus in the morning every day when I didn't feel crap. Some of the time spent on campus was for direct maths purposes [lectures, supervision, seminars, PhD progress], but most of the time I spent in the Chaplaincy, where obviously all one can do is talk Christian stuff and be converted if not already and figure out how to convert other people.

What went wrong?!

Nothing, really.

I joined Rev because I like singing. I ended up visiting churches [which I already did, but mainly for tourist purposes] with Rev because, well, that's where we stay, and that's how we're supported most of the time. I ended up talking about Christian stuff because many of my friends here are Christian, and I like to understand why their faith is so important to them. I believe in something there, and it makes sense to me to call it God.

Grown up in a Western society, it's quite common [understatement] to be brought up with Christian morals. Seeing that our laws are based on Jewish-Christian traditions, I don't think anyone in such a situation can reasonably say they have nothing to do with these religions. [I'm not implying Islam has had no influence or contribution in Western civilization, but it's not part of the current argument.] I understand if people don't want anything to do with these religions, but to dismiss their relevance in life shows a complete lack of historical and political awareness, and that annoys me.

Seeing that lately, I've had trouble getting my point across, so I'll try some more:

  1. I don't and I won't call myself a Christian [I believe in most of the stuff 'necessary', but without sounding rude, there's other stuff in my life that I think needs more attention]
  2. I don't mind you calling me a Christian if that makes sense to you. I don't see how what I've said makes me more a Christian than a Muslim though
  3. I don't mind anyone being whatever-ist or -im or -an. Just don't go about telling other people why they're wrong [note that this is different to telling people why your faith is good, which sounds perfectly acceptable to me - hence me defending evangelism]
  4. I'm sure there's another point, but no one's perfect so I can forget things too

On a final note

Apologies for the attack on your senses. I was on a mission, being truly annoyed by someone claiming to show so much respect but disrespectfully dismissing my attempts of coming to a common ground, and I changed my blog in such a way to get my message across of how ridiculous the dismissal was. The green-ness is all in favour of Hayley to see if she can shine a better light on the entry if the letters don't dance in front of her eyes. It's only temporarily, really.

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  1. Thanks for the giggle there. I feel compelled to say something about all revvers being not necessarily christian but necessarily mad (based on my experiences with Sarah and Lisa).
    And yes, your blog is very very green.

    20 Feb 2006, 20:25

  2. Yep – I'll agree with that comment – I'm definitely a bit random, although I will confess to being Christian too (although when I joined Rev I wasn't a Christian…)

    20 Feb 2006, 22:43

  3. Good for you – i couldn't agree more with your point about Christian morality.

    20 Feb 2006, 23:23

  4. Hayley

    WOW! You made your blog my perfect reading colour… that is SO thoughtful :-D

    I read the comments you made in the other guy's blog, and I think you were fair and right in what you said. And I'm glad that you understand your Christian friends so well (although I guess it'd be difficult to have so many and not understand them!)...

    I think it's always going to be difficult to put forward an argument that sounds like it's falling on the side of Christians, because often people don't want to hear that- it isn't cool to be a christian (oh yes, we are all still in high school)... it's not pc, but it's not on the risque and "fun" side of not pc either. So people tend not to like us. I can live with that. Understanding us though… that, I think, is something different, and something I would hope that people would at least try and do: it's also something that you do, and I'm really glad I know you Mr Stein, because I like the fact that you listen and that you try to understand what's important to your friends.

    I'm not making much sense, mainly because I am tired, but I'm going away tomorrow and will be without the net and so need to reply now or not at all. And I wanted you to know that I'd read your post and that I agree with what you say.

    And I think you should call yourself Thor the Evangelist forever, just because I think that it makes you sound like you should be immortalised in a stained glass window. Ooh, I've got a lovely photo of you from when we went up that mountain that would do well for a stained glass window.

    Oh yes, I am now talking crap so will go to bed and let you laugh at my tired ramblings. Hmm.. I didn't shed much light on anything, did I?

    Love you heaps xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    (oh, and yes, I am pleased about my WiM job :-) but I am cut off again so cannot text you until I can afford to pay my bill, which could be never the way things are at the moment…)

    21 Feb 2006, 01:15

  5. Nikki

    Thor, I read all the comments as I said I would – I just think it's worth disputing one comment you made (although you'll probably say it was badly articulated):
    "one must be a Christian in the first place to even want to talk about Christianity, or Christian related stuff."
    – Not necessarily so, I think it only displays showing an interest in Christianity. Being a Christian (as you outlined in the other comments) is about loving God, accepting Jesus as your Saviour, and putting Him at the centre of your life to try & live in a Christlike way. You could probably add more to that or interpret slightly differently, but that's the way I think I understand the basis of my faith.

    21 Feb 2006, 14:00

  6. I think Thor was being satirical. Satire is good – keep spreading the message.

    23 Feb 2006, 00:14

  7. Just want to point out that being a Christian is very exciting!!! Count your blessingss peepssss!

    23 Feb 2006, 15:59

  8. Thor…become a christian.


    because God loves you, is being very very good to you by letting you be amongst these amazing people of his (as confused and clearly growing as some of us might be) and because there are dire consequences for choosing not to have this faith that changes lives. you can't be an evangelist without accepting the historical and alive Jesus as Lord and saviour of the world. come on man, what're you waiting for?!

    loving you immensely, in my unique-ly layo way. xx

    15 Mar 2006, 02:30

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