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August 18, 2005

Change of Wind

Odd how song titles change when you rearrange the words. On another note, I decided to change the appearance of my blog. Feeling more leafy than blue nowadays.

Does this mean you're gonna write more about your PhD?
Maybe. But then I wouldn't use this blog very often which is a shame coz it's a great thing (not necessarily this blog, but blogs in general, and Warwick blogs in particular).

So then what?
I actually found another way to procrastinate, which will soon enough be combined with this blog. It will give the blog some kind of purpose, and hopefully, if I dedicate a specific amount of time to blog, there will be less scatter of thoughts and more time blocks to work on my PhD.

What on earth are you talking about?!
Current activities between lunch and dinner (tea?) (quite similar to this one actually) follow a pattern like this:

Game of sudoku – moving a piece of paper in an effort to make a room look tidy – check email – move Fluid Dynamics notes closer to laptop in effort to do some work at some point – game of sudoku – check headlines – check email and blogs – walk to Morrison's and buy something we already have – organize emails – glance at notes to see if there's anything I can quickly do before dinner in an effort to have done anything useful – game of sudoku while the TV is on

Invariably my housemates encounter me in the living room watching TV as they come home, thinking I haven't done anything with my day. Given the above schedule (which they know by heart) I can't blame them, but I actually did do some work this week! As I already mentioned in another entry. I'm quite frustrated if you haven't noticed. I also don't like the way this entry is going. Stop it! Anyway…

Proposed activity pattern (between lunch and dinner – this is supposed to be my activity peak of the day):

Collect notes and books to start working – play a game of sudoku (or do something else I'm addicted to which will take 10 minutes) – work (no, really!) – do something nerdy so that I can blog about it later – work (sic) – blog about the nerdy thing I did earlier (maybe while the TV is on)

With 10 minutes on sudoku, and an estimated 40 minutes on blog and similar web activities, that leaves me about 4 hours to work! Not just in a week, but every day! All the great research I could do…

EDIT: In the preview I noticed that the proposed plan doesn't include a trip to Morrison's. Do not worry, I will still eat. It's just that my housemates kindly suggested I suspend my daily excursions because of the products I bring back. Specifically the Kia Ora mixed fruit squash won't make it through their throats. I might still go to buy bread though. Which will cost me another 30 minutes. But I can alternate it with blog entry writing. Oh the possibilities. Somebody save me!

Holiday at Home

Ever really not looked forward to something that turned out to be good fun? Temporary insanity made me say 'yes' to Rev doing a mini gig in Cannon Park estate today, thinking that in a society with nearly 200 members, there should be enough people around even in summer to join in and sing. If not, there would certainly people be mad enough to drive up or down sunny Cov?

But no. Some people actually do work during summer or go on holiday. If not, those who I'd hoped to be around were at Momentum. Two sopranos had said they'd come, and with Ali and Rich (alto – or rather soprano – and bass – or tenor) at least we had someone for every section. Subtract soloist and conductor and you have a choir of 3, whereas you're used to having 20 people around you in your section. Great!

Like with all things designed to go horribly wrong, fun is the key to success, and it was. The sopranos (Steph and Stephanie) were already waiting for us, and even tricked another bass (Graham) into coming along! With six people and a guitar in a Corsa we made it all the way to CP Primary School and sang. Highlights included Ali remembering an alto part (I think it was to Something Inside So Strong); Rich singing the solo, playing the piano, and conducting at the same time (same song); Steph singing the solo for Eyes On The Prize putting Stephanie in the spotlight as the only soprano (also, this song being sung accompanied by music was a welcome first time); dynamics bass boost (with Graham and Rich making it the largest section in the same song).

We performed at the final afternoon of fun for Holiday at Home, a program of summer activities for mainly older people in the Canley area. The other acts (including a mime! And Spenny doing poetry) were very cool, and the people were really friendly. One even encouraged his friends to come and see Rev in the Piazza next year – apparently he thought us six had been convincing enough of what to expect!

Thank God for Rev – or else I would actually work on my PhD! [For those wondering, I have already done work two days this week – which doesn't mean I did two days of work, but still] Bring on Edinburgh!

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