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August 15, 2006

Progress Report [2]

Follow-up to Progress Report from [TBA]

Just hearing that Lufthansa has cancelled its flights to the UK for the time being, so possibly we'll have a holiday in Frankfurt soon!

Here, everything's ok. The weather is going up and down but it doesn't really matter – there's enough to do either way! We've had some good football games with the Lutsk gangs and made friends with the shop assistants near the hotel, both named Tanya and Tanya! We can also get on the bus and off the bus on our own – you need to shout something like zubronidza pidzaste and then hope you're not swearing and hope you didn't just start a conversation – and we've learned some good other phrases as well.

Now, we can say disuda to a child so that it will come here rather than run away. Divairushka means give me your hand and most likely the kid won't let go either! The orphans are under a rather strict regime, so despite the fact they want to run away as soon as they let go or when they see something exciting, they come back when we use those phrases. Another great tool of control are bubbles! It's hard to keep an eye on a child, but blowing bubbles will attract all of them and there's no worry of them running away!

Plans remain the same for the coming week. We might need to teach the Lutsk kids some discipline – one kid just tackles whoever holds the football, no matter if he/she is on his team! Hopefully we can also teach them some English, though simple (not official) sign language has been some sort of a help so far.

Hope all is well in the west and see you soon!

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