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October 20, 2004


OK, so we have spiders in our house. One of my flatmates apparently has them biting in his arm causing allergic reactions; another (male – don't want to be prejudiced, but still!) starts screaming and leaves the room as soon as he sees one not bigger than this . dot; the final (female :)) actually manages to control herself… So what about me?

Well, guess I have to thank my mother for always telling me that spiders are about the best creatures to have in your home as they eat all the other annoying bugs etcetera. I also enjoyed moving around the long-and-thin-legged-ones as – if they wanted to – they wouldn't be able to bite you anyway :) [am usually not that cruel though!]. As long as their bodies don't get any bigger than two peanuts I'm fine and just keep them where they are. One exception though: the evil house spider with double fangs creeping through your sheets just when you're about to go to bed.

Anyway – reason I had to report this is to tell you I have actual proof of the spider's usefulness! I would take a picture of it and post it but that would be too shocking I guess. But the thing is, this long-and-thin-legged one that has been hanging around in one corner of my bedroom for a week now has managed to catch the one fly living in my room and wrap it. [don't ask me why on earth a fly would go to the outskirts of my room where there's nothing to eat. ah well].

Was just wondering if you guys 1) keep spiders in your room; 2) chase them until they're out of your sight; 3) let them chase you until they're out of your sight; 4) kill them; 5) bring them to the garden; 6) anything else (that's not disturbing! so no stories about people eating zillions of spiders in their lifetime!).

Back to work now!

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