December 12, 2005

2006 is going to be a good an expensive year for movie fans

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In line with all the boredom entries, I found another activity to keep myself busy for a while: watching trailers. Actually, I'm not that bored anymore. I spent the day arranging parts for a Rev song and just got back from Morrison's with Jamie Oliver recommended fancy foods [who says that you have to buy this stuff at Sainsbury's?] and will probably spend a fair amount of time preparing a pasta dish whereas I could easily prepare something equally healthy and tasty, but that's not the point.


Since I started my PhD, I've been missing out on all the sophisticated movies that have come out. Don't think it has anything to do with me doing a PhD, it's just an observation. Would have loved to see Sin City, Crash, or Cinderella Man [?], but ended up seeing Charlie..., Harry Potter..., ...Narnia..., and Batman Begins. Supposedly the last one is amazing, but I didn't see it do anything else but follow the general trend of gloominess and realism in fantasy films. It's all good fun though.

This year is going to be different. I hope. Having watched the trailer for nearly every film coming out the next 4 months, I'll set out what I'm going to spend my 4,90 plus 0,25 reservation fee on every week [if not more than once a week].


Brokeback Mountain (with Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger and a girl from Dawson's Creek)
Why? A love story in the Rockies. Somehow I think it will be similar to Boys don't cry, but then less horrible [imagery-wise] and with more mood-catching scenery shots.

Jarhead (again Jake Gyllenhaal, now with Jamie Foxx)
From love we hop to war. Adaptation of a Desert Storm novel written by a former soldier. I find modern day war films more intriguing, if only because knowing that it was/is going on while I'm still alive makes me more part of the story. With Sam Mendes – director of American Beauty – we can expect more than just a barrage of gunfire and explosions.

Breakfast on Pluto (Cillian Murphy, Liam Neeson [Aslan], and Brendan Gleeson [Moody])
Actually, I just saw the trailer and am not too sure about this one anymore. It sounded like a lovely gentle film, but looks more like a British [i.e. colder] version of Moulin Rouge. Probably won't be devastated if I have to watch this one at home.

The Matador (Pierce Brosnan and Greg Kinnear)
Great actors, and the film sounds alright, but think I'd rather spend my money on the next one.

Shopgirl (Steve Martin, Claire Danes, Jason Schwartzman)
Okay, I know we can fill up the maths pond with DVDs of horrible Steve Martin movies, but this one sounds as exciting as Holland winning the World Cup. Personally, I think Claire Danes is great, and should be fine in this role as a shop assistant selling gloves, and getting herself into a pickle going out with 2 men, one of them considerably older.

Fun with Dick and Jane (Jim Carrey and Téa Leoni)
You never know with Jim Carrey, and the film doesn't sound too original [partly because it's a remake], but you never know. Won't say no to this one.


Walk the line (Joaquin Phoenix, poster on tracked back blog)
It worked for Ray Charles, and presumably Jonny Cash is just as interesting a musician – definitely more succesful an artist. Phoenix is reliable, so try it if you can get over your hate/fear of country music.

North Country (Charlize Theron)
The premise sounds like Erin Brokovich - a woman in a lawsuit [harassment] that will change some sort of business [mines, this time] and affect all of America. But then there is no Julia Roberts, so probably less forced drama and more story. Oh and any movie with Frances McDormand is worth watching!

Proof (Gwyneth Paltrow, Anthony Hopkins, and, oh yes, Jake Gyllenhaal)
Being in a movie with the rising star that's Gyllenhaal is bound to get Gwyneth back in business. Again, insanity is linked to maths, but this time without Ron Howard there is a chance we can stay this side of the fantasy fence. [Honestly, A Beautiful Mind for me is on the pile of, glad I've seen it, now let's move on. For your reference, Memento is on that pile too]

Good Night and Good Luck (George Clooney, David Strathairn)
If not the year of Donnie Darko, this could be the year of Doctor Ross. Every year needs a conspiracy thriller, and ones about journalists against the American government are usually interesting and thrilling enough. To seam with real footage of McCarthy [_the bad guy, read here ;_] the film is shot on a grayscale set. Right, that might not make it sound more appealing, but at least I didn't say it's a historic political drama…

Capote (Philip Seymour Hoffman)
Hurray! Another biography historic drama film! Truman Capote and this story of his investigations for In Cold Blood could definitely work, especially in combination with always sublime supporting actor PSH.


Syriana (George Clooney, Matt Damon)
The other Clooney vehicle, probably more successful, as it is extremely up-to-date suggesting what could be wrong with the oil industry. Only my hunger now blocks my excitement about this film.

The Weather Man (Nicholas Cage)
Honestly, I'm not sure about Cage in comedy roles either, but the trailer for this one is beyond hilarious. Also, he seems a natural as weather man.

Transamerica (Felicity Huffman)
Gosh, it seems this year will be the official launch of the 'gay' genre. A new take however, as this time it's a woman playing a transsexual man [that is, a man only one step away of becoming a woman] - one that is told he/she has a son. Anyone who has seen Desperate Housewives will know how talented Huffman is, and with her dry humour, I'm confident this will be a great laugh yet a powerful drama.

Freedomland (Samuel L Jackson, Julianne Moore, Edie Falco)
Three great actors in the final genre not yet discussed. Julianne Moore's being robbed of her car and her son who's left behind in the backseat. Not to sure what the story is about [seems to be an initial accusation of a black kid, creating racial tensions, but then a shift to the only place left to search, Freedomland, an old child leper colony].


Only gonna mention 2 for this month and then I'll stop. First, Rent follows Chicago and The Phantom... with the exception that it's mainly starring the [original?] Broadway cast. It's the year's obligatory musical, and I'm excited that I don't have to wait five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes to see it! The other is Ice Age II: The Meltdown – these seem to become pulp classics, and the squirrel trailers seem to be more exciting than the main features at the moment!

Right then I'll leave you alone. I just thought looking ahead would be better than looking back. Gotta cook my Jamie approved dinner now. Will hopefully trackback as soon as I've seen one of these films!

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  1. Trackbacked on Joaquin!
    Plus a year full of movies!
    I can die happy.

    12 Dec 2005, 20:34

  2. I am mostly looking forward to:
    – Jarhead
    – Syriana

    And two you missed out on:
    – Match Point
    – Derailed

    12 Dec 2005, 20:52

  3. Brokeback Mountain all the way!! Not only are Heath and Jake easy on the eyes, but it's apparently so good its got Oscar nominations shining out of it already!!


    Alllsssooo…nothing about King Kong in your post?! KOOONNGGG!!

    12 Dec 2005, 21:13

  4. Adrienne: Glad to be of service. But please don't die! You should at least outlive Harry Potter!

    Christopher: I did actually watch the trailer, but was annoyed by the overly British accent from [Irish] Jonathan Rhys-Meyers. The story itself actually did seem more than just good, and since I mentioned a few potentially rubbish films, this one definitely deserved a mention - thanks for reminding me! [Match Point coming out early January]
    As far as Derailed is concerned, that one really didn't stand out at first glance. Just watched the trailer and I'm still not convinced - it's probably fine entertainment, just not exciting [though it did have a 'fresh' quality to it, if that makes any sense?]

    Victoria: King Kong is still this year, if I'm right, which is why I didn't include it. But indeed, it does seem really exciting!

    12 Dec 2005, 23:40

  5. man, weird – i remember listening to your radio show in the second year and bombarding you with albums/bands/songs featuring colours. the blogosphere brings me to you to agree with your movie choices now. sweet.

    14 Dec 2005, 08:54

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