January 04, 2005

Christmas Break Highlights

Nope, didn't get highlights. Maybe I should - will try and work it out with PaintShopPro (couldn't get PhotoShop). Anyway, here's what I did last Christmas:

  • Went Christmas shopping in London. Ended up with 2 delayed birthday gifts and no Christmas presents;
  • Admired the interior of a nice club in London (somewhere in Camden, forgot its name, something with a K). Reunited with really cool Edrev people (and other cool Rev people);
  • Had a wicked Carol service in Westwood Church. Sang really loud in the choir;
  • Organized dinner for friends but didn't need to cook – hence dinner was amazing;
  • Weighed 10,5 stone. Go fish'n chips! Weighed less after Christmas dinners oddly enough;
  • Did not need to order water while eating Chicken Korma. Nor did my friend: go Frank!
  • Watched Finding Nemo. Again. Bingo!
  • Did all my personal Christmas shopping (including trying on clothes, deciding between CDs and DVDs, etc.) + family's gifts (to be fair, it was all on a list) in one afternoon;
  • Bought the same jumper for myself as my mom+sis got for my practically-brother-in-law;
  • Had 3 Christmas dinners and saw 2 of the DVDs I got;
  • Got 3 DVDs but they're of no use over here as they're not English spoken and my friends generally don't speak Portuguese (City of God), Chinese (Hero), or Japanese (Spirited Away). Subtitles in Dutch;
  • Had a kroket (unfortunately no picture);
  • Had loads of oliebollen (2 pictures);
  • Had a beer before 3pm;
  • Managed to finish another year without using drugs or setting of fireworks (*);
  • Woke up at 9.45am on the first day of the year – how promising!
  • Managed to get away with only 4 computer-related consults (installed a router – pronounce row-turr – and some more internet crappies);
  • Finished my Barbados entries;
  • Got a flight to Coventry Airport. Not sure if it landed there. We had to walk from the plane to a shed (no kidding!) where a girl checked our passports. Some bus got us to the Railway station where:
  • I had to wait less than 35 minutes for a bus 12 (2 minutes only – shocking!);
  • I realized the new ER season doesn't start till next week on C4;
  • I realized the new OC season doesn't start till 30 January on C4, which means we only have to wait till 6 March for the first decent episode (thanks Arielle for this info!);

So I can get from my sister's place in Amsterdam to my place near campus in 3 hours. Good to know. Don't worry about the mentioning of TV shows, I will work harder this term – honest. I was already in the Maths Department within the first 2 hours I was in the country!

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