December 15, 2004

Barbados (Wednesday morning)

Seminars done. Prince Variety Show just finished. Perfect time for some more Barbados remiserating (sorry I just learned that word last week, have to use it as much as possible).

As I implied in the previous post, Wednesday morning was by far the worst time of the week. Still troubled that I'd done something horribly wrong not knowing what, I had an early night in. The Revvers singing on TV had to wake up early and we could watch them at the hotel bar but I didn't feel like it (thought I wouldn't be doing it for myself but for them). However, after we were awakened by the phone, my roomies gently forced my to get my out of bed and watch it anyway. I was too late for the main performance – which supposedly sounded great – but had another chance – as if it were meant to be – to see them finish the show with 'Jordan' (the only Rev song that can be rehearsed in 2 minutes). The tone of the morning was set however with my roomies added to my paranoia list.

The outlook was better with another workshop at Queen's College. I was still grumpy when we arrived as in the 2,5 hours since I woke up no one had actually managed to smile at me and ask me how I was doing (cannot say I had the most welcoming attitude, but usually Revvers ignore it and just shine rays of happiness to you – it's like flower power without the drugs). I have to apologize to Esther here who happened to be that first smiley person but got all my bottled up grumpiness over her. Sorry. Anyway – we arrived at the school and soon started singing, and as soon as we started our second song and I saw the innocent joyful faces of the kids there was no inch of any way on this planet I could even pretend being unhappy.

By the time we did the 'Little green frog' warmup I even agreed to jump on stage and show the silly actions – that's how drunk with happiness I'd suddenly got. Gerrard (same as before, SU [Students' Union] officer) had a special way of making the kids even more receptive to our presence, challenging them to be more enthusiastic than their rival colleges we visited before. It certainly helped.

We'd planned out to teach them 'Pass me not' – our fastest-paced song – and by the end of the workshop each and every one of them was singing along (quite impressive as you usually get some kids too shy or too cool [or awesome] to sing with us). Whilst singing the song a few of the boys got so excited they got up on their chairs and started grooving showing us some good Bajan clapping techniques, and finished the song with some grunting noises of encouragement.

Those in charge must have liked it as they offered us a bit more time to do another song. Thank God for the genius who decided to teach them the chorus to 'My Redeemer Lives'. We already tried it in another school and it seemed to catch on, but here the kids got it in one go and voila some of them got in front of the choir conducting it even. Soon the groovy clapping resumed and we were taught some kind of thunder clap to enrich our marginal movement library. We performed the song together with the students and everyone was smiling dancing and clapping – definitely this morning had given me the best experience of the week as well!

The madness wasn't even over when we finished the song! After the staged thank you's of the principal and the class president, one of the new 'conductors' ran to the front, got on his chair – encouraged by the rest of the students – and started an enthusiastic speech thanking us for sharing our songs with them. As if that weren't enough, all who didn't had to go to class sticked around and asked us for autographs!? This seriously turned into the most bizarre day to date i).

I suddenly realize this was a more action packed day than I thought it was. I'll stop here and put the afternoon and evening stuff in another post!

i) Please remain posted for the prize for most bizarre day of the week might be claimed by another...

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