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August 22, 2006

Progress Report [3] – or The Great Escape

Follow-up to Progress Report [2] from [TBA]

Yesterday was fantastic. We arrived at the orphanage on time, but had to wait quite a while before the kids came out. The nicest nurse came with them and made sure we understood they're really not allowed to eat the berries that are all around (quite a tough task as the kids are fast!). Then she started to guide us around the orphanage ground and even let the kids go on the streets.

I was looking after the naughtiest child who wanted to go even further and started crying when I tried to guide it back, but the nurse showed us a completely new route, even across a main road and to another playground! Steph was quite amused how we just followed her with a smile even though she might have been planning to steal the kids and take them to a better place. It was great fun having the kids see something else but the orphanage and its surroundings – despite noticing some needles near the playground (don't worry, we managed to lure the kids back safely!).

In other news: we've got only a week left, and possibly only 4 more days at the orphanage. Today even that seemed to become a problem as suddenly the director decided we needed a medical check and had to leave right away. Unfortunately for him, there was no way we could leave as the kids would have followed us to the other end of Lutsk and the nurses had their hands full already. Probably gonna have to have this check tomorrow though (after having played with the children for two weeks…).

Playing football seems to go better. One of the tough kids even said molodjets (good job) yesterday after I saved a goal. I'll assume it wasn't meant sarcastically. The main problem at the moment seems to be our diet. Although we eat lots of fruit, for some reason we end up having pizza almost every night. To be fair, we can't always use the base (which has a kitchen, something our hotel room lacks) and the only reasonable restaurants here seem to be Italian. As a good example, I decided to pick the pasta dish yesterday but even I can make better than what I was presented with. Ah well.

The weather is still great – especially after a so–called thunderstorm (mainly lightning and no thunder) it cooled a bit down. And we've got some good touristy things planned for the last week (visiting Kiev, watching Lutsk play football, possibly going to the zoo – and taking lots of anti–bacterial solution!). Hope all is still ok in the west.

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