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October 28, 2005

Life sucks and then some more

Writing about web page

I'm a bit worried that good friend Hayley's rating of life is half a point higher than mine [no offense Hayles, but I'd say a nurse encounters more stress than a PhD student; and there currently seems to be more to worry about on a National Rev level than just here at lil Warwick Rev. And more.] but then again she lives in lovely York with clean air and this is Cov with manky stuff floating in your tea and queues from Sainsbury's to campus. Not sure where the high financial score comes from, nor the low friends score, nor the high mind score, or the – anyway.

Low body score does make sense. Had a terrible headache on Monday because of lack of proper food on Sunday, and barely avoided a similar breakdown today by getting a banana from Costcutter's. Can't remember the reasoning behind the love score [if I'm single and not searching and have no kids, does that imply that my love life sucks?] or the friends and family score [if I only see my grandma only once or twice a year does that mean my social network is falling apart?] but well. Didn't really do this for anything else other than bide my time till One Tree Hill and write a new entry.

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