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August 03, 2006


I'm going to the Ukraine! Not yet, but in a few days. To stop confusing myself and my friends and family who keep on asking when exactly I'm travelling, here are the flight details:

Tuesday 8th August:
LH 4751 from London Heathrow (9.35am) to Munich FJ Strauss (12.20pm)
LH 3230 from Munich FJ Strauss (13.05pm) to Kiev (16.20pm)
some random coach from Kiev to Lutsk (several hours journey)

Wednesday 30th August:
LH 3237 from Kiev (13.50pm) to Frankfurt (15.35pm)
LH 4736 from Frankfurt (16.20pm) to London Heathrow (16.55pm)
some random coach or train to either a London address or to Cov

I've found a nice cropped map of the Ukraine showing you where Lutsk is:

And in case you can't really picture where the Ukraine is (adapted from here)

Europe Ukraine

Note (follow the black line: 50 N parallel) that apart from the stopovers in Munich and Kiev (red dot, not London) I won't be any further south than London (red dot). Anyway, Lutsk (red square) is about as big as Eindhoven or Southampton and I've been told they've got internet cafés, so I recommend checking this blog once a week or so in case there are picture updates!

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