May 12, 2006


To give myself an idea that I'm actually making progress, I updated my ePortfolio today. Come to think of it, it sounds like I'm regressing rather than progressing, but I guess the point is to narrow down your research.

In other news, I bought a little expensive notebook (I'm impulsive when it comes to shopping) and thought it was time to start noting things. Mainly because today being a TA was easy as the students got to work with soap and water.

So yes, coleslaw.

Is there anyone on this planet who gets excited by coleslaw?

I found a leaflet for a take–away advertising their latest meal deals. Now, to entice everyone, they have coleslaw as a specially included side dish. Just. For. You.

Now, I have nothing against coleslaw. Apart from the fact that there are a million side dishes around that are easier to make and that taste lots and lots better. And apart from the fact that it's so blatantly a word stolen from the beautiful Dutch language. But I do wonder.

Do you eat coleslaw? And if so, why? Do you have coleslaw cravings? If you can choose between side dishes at KFC, do you actually pick coleslaw? Are you more likely to go for my take–away's meal deals because they included coleslaw? Please enlighten me!

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  1. Lisa

    Ik houd van het vrij. Ok I'm going to stop that now. I quite like it, I have it in sandwiches and with salads, it's good to use as a dip. I can't say I have cravings though… :D

    12 May 2006, 06:35

  2. Hayley

    Maybe this will affect our friendship but… I LOVE coleslaw. Seriously.

    It's just the best thing… raw vegetables in salad cream if I'm making it myself, but really, as long as it's not the slop they serve at your beloved KFC, or tesco value coleslaw which is rank too (shame, because I generally am a fan of value products) then I just love it.

    Vez will attest that I ordered it as a side order in the pub the other week because I love it so much.

    Err… I think you got your answer, yes, I get excited about coleslaw. You have taught me something new though, I didn't know it was a word blatantly stolen from the beautiful dutch language… I guess that's only actually blatant if you actually speak Dutch. Oh yes.

    Ah, there was another question there that I did not answer… your local take–away… hmm… have to say I'd probably rather just treat myself to some Tesco Finest coleslaw and sack the rest of the take–away. Now look what you've done… I want some coleslaw!!!

    12 May 2006, 15:11

  3. Nikki

    H has got it completely right … & what's worse, I'm about to back her up some more ;) Cheese & Coleslaw sandwiches, Cheese & Coleslaw on Jacket Potatoes, Coleslaw as a 'side order' to Pizza & Garlic Bread … it just, well, enhances your meal … Hmm, I think I'm about to detour to ScotMid now xxx

    Btw: you can't declaim a word as Dutch & not share a definition & a root/origin (which is clearly the best part of word–usage) – that's just rude! But for this first time, I'll let you off, hence:

    cole·slaw n.
    A salad of finely shredded raw cabbage and sometimes shredded carrots, dressed with mayonnaise or a vinaigrette.
    [Dutch koolsla : kool, cabbage (from Middle Dutch cle, from Latin caulis) + sla, salad (short for salade, from French, from Old French.]

    Wow! He's right, y'know ….

    13 May 2006, 16:03

  4. Verity

    YUCK! you guys are mad! SERIOUSLY coleslaw is really not that exciting, i can't quite believe hayley ordered a cheese and coleslaw sandwich at hungry jack's last week – weirdo ;) hehehe, oh well, each to their own i guess, it's not quite as bad as the cheese, guacamoly and humous wrap she had at mine the other day mind! BLEURGH! you eat some strange things HLM but i love you anyway ;)

    14 May 2006, 16:31

  5. Nikki

    Wahey!! Garlic and Herb Scotmid Coleslaw discovered last night (San & I went to celebrate her last exam with a food–shopping–trip, oh the crazy life we lead!) … One beauteous Spud Supper coming up this week ;)

    16 May 2006, 13:41

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