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January 13, 2005

Another History

Writing about an entry you don't have permission to view

I couldn't refrain from mentioning this entry on my blog. Though it provides us with a wonderful etymological description of my name, Thorwald Stein, I feel it is only fair to share with you another explanation. The original comes from one of my dance buddies when we had to learn the foxtrot etc. for our school prom, and has been emulated by myself.

One day, Thor decided to take his new gift out on a ride through the skies. On one of his many namedays (Thursday), a local village had sacrificed to him a goat, who could join his regular crew on pulling his chariot. Little did he know, that village was blackmailed by Jormungand, his arch nemesis.

As soon as Thor took off with his goats pulling the chariot, dark clouds gathered, and the energy in the skies rose to electrical levels. He would only need to swing his hammer once to create a powerful strike of lightning, after which his goats would roar with anger. Not all his goats, however.

Though usually offered goats would undergo a divine transformation that enabled them to pull Thor's chariot, this little fellow was under Jormungand's spell that blocked such intervention. Hence, the poor sap started suffering from altitude sickness as soon as they were above the trees, and any more excitement would make him cry with fear. Obviously, the combination of light and roaring was enough to make it yelp 'Down!'. The other goats, shocked by their mate's outburst, headed down instantly.

Thor couldn't handle the tremendous upheaval and had to hope for the best. Their fall was broken by the trees in a large forest in southern Norway, but unfortunately Thor's chariot crashed into a wooden hut, killing all but one of its occupants. Eager to get away from this forsaken place, Thor got all he could find from the crash site to help mend his chariot and nurse his goats and took off, carrying the bewitched goat under his arms.

The next day, villagers were distraught to find the one survivor of the scene. It was a little boy with his pants on his knees, screaming for his mother: 'Mor! Nei mer toalettpapirr!'i) He and the forest were named Thorwald, and from that day on, all Thorwalds would always have trouble finding toilet paper when they needed it.

i) It was a very young kid who couldn't speak Norwegian very well…

If you want to know more, just google my name or look at the about me which has another and more concise derivation of my name.

A Medicine, a Bargain, a few Housewives, and Definately

A Medicine

Is what I need to get a healthy biorhythm. At the moment I fall asleep around 3am which is fine, and I wake up at around 9am which is fine, but I don't get up until say noon. That doesn't have to be a problem, for as a PhD student I mainly need to plan my own time. However, I want to get up in the morning and take a few classes that will actually help me getting my degree in a few years. Basically, what I need is some kind of drink that makes you want to get up, say, the opposite of Horlicks. Any ideas?

A Bargain

Though some people dislike Tesco's, I do feel obliged to tell you about a wonderful deal they have running right now: 18 glasses for less than 4 quid!? 6×3 differently sized glasses for just over 20p a piece. Apologies for blatant advertising but I just had to share this knowledge.

A few Housewives

Wasn't sure whether or not to capitalize few, but anyway... Today I saw the return of Marcia Cross to the world of TV drama in the form of a desperate housewife who resorts to household tasks when trying to avoid discussing her feelings. Anyone who is old enough to have seen her burn down Melrose Place should watch Desperate Housewives Wednesday night on C4. Just continuing my commercial activities here. No I don't get paid. And yes I do work on my PhD.


It took me 10 minutes to type that word: definately. Another ten minutes lost. Why? Why would you write that? A definition is definite and definitely not definate. Seeing most people who write definately are native English speakers you forced me to Google it and at the moment it's 24,000,000 against 2,500,000 definitely vs definately. I'm not claiming there are no accidental spelling errors on this blog or anything, but please stop messing with my head!
P.S. To the linked person - you seem to be easygoing and I needed an example. Hope you don't mind!

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