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March 08, 2005

The other half of fun

Both my laptop and me are charged to take on the second half of the Inspired! concert from Warwick Revelation. If there's anyone reading this and feels they need to add their experience, please feel free to post a comment! Though you could also find the messageboard on our website .

10 Sanctuary
If there's any Rev song that should be sung by nuns in a convent, it's this one. Very gentle and with lush harmonies, it was a great start to a more intimate second half. It was also sparked with the vocal talents of Emma Nicholson, supported by Vikki Connolly and Chrisi Brierley, and steadily conducted by Alex Clayton.

11 My Redeemer Lives
With sometimes close to dodgy but always very effective methods, Pete Alessi conducted this uplifting song to wake up both the choir and the audience. With a special appearance from two members of the Hall's dancing class, grooving through the aisles!

(+) Drama - After weeks of rehearsing...
Simply put: wow! Though personally I often laugh out of sympathy for variety acts, this was pure comedy! Never have I seen someone with such a dry face state that "He is dead"!

12 Said I Wasn't
Not my personal favorite, though my housemate thought it was the best song in the concert!? I guess it does have a nice rhythm to it and could go on forever. Chris Welford conducted himself and the choir very confidently, while Pete Alessi wasn't supposed to preach about it, Gill Gouthwaite shouldn't have shouted about it, and Juliette V-S wasn't gonna sing about it but well.

13 Lord I Know I've Been Changed
Always the question whether or not the men can keep holding their last note. Must be said that 'Change' is a very hard word to sing! Jon Finnis couldn't stop smiling while conducting, and lovely Kate Bell sung her heart out.

(+) Drama - Crossing Lines
As if the previous performance wasn't satisfactory, the drama splinter group had another well—executed piece for us, where Oliver Guildford found out his wife was dumped in a trench and that the old one really needed a new body…

14 You Are The Living Word
Last year, I saw London Community Gospel Choir perform this song in a church in Banbury, on the day of my grandfather's funeral in Holland, and it will always secretly be my favorite. Tracy Webb's own spirits were lifted when we followed her gestures perfectly, and Motti Onabolu's solo almost made us forget to sing!
Don't tell anyone about that secret. Surely 'There Is A New Song' is my official favorite song!

15 Sign Me Up
Becky Presley found out in time where every section was to make the outro run smoothly, while Chris Burland had become so confident with his solo that he just couldn't stop singing! Well done!

16 This Little Light Of Mine
Tim Guidotti turned towards the audience to make them let the light shine. And no one could refuse to join in the clapping and singing! After the choir reset their phase of swaying to be in sync with the audience, time was ready to lay down our burdens and study war no more.

17 Oh Happy Day
And Tim could stay on stage to guide us through another gospel classic! With our very own Lauryn Hill, but then in her very own way called Layo Obembe, we swayed and rejoiced and prayed and watched and increased and decreased volume and did whatever was possible with a choir of 130 people and a full grown band. Classic.

18 Circle Of Life
Theeeeeeeeere's a lioooooooooon…... In the field…... Someone(i) had the crazy idea of telling me what the words really meant – consequently, I ended up laughing half the time during this song. Though there was plenty of reason to as oh my how amazing was the performance! Started of by Tim West (i the culprit) and conducted by Jon Finnis, most Revvers are probably still singing it as I type this (3 days later). With a wonderful solo by Emma Kemp and with Pat standing next to me singing for 2, I'm pretty sure we did more than justice to the song! There were people in the audience who'd lived in Africa for a while and actually got that sentimental feeling – you know you're doing something right then!

19 Holy Holy
I have no idea how we were still standing after that literally breathtaking song, but we managed to give it all for another funky Rev classic. With great solos from all the band members and wisely conducted by Martyn Yeo, a more than worthy ending to a most wonderful concert.

Encore - Pass Me Not
Okay, so the previous wasn't the actual ending, as we gave Pat another chance to get the audience on their feet and let them join in with funky claps and what not. Again the local dance kids showed off their skills and again the conductor was all over the stage. But why not?

I won't go over all the thank yous that need to be made, but I just want to thank the choir in general as every single member was amazing! To end with, here's a quote from Revver Jenni:

I love all the Rev songs, i only joined rev this year (even though i'm a 4th year!) and i have to say it's the best thing i've done since joining uni, it was so great to feel a part of something on saturday. everyone is so friendly, and the songs are fab, memories that i hope will stay with me for life.

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