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March 13, 2005

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With a full term of hard non-academic related work and some academic related work behind me, I thought I deserved another weekend relaxing in front of the TV, eating a nice bacon and golden syrup sandwich. This is what I saw.

CSI: New York
Should have left the Big Apple to Law & Order. CSI needs flashy casino's and sunshine and loads of neon light. Not back alleys and rainy days. Add to that a cast that makes you think "it's that guy/girl!" every other second and you wish the 50 minutes were gone so that Law & Order: Criminal Intent would start. Features Lt. Dan and Tad Rachel's (Friends) boytoy. This is probably what a CSI movie would look like.

Dark City
If they would have had the technology of the 90s, this is what movies in the 20s would have looked like. Futurism of Delaunay meets H.G.Wells' Sci-Fi. On the other hand, it seems an odd cross-over between cult films ala Blade Runner (hated that movie and tried to sleep through it, so might be missing the point here), and Roger Rabbit (sic), and more modern existential (?) films like the Matrix or Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind. Too many comparisons, or can I go on? Ever played Grim Fandango , most beautiful game ever made? Anyway – so yes I liked the film. About a guy waking up in a room with a murdered woman being made to believe he's a serial killer etcetera. No really, it's one of the most original films ever made!

Blackburn Rovers - Leicester City
Leicester should have won.

Random shows about Australia
Featuring sea dragons and a fight between a crab and a seagull over a worms. Special. The wombat might become my new favorite animal though, thanks to the Beerwah Queensland Zoo show.

The O.C.
If people tell you it sucks, don't listen. If they tell you it's great, don't listen. All I can say is where Hollyoaks is like Earth spinning around the Sun nicely comfy in its orbit, every year the same, this show is like Hayley-Bobb shooting through space and trying like a true over—the—top Californian production to try out every single love—multiple—angle humankind can think of. What I think? It's worth every valuable minute of my Sunday afternoon.

Regular working hours resumed from tomorrow onwards. Might go and look for a temp job to get into a productive mood. Oh and to make some money. Tonight it's Black Hawk Dawn by the way - better story than a cast of Orlando Bloom and Josh Hartnett might make you believe. Enjoy!

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