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April 20, 2005

I only come out at night… a great tune. Is also very true. After days of Chinese sleeping patterns (is it am or pm?) and losing the will to do any work, I've finally come to my senses and had at least 2 breakthroughs on one day. Hurray!

Just had the first Rev rehearsal of term as well, which is probably why I finally started working (2 hours non stop since the end of the social). Anyway – breakthrough one: There's one professor who's basically involved with every article I read – might be worth visiting Southampton at some point. That's not the breakthrough – turns out there is a post-doc at his research institute who got his PhD from Warwick on phytoplankton – just what I need! Gonna go find it on Thursday…

Other breakthrough is not really a breakthrough. I just realized that with Google I can look for PDFs containing words relating to my research (just go to Advanced Search and select the file type you need). Trying 'phytoplankton' and 'turbulence' gives about 12.000 results. Got almost three years left though…

Got up before noon today and will have to do so tomorrow in order to sing in Symphony Hall, so might be some prospects of seeing daylight more often! Anyway – should leave now in order to make that happen.

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