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February 15, 2006

Brokeback Mountain

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Brokeback Mountain
4 out of 5 stars

Thought I'd give it a go. I did moan about wanting to see this film for nearly a month after all. Also, I just wanted to raise the average rating for this film. Also, I just started getting Gustavo Santaolallo's music from iTunes.

So why not 5 stars then?

  1. It is too long. I didn't really mind as the music, the picture, and the acting is great. But I started worrying too much about Mike falling asleep and losing his wallet again. The slowness makes sense though. Most guys I meet don't talk freely about their feelings [not that I go around asking them for it, but then again I'm a guy meself] and if they do, the long silences in the film seem to depict the conversation excellently.
  2. I think if a neutral observer [i.e. a straight male, or a girl not interested in seeing Jake Gyllenhaal or Heath Ledger buck-naked] who generally enjoys movies, can't get anything out of it, the director must have missed something. Because of the perfectly reasonable, but long silences, and the accompanying perfectly understandable, but exhausting lack of emotion, it must be quite an ordeal to sit through this film [all credit to Mike!]
  3. I missed half of the script. Again, perfectly reasonable that the cowboys speak with a Midwest American accent [possibly with an Australian flavour] and that being so emotionally challenged, they mumble a lot, but especially when not a native speaker, it becomes hard to follow, and I felt really deprived not even hearing the last line, which seemed very epic.

So if it's really unworthy, why the 4 stars?

  1. The music, the picture, and the acting are fantastic. Regardless of the lack of emotion and dialogue, whatever communication does happen is extremely engaging and convincing.
  2. Despite the horribly long and boring stuff, the few idiots in the cinema who started off giggling and shouting bareback were silent for the rest of the film. Apparently it was obvious someone was trying to tell something new, or something old in a new way.
  3. The look on Michelle Williams' face [playing Alma, H.L.'s wife] when she's turned around by him while having sex is absolutely priceless! The women's subplots are even more tragic than the impossible love relation between the men. But maybe it just appeared as such as the women were allowed more emotion in this film [though still within limits of one tear per scene]

I'll probably buy the film on DVD. Even though it was long enough as it was, the beginning was very sketchy and some more scenes explaining the sudden attraction would be helpful, and the subplot of Jack and Lureen [Jake and Anne Hathaway] could use a little more attention. Also, I'm looking forward to reading the subtitles and see what was actually [barely] said!

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