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October 14, 2005

Home and away

In other words: I should do some work but am distracted by the marvels of google.

Interesting how if you're feeling lucky, home will actually send you as far away as possible…


And this is where I get lost.

So I don't know where it started, but I've been reading some webcomics lately – some better than others – and this one in particular. Hopefully that link will bring you to the episode that stirred this minor rant.

Also, my apologies, for I suck at logic.

Suppose heaven exists, and that some other realms form its complement (say, hell and purgatory). And suppose that these are the places where people end up when they die.

Now, in Christian terms, I would say a man [please, let me generalize, for it makes this entry easier to write. Feel free to read woman, and she, when possible] will end up in heaven if he has lived his life trying to follow in Jesus footsteps. I say trying, in the sense of 'we're all sinners'. I would also say heaven for him would be to live amongst his loved ones, and to be close to God, rid of any other needs.

Now, suppose this man has many loved ones. His wife, his sons and daughters, his neighbours [hey! It might happen!], friends from work, friends from the pub, who knows. They might make him happy, and he could miss them if they weren't around, bringing him into a less heavenly state. When in heaven, he shouldn't have any needs, so all his loved ones should be there [resulting in even more confusion, as he could end up missing those still alive]. Obviously, his loved ones might love other people as well, who might need other people, basically making heaven one [hell of a] crowded place where everyone lives, apart from those loved by no one.

Now, the man might have a loved one who has a loved one he despises. That would make his life in heaven less heavenly. Also, the man might love someone who has been too much of a sinner to 'deserve' to be in heaven. Barring that loved one would make the man's life in heaven less heavenly, however. Maybe by loving that person, the man doesn't deserve to be in heaven himself, and by using the same hypothesis, heaven would end up a very lonely person, only inhabitated by those who don't love people who have sinned too much. And God. Barring the despised person would make the man's friend's life in heaven less heavenly, which makes this rant a bit too confusing.

Referring to the comic assuming the mother's life was saint-like, she would either end up in a heaven without her beloved son, which is a contradiction as she would miss him in a place where she should be happy. Or she would end up in heaven's complement with her son, which contradicts the proposition that she lived saint-like.

Help! How to end this seemingly endless conundrum? I'd love for heaven to exist, not in the least to make this entry worthwile. My best guess is that heaven is a state of mind. It's a place where you can be with God alone, who is your first love and which will make you forget about your loved ones. Or it's a place where you believe you are with all those you've loved. In Matrix style, you're basically hypnotized [well, you're dead anyway] and made to believe everyone and everything you've ever loved surrounds you in an ever-so heavenly fashion, with God smiling on you. An alternative of that solution would be that you are with God and those who you loved who didn't end up in heaven's complement, and that you are put in such a euphoric state that you cannot miss those absent loved ones, and that you can bear those loved ones' friends that you despise.

Personally, I favour the second option of the constructed solution. Actually, I'm too confused to state a preference. I think I want to stay on earth for a while…

Again, please note that this entry is constructed around my personal interpretation of the Christian rendition of heaven. Which [in the personal interpretation] is probably where most fallacies lie.

P.S. Seems that the most likely definition is:
An eternal state of communion with God; everlasting bliss
So basically, my whole rant just now was pointless, or mainly aimed at a more popular concept of heaven [as presented in the comic].

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