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December 13, 2005

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Or at least I thought it was. Turns out the sawfish really exists! It's the time of the season where the year is re-assessed, and it turns out Europe is doing really well. There are only five sites of imminent extinction of endangered species here, 4 of which are islands. Or maybe all that's left after these are the Trafalgar Square pigeon and the Warwick campus fox.

In the Netherlands, an ecological "mainframe", a framework of nature reserves or land dedicated to conservation spread across the country. But again it misses the point, as most endangered species live in the unprotected areas, nearest to the people, which are often highly profitable lands. The solution is to trade land from the mainframe [indeed, not a computer] with developers, in return for the gardens and motorway shoulders where the cherished species reside.

I can't say anything sensible about this subject, but let me bring up one more great theme in conservation: hotspots. I came across these in a course on ecology, and was intrigued by the favoritism in nature conservation, and how they try to be as fair and ethical as possible. So, in finding their hotspots, they don't go for the adorable species, but for ecological regions [as large as for instance the Mediterranean] where 1 dollar spent on conservation saves the highest number of species.

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