June 11, 2005

Another Level

5 out of 5 stars

This CD announces a new season of worship. Did that put you off? No? Good. No need to be a Christian to enjoy gospel music (see Revelation, or the Rev audience)! Also, you'd miss out some of the best funk of the last few years if you don't give this a chance!

I'm not really sure about this, but gospel music seems to be getting more popular in Britain. Not that it attracts huge crowds, but with the help of the Love Actually opening scene, and small gospel like backing for Natasha Beddinfield and Joss Stone, people have become more aware of it. Especially soon-to-be-weds simply need a gospel choir for their perfect day.

Although we're not specifically a gospel choir, we do sing a lot of gospel in Rev, and so you get to know quite a few different styles and artists. Some, such as Mary Mary (from Shackels) or R Kelly (though not purely a gospel artist, he has worked with many, and his latest album contains a gospel CD) are better known to the pop loving public than others. Those others will only surface in commercials (I Wish in the Coca Cola commercial) or with a chorus in a hiphop song (Lovely Day) and then still only when the Christian message is latent. Or the public needs the likes of Whoopie or Beyoncé to spread the word.

And then if you really care or if you're really obsessed about the music you dig deeper (search credits of aforementioned artists, pick up any gospel sounding line in films you hear and google it) and find this CD. I was excited about the Snow Patrol CD I got the other day, but this is truly on another level. Basically this CD makes any chore bearable.

I could describe every single song and its amazingness, but I do have other things to do. Really, I do, like listening to this CD again! OK then, first song Who Is Like the Lord is the perfect accompaniment for washing vegetables, and then later towards the bridge in the song, it works with chopping as well! Followed by You Are Good you can start heating the oil in the pan and create some heavenly food with this uplifting music! Could there be more exclamation marks? Well, there are 14 songs so get ready! By Trading My Sorrows it should be about time to lower the heat but keep on stirring. In the mean time set the table so that by the time of I Lift Up My Hands we've arrived at a perfect and lovely song in the background for your dinner! For dessert there's some more lush harmonies ending with the first song which again helps you washing up – in case you need more time, the music is great enough to repeat all!

Okay that might not have helped, but I hope you understand that I'm excited about the CD, and that I think you should be too if you like any uplifting music and love funk and big bands and lush harmonies. If you ever want to obtain such a gospel CD, I suggest you order it from the .com Amazon website instead of the UK one. CD's are cheaper in the US, and even with postage you'll end up more affluent than doing it the UK way. Actually, if money is your thing, I'd suggest you leave the UK for good as this is the most expensive country ever (and no need to be so expensive, island syndrome being a bad excuse) but that's material for another entry.

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  1. sounds like a good cd, and you described it so well last night too! you seemed genuinely in a hurry to get back from neon to listen to it!! hehe. have fun with your listening and cooking, while us humble second years are still revising for oncoming exams!!!!!

    11 Jun 2005, 17:41

  2. I also needed the bathroom, which might explain speedy exit. Stupidly enough I forgot to drink loads of water and even the joy of Israel and his mates can't cover the damage wine and beer have created in my head. Good luck revising tho (and trying to stay away from messageboards, blogs, and MSN)!

    11 Jun 2005, 17:50

  3. ahh….captured me already!! cant stay away from them. must revise more though!! so back to work…..

    11 Jun 2005, 19:32

  4. Ah since it took you an hour and a half to reply, I think you're doing OK! Will let you off. What about tomorrow though? You've got to prioritize when the O.C. and GP are on!

    11 Jun 2005, 23:36

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