October 04, 2006

A New Beginning

Thought an update of life was in place.

Nikki was here. I told her I was looking forward to the start of term, for more buses would run to and from campus per hour. Oh how wrong I was.

Last night I sang in REV again. It’d been about 3 months and my vocal chords weren’t too happy with all the excitement. I can still talk though, and the enthusiasm of some freshers was rather infectious. And the surprising presence of a deserter was very much appreciated.

This morning I’ve been swimming! Ali and I are on a fitness regime – that is, we try and wake up on time to drop off Rich at Westwood and join the queue for campus to get to the Sports Centre and swim for 20 minutes for her to leave again to get to work on time. It worked today. She seemed to have had better swimming lessons than me though. But hey, let’s praise the effort!

I’ve got a new computer. I ordered it through MESH and it was delayed by a month and a half due to the AMD 5000 something processors being in high demand. In the mean time, a new processor came out and they put that one in without me having to pay for the upgrade, hurrah! It’s very shiney and black and I can now watch films without the computer levitating and blowing steam. I’ll still use my laptop but mainly as extra exercise for my shoulders carrying it around on campus.

I’m gonna start teaching on Monday. It turns out it’s not as much teaching as I thought it would be, but I will be in charge of a whole class, so that bit of excitement is still there. I’m also planning on following a few modules, starting noon today, but we’ll see how long that lasts. Jason and Brenda who did their 4th year and MSc with Sergey (my supervisor) last year are still here, so the age of loneliness is over!

Oh and it seems the whole world is getting married. Or it might just be a christian thing.

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  1. Hayley

    The whole world? Really?

    Not sure whether to be insulted by that or not… maybe I just don’t count… sniff… sob… err. Whatever. I’ll stop being dramatic about nothing now and just say I’m happy about your cheerfulness. And yay for swimming! Did I tell you I used to race for Mold? Now I just swim for pleasure though, which is better… no grumpy person with a whistle telling you what to do.

    Hope your teaching goes wonderfully, which of course it will.

    Love you heaps!

    04 Oct 2006, 11:57

  2. WOW!! I’m an undeserter! It was great to be there :-D (Ali threatened to post the pictures… lets hope they’re magically lost somehow).

    Are we singing at everyone’s weddings??! :O

    04 Oct 2006, 19:08

  3. Thor: Fitness regime?? but I thought it was just a bit of fun! Does that make it a regular thing we have to do now?

    Lisa: Yes, I do have the photos I just haven’t been on my computer since Rev to transfer them…maybe when I get home I will show everyone your Rev groove!

    05 Oct 2006, 19:55

  4. Nikki

    Nah, definitely just a Christian thing. Bless ‘em. :D xxx

    05 Oct 2006, 20:00

  5. ...not just a Christian thing – love is definitely involved!

    05 Oct 2006, 20:14

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