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March 07, 2005

One half of fun

Cannot leave the opportunity to post a setlist of our fabulous concert on my blog. To relive those memories, with comments by my personal self, here are the performances of Saturday, as they appeared in real time (as opposed to the program).

1 When I Was Lost (There Is A New Song)
After a short logistics talk by the church manager Chris, the band took off jamming into this fabulous New Song. Conducted by the always groovy Ian Kreeger, the choir members came on stage from the sides while tickets were still being sold. When finally the money makers had arrived the lovely Bethany Rush opened her mouth and history was sung. Your love has lifted me!

2 Lean On Me
Bill Withers' classic conducted (deemed enjoyable by my housemate Fiona) by Thorwald Stein and sung by new concert coordinator Astrid Haas. Thank you to Rich for noticing my sign to shut up the band for one chorus bit!

3 It Is To You
Beauty lies in simplicity, though I'd have never thought it would be conducted by master Tim Guidotti. For once, the choir actually knew exactly what he meant by his movements, and as always, Monica Hernandez shared her wonderful vocal talents with the audience.

EDIT: I was asked to clarify the phrase "the choir actually knew exactly what he meant...". Basically, we sing a song coz we like it, and we (especially tenors) like to sing it as loudly as possible, oh and we like to sing as much as possible. This song (It is to you) is a very gentle song, and needs to be brought with TLC, so no shouting out. We'd never rehearsed it this way, with each section coming in at odd times and being silent for half the song, yet, it was like we were one with the conductor and knew exactly where he wanted the song to go. It's very hard to keep the choir under control when they think they know a song too well, as you need them to turn off the automatic pilot. It worked this time though, thanks to Tim's efforts! That's what I actually wanted to say.

(+) Dance - Spirits in the Sky
Kudos to Martyn for arranging this dance. Not pretending to be experienced dancers, though with some talent from Street Vibe, it was amazing to see our friends dance in sync with crazy arm movements and create a spectacular ending with human pyramid!

4 The Highest Praise
This little baby of Tom Williams grew up to a good tune in which all men reached notes they never knew existed, and in which Ali Berry hijacked the song with her fabulously improvised solo. We love you!

5 Let It Be
After last year's Beatles disaster (no offense, but With A Little Help From My Friends still stands unbeaten as my worst Rev song ever), Tracy Webb guided this piece into a new highlight. Even though I couldn't read her lips from afar and had to sing 'lalalalalala let it be – ee'. Adair Richards rose beyond his standard this time without making up a new verse!

6 He Still Loves Me
Despite her unsuccessful attempts to make the choir perform another keychange, Alison Cronick managed to turn us into Fighting Temptations with O'Jay Tim Guidotti and Destiny's Child Chrisi Brierley.

(+) Barbershop 'Community' - He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother
With a term of after—office—hour practice but without a proper soundcheck, the 10 guys of the 'barbershop' sung their way through the Hollies classic as manipulated by the Housemartins. 9 out of 10 vocals hardly reached the mics, but luckily James Lee's solo enthralled the audience to exaltation.

I'll stop using stupidly pretentious words now. It must be noted however that the concert was amazing and cannot be described in words that would do it justice!

7 Lord of All
Pres—to—be Vikki Connolly gently rushed us through this Kingdom Choir funk fest, with a lovely solo by Batsheva Battu.

8 My God Can Do Anything
Pres—still—standing Rachel Aston finished her term in style with another KC tune, with amazing soloist Stephanie Beech doing more than justice following into audience and ex—rev member Lisa's footsteps.

9 Pass Me Not
Never losing pace and keeping the audience on 2 and 4 Patrick Luong revived this Rev classic in his own style. Nicely accompanied by two extremely talented Cov youngsters dancing on the balcony!

This is only the end of the first half. Just got tired but really happy writing it all up. My laptop is almost out of power though, so will have to keep you posted on the second half!

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