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February 05, 2006

What IS wrong with Thursdays?

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Rumour has it...
1 out of 5 stars

The plan was to see Brokeback Mountain in Solihull, but as Ali & Rich couldn't make it, we thought we might as well go to Odeon. Arriving 7.45pm, nothing decent showed in the next hour [in a group of 4 Brits and a Dutchman, it's hard to find more than one person at a time willing to see a Bollywood flick], so we went to Leam instead.

We arrived half an hour too late to see our film of choice, and the only thing left was Rumour Has It..., seemingly a chick flick with Jennifer Aniston and Kevin Costner. Instead, it was the most pointless movie ever made.

Jennifer Aniston is Sarah Huttinger, granddaughter of Katharine Richelieu [Shirley Maclaine], the "real" Mrs Robinson [see The Graduate]. Then very little happens and is told in a completely loose fashion, leaving you to guess if anything really matters in this film. It places jokes that belong in American Pie in a film that reminds more of Something's Gotta Give, and leaves every chance to explore an interesting subplot aside.

If you go to see films for anything else but actually watching the film, then sure this one won't disturb you. Five laughs in 96 mins is a poor score, and only an ok performance from Jennifer Aniston and the hope that they managed to get something out of the inspiring film kept me in my seat. Fortunately, most of us thought it was utter rubbish, and we should be watching Brokeback Mountain soon to wash away the bad taste!

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