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June 12, 2005

What else to do on a Saturday night?

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Actually I did have a good night watching Doctor Who (which was quite disturbing as usual) and School of Rock (which generated a discussion that should never leave the two who participated). Oh and the usual crime shows on 5. But here we go.

Ten Random Things About Me

1) When my mind is idle for 1 minute it goes into a state of OCD
2) I cannot hold my hand dead still
3) When my knees are bent and I move them back they go ‘snap’
4) I used my allowance meant for clothes on CDs
5) I can set up a tent on my own, however
6) I cannot fix a flat tire on a bike
7) I have never had a holiday in Belgium, even though it’s only 15 miles away from where I grew up, and it is a holiday friendly country
8) I can’t skate on ice, but I do manage to move faster than quite a few people who can
9) I know everything about question 2 of this year’s Differentiation exam
10) I sang a song for Donald Duck when it was his 40th birthday

Nine Ways To Win My Heart

1) Be able to sing and play guitar. And then do it. The singing and the playing, that is
2) Have dark hair
3) Get along with my friends
4) Be loving and accepting, in a Rev kind of way
5) Be talkative but know when to be silent
6) Enjoy music at all times, especially when doing dishes or other rubbish household things, and enjoy singing along with them
7) Be patient. Very, and I mean very patient
8) Laugh a lot. Even if you laugh like Janice. Wait, maybe then rather smile a lot
9) Do not snore

Eight Things I Want To Do Before I Die

1) Obtain my PhD in Maths
2) See a monkey in its natural habitat
3) Sing in a gospel choir wearing a gospel robe with a soulful voice
4) Learn to play a musical instrument
5) Do a Dan Cruickshank and visit my personally selected 80 treasures in the world in one big journey
6) Build a really cool website
7) Teach
8) Meet some actor or actress who I adore at the time I meet them (for instance, Zach Braff at the moment)

Seven Ways To Annoy Me

1) Repeat what I say or do
2) Do something that doesn’t improve either your state of happiness or mine, but that will draw my attention from blogging or anything else I have set my mind on (for instance, stupid guy who just walked by and pushed the chair next to me so that it hit the table. Stupid stupid stupid!)
3) Make loads of noise when I’m obviously watching Desperate Housewives or anything similar
4) Snore
5) To follow from 3, general inconsideration (another example: smoke while someone else is eating, it doesn’t even have to be me. It’s rude and it’s disgusting)
6) Not listen to me (another example session: often at parties I don’t talk a lot, but often it seems that when I say something, people decide to change their topic of conversation, leaving me to wonder why I’ve even got a voice)
7) Invade countries just because you can

Six Things I Believe In

1) There is goodness in everyone
2) There is badness in everyone
3) The EU is the way forward
4) Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle (and all its applications)
5) What comes around goes around (both good and bad)
6) Miscommunication or (-interpretation) is the world’s biggest evil

Five Things I’m Afraid Of

1) Dying or at least in a sudden way, for me or any of my loved ones
2) Dying or actually anything drastic involving my hair
3) Wasps. I don’t want to be. It’s my dad’s fault
4) My ceiling
5) Failing to obtain my PhD in Maths

Four Favorite Items In My Room

1) My Israel Houghton CD (currently in the kitchen)
2) My goldie looking standing lamp (in Eindhoven)
3) My shelving unit (though mine has a more manly cross rather than the swirly scroll)
4) Oddly enough, my alarm

Three Things I Do Everyday

1) Have a session of: check Warwick Uni email – check hotmail – check warwickrev website – check Rev website – check blog and related stuff – check Hattrick – check Dutch newspaper – check Dutch football site – check blog stuff I skipped on the first round
2) Sing a Rev song
3) Think I should call home

Two Things I Want To Do Right Now

1) Turn off the world for just 5 minutes so I can catch up, and then
2) Go to bed. A nice IKEA bed that is the right length, and has a healthy mattress that I don’t sink into, and that sits in a nice rightly sized room with my favorite items

One Person I Wish I Could See Right Now

1) One of my friends from Holland, particularly my little (18 year old) sister. The [please read here something non offensive describing a girl but playful though showing my slight annoyance by the following fact] has only come to visit me once while I’ve been at Uni (that’s 5 years already) and that wasn’t while I’ve been in the UK (that’s the last 2 years).

Ooh that felt like a one hour long therapy session! Hmm… bed…

P.S. I do appreciate my friends here, but luckily I can see them everyday or at least once a month.

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